An Affair With Beautiful Nishita

I’m sharing an incidence which is very memorable and dear to me. For those who haven’t read my stories earlier, I’m from Mumbai, 35 yrs, 5’10”, well built, adventurous and a passionate guy.

It was a pleasant day at office when I received a call from a friend, asking me for a favor for a friend of hers, named Nishita. She was new to the city and had banged up her car, so she needed help in getting it repaired, as she knew nobody. I agreed to help her out and called the service station which I knew and got the needful done. Her car was repaired and Nishita was very happy, as conveyed by my friend.

A few days later, I happened to bump into this friend of mine and along with her was Nishita. She introduced her to me and I stood spellbound. Nishita was very beautiful, with dreamy brown eyes, very fair, 5’3”, medium hair and an average body with shapely assets. I shook hands with her, she had a soft n delicate hand and a current passed through me. I couldn’t take my eyes off her eyes and she also stood smiling away, thanking me for the help I extended to her, for a few seconds my hands were stuck to hers. Then suddenly I realized we are in middle of a crowd and my friend also raised an eyebrow. I let go off and we chatted a bit, after which I left from there.

2 days later I got a SMS from an unknown no. which read “Hi, this is Nishita. Thank u so much for your help. How about meeting for a coffee this evening?” I was excited and replied affirmative. I reached the coffee shop after office and there she was waiting for me on a table, wearing a white shirt and grey trouser, looking awesome. We smiled, greeted each other and began talking. I felt awkward the way she was continuously thanking me. Soon we got comfortable and shared our stories. I learned that she had separated some time back and was undergoing a divorce. Her husband had an affair and was going for another marriage. I thought how a guy can leave a gorgeous woman like her. She had recently shifted to Mumbai to come out of the turmoil. We had a long talk and then bid goodbye, planning to meet soon.
In the interim, we started messaging each other, which brought us to a comfort level.

The following week we decided to meet for dinner. I picked her up from her home. She looked ravishing, wearing a knee length skirt and a low neck top and she smelt wonderful! We drove to Mainland China, as we both liked oriental cuisine. The time we spent at the dinner really brought us close and we liked each other’s company. She was intelligent, had a good sense of humor and was polished. I loved the way she was groomed, perfectly manicured.

Our talks didn’t seem to end and it came out that we had several things in common. It was evident that Nishita was alone and seeking some solace and she found that in me. Time flew by and we headed back home. While dropping her, I, like a gentleman, opened the car door for her. She came out; we wished each other good night and hugged softly. I couldn’t resist and gave her a peck on her cheek, which made her blush. We parted.

Our messaging continued and drew us closer. We also met occasionally and I helped her find a new home, also with a lot of other stuff over time. Our closeness kept growing and I became fond of her. The feeling was mutual. I used to keep looking at her while she often asked what I am looking at. I replied negative, but she sensed my fondness.

The day came when she had to go back to get her divorce formalities done. She cried a lot that day. I supported her and assured her of being there always to help. She gave me a tight hug and left. After returning, she felt miserable for a few days and I took the onus to entertain her. We went for a movie, during which she held my hand all the while. While dropping her this time, I planted a kiss on her lips. She was bewildered!

The next day she called me:
She: why did u kiss me last night?
Me: I’m sorry, but it just happened. I didn’t realize.
She: I’m not that type of a woman
Me: what type?
She: (fumbling) whatever, it was strange.
Me: yes, but I’m glad I could appreciate u in the right way.
She: what do you mean?
Me: will tell u when we meet.

Our meets were regular, but I never looked at her from a sexual angle. One day, on a Saturday, she called me home to help her move a few things. After finishing, she thanked me. I was sitting on the couch and she was sitting beside me with her back facing me. She wore a spaghetti top and shorts and was watching TV. We were chatting for a while on general topics, and then there was a long silence. She was expecting me to make a move but I was still. Slowly she retracted back, touching me and now was resting on me. I sensed that she needed some comforting.

My heart was beating faster. I just put my arms around her waist and brought her closer. Slowly she lay on my lap. We looked in each other’s eyes. I felt her lips with my fingers, she sighed. Slowly, I placed my lips on hers and we kissed. We kissed as if we were long lost lovers. I hugged her tight and kissed her all over her neck, shoulders, and ears. This got her aroused very much and she got up and removed my T and kissed me wildly all over. I ran my hands on her back and brought them further to hold her boobs. They were full and soft. She gasped as I pressed them. I was hard and my cock was pushing against her which was making her hornier. I removed her top and she was in a black bra.

Without wasting time I removed it and OMG!!! Her boobs just fell out. They were the most beautiful pair I had seen, size 36, a perfect shape, and soft n bouncy with lovely light colored oblong aureola. She said, “Is this u kept looking at?” I placed my mouth on it and sucked, while I kneaded the other one. Nishita moaned “Oh Amit pllllleeeaase don’t stop!” I kept sucking for 5 min. She then undressed me, caressed me all over and touched my cock over my undies. I also removed her skirt. Now we both were unstoppable. We walked in her bedroom; I made her lie on the bed and ran my tongue over her belly, thighs and around her panty. She moaned louder and spread out.

I removed her panty to reveal a clean shaven pink pussy with a pronounced clit. I looked at it for a moment and kissed it, then placed my tongue on her pussy lips and licked. She was going wild and held my hair. I licked her pussy like a pot of honey and she squealed. I could see tears rolling down her eyes, the tension releasing from within now. I kept licking and caressing her boobs, she couldn’t hold and shuddered, screamed and came. She closed her eyes and lay spent, as if in years. Then we just hugged and Nishita kissed me all over, looking deep into my eyes. Someone was fulfilling her desire for intimacy in the best possible way.

After a few min, she pulled down my undies and said “Relax”. This made me hard instantly. She gaped at my cock, smiling and moved it gently, pulling the foreskin down, revealing my gleaming tip. “He’s as handsome as you”, she remarked, licking the tip. What was to follow was a sensuous blow job that blew my senses. She sucked me with a lot of love, softly, taking it fully in, caressing my balls, licking them alternately, kissing around the groin. She was having me like a dessert. I was caressing her lovely ass. I then pushed her away because I didn’t wanna come so soon. On the bed, we made out like never before. We both did not spare an inch of each other’s body, kissing and licking. She lay with her legs spread and I came on top and entered her. Nishita was tight and screamed “Aaaamiiittt”, as I went in. I slowly began stroking and sucking her boobs. She went mad and told me to do faster. I increased my pace and we hugged tight kissing each other. She kept murmuring “love u baby, u are so good!”

Then we did it doggy, I stroked her deep from behind and her moans were getting longer and making me harder inside her. I cupped her boobs, which is my favorite position. We kissed and played with our tongues. Her ass banging on my groin was a sexy sight, loved it. I wanted to go on forever. She lay sideways and I spooned her. She loved that and was caressing my thighs and ass; also running her hands in my hair. I kept kissing her neck and shoulders, also kneading her marvelous boobs. We again got into missionary and I was making love the way I have never done before. My balls were tightening and my load building up. Her boobs bouncing to and fro, which would make any man, go crazy. Nishita looked at me with her mesmerizing eyes, as if this was heaven, kissed me and whispered, “Come in me Amit”.

I couldn’t control more after 30 minutes of continuous intercourse, and shot my load into her. We both shuddered and she gave out a loud and sexy moan. I lay on her, still inside her, spent and exhausted. She hugged me tight and said, “You have given me something I always longed for, pure lovemaking. Where were you for so many years? Why didn’t u meet me earlier?” I just smiled, kissed her and said, “Here I am!” We stayed hugged under the sheets, in bliss.

This was my best intimate moment ever, still etched fresh in my memory. Although we lead different paths now, my love for her still lives. Do write to me at stuckon69@ gmail dot com. Awaiting for your comments.

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