Sex In The Kitchen With Girlfriend

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Lets cum 2 the story; it’s about me n my gf I went to stay in her home for 2 days when her parents were out of city so v both made a plan n she told me that her parents will go early morning. I should reach her home by 7a.m. N I went there n called her; that m near her home she came out of her house n saw. Her neighbor doors were closed. Then she called me to come in fast n I went in her home. As soon as I went in she locked the door and closed all d windows n v hugged each other for some time. Then she said let her first make d brkfast and then she went inside d kitchen; now starts d main part as soon as I entered d kitchen.

The light is shining thru the kitchen windows surrounding you. You’re not wearing much, an old shirt. I quietly walk up behind you, and kiss your neck. You giggle as I tickle you around the waist. I pull you close to me and you playfully try and push me away, trying to finish what’s on the counter. I persist, kissing you tenderly and your body relaxes as you give up.

I caress your back and go lower with each stroke. My hands slip under the shirt, as my kisses grow hotter. You turn and my hands are around you. My hand grazes your bottom and we kiss again. I hear your moans of approval as I press you against the counter. My hands slip under the shirt exposing you. I work my way up and kiss each of your breasts, standing out, so proud…so firm. Licking and sucking across your nipples. Making circles, going from one to the other.(please visit for lots of more…)

Lisa – “it felt like electricity shooting from my nipples, down my body, through my legs and down to my feet.”

Taking my time, I feel your body get hotter. We look at each other and our eyes are smoldering. I lift you to the kitchen counter, crouching lower to put your legs on my shoulders. I see that you’re glistening wet and ready. I lean forward and lap at it with my tongue, each stroke is stronger than the last. You moan louder as I lick and suck, each touch stokes your smoldering fire. My hands grab your ass as I push my face deeper. Your body twitches! I speed up the pace and move one of my hands to where I’m licking. Your lips spread as I slide a finger inside of you. Then two! You moan again and almost scream, “Take me now!”

Lisa –“I like oral done to my breasts and nipples, I love having the flesh of my breast gently sucked into his mouth. I love having my nipples sucked and at the same time have the tongue swirling around my hardened nipple. And yes, I like to have them lightly bitten. I do prefer however to have them bitten toward the end when I am on the verge of cumming. And yes, I can and do very much enjoy cumming from oral stimulation to my breasts. I will say that for me to cum just from my breasts, everything has to be just right. A candle lit room, a scent of lavender and a lot of kissing and foreplay. Ecstasy is a state of mind. Soft kisses where I feel the warm breath on my nipples. A long steady buildup and then that last nibble on my nipples and my body will start to shudder.”

I stand up and you reach out to open and push down my shorts. My erection pops out and you hold and stroke me for a few seconds. You inch yourself to the edge of the counter. You reach down with one hand and spread your soft, bloated lips and guide me into you, I raise my arms around your back. I see that there are goose bumps all around your plumped aureoles. I suck on your hard like pointed little peaks again and you shudder. “Oh! Yes baby!” you are so wet and I’m so hard, although you are tight, I slide in all the way.

Lisa says- “oh, I am going crazy. I am already so wet. I can feel it trickling down to my ass. And then finally, I feel the head of his cock, already wet w/ pre cum, rubbing on my pussy. I am pushing my hips toward him I want him so bad. Then he leans forward and pushes it in all the way with one long slow thrust. I moan out so loud the neighbors probably heard. He then starts moving in and out, fucking me with long, slow, deep thrusts. “Oh yes, oh yes,” is all I can get out of my mouth. We fuck really good and hard for several minutes. After all we have done, I know he isn’t going to last much longer.

His grunts are getting as loud as my moans of pleasure. My breasts are bouncing uncontrollably with the strength of his thrusts. I want to rub my clit so badly. His thrusts are getting faster and harder when he lets out a loud grunt. He pulls out and then I feel his hot creamy cum landing first on my chest and then on my belly. I feel several spurts before it stops. He is breathing like he is about to pass out so I know this has been good for him too.”

“Ahhhhhhhhh yesss!” we both say. Then we both went to have a bath together n again v enjoyed our self, and then v had brkfst n sat in a couch hugging each other n enjoyed a lot in those 2 days.

This story was written by both of us when we were in relationship but sadly now we have broken up. Would like to have more fun and satisfy more decent gals /ladies/aunties/housewives,,please visit for lots of more…

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