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This is my True Story. I want to share my real story with all of you by StoryNepaliSex. My story is of 2 years ago when I was just 17 and my Bhauju was about 23. First of all I would like to introduce you my self that I m “Bhauju Lover.” Due to some privacy I hide my name. I am from Kathmandu (Right now.) I Have small family, there are elder brother, Bhauju and her 3 years old son(Raj) and my parents. My parents live in village. I live with my brother and Bhauju in Katmandu. I am 19 years old guy with normal personality. But my Bhauju is great as it is her figure, With milky color skin and very sexy.

Whenever I am at home I just watch her Boobs and big Ass which attracts me very much so this is the reason that many times I touch her body and behave like just a incident. As Well As time passed my intension increased and at last the day came when I start my story of life.
That is the one fine evening of summer, when my elder brother went Hometown (join district to Katmandu) visit parents because he has to go far from Katmandu for his job. So he wants to meet parents before he leaves from Katmandu. I take my dinner and went in my room and sleep. In the morning 4:30am I wake up because of want to go toilet. I went out of my room and went to toilet. After toilet when back to my room I saw that the light of my brother’s room is turn on. Then I go his room and saw that Bhauju was sleeping with her child. So I became relax and turn back. But at the mean time my sight reaches at the Bhauju’s big hip. Then my body feels like have current. From the SURUWAL can see her hip. I stop there and keep continue see it.

I start thinking many things in my mind. I couldn’t control myself and went to near my Bhauju. I reach near to her. But when I reach there, I afraid thinking of if happens something wrong what to do. Anyway I start build courage and I sit in her bed nearly with her. I start looking Bhauju all her body. I was trying to find out she is sleeping or not. When I find her eyes are closed for continue I came to sure she is in deep sleep. I feel comfortable. But I make little sound to sure again. And move her body make her wake up. But still she didn’t wake up. Actually when my Bhauju sleep, it is hard to wake up. I was so happy seeing her in deep sleep. Then I touch her body on navel and slowly move my hand in circle and start rubbing her body still she slept very politely. Then I relax and move my hands to his big hips which are looking great in her SURUWAL. Then I start touch her hips. I keep playing her body continuously. My dick became horny. In the mean time I just keep watching her eyes to sure that she is wake up or not but she was in deep sleep. Then I made courage and start moves her T-shirt up. And put my hand inside T-shirt. Slowly my hand goes up and I touch her soft boobs. I start and rubbing boobs slowly. At that time she moved her body. Immediately took my hand out from boobs. And sit beside her serenely. She sleeps with different position. I stay there sometime see she was sleeping then again I start touch her back body. Slowly my hand was moving everywhere on her body. I was becoming mad. So try to touch her pussy but from SURUWAL it was not easy. I moved her lay straight. Slowly untied her “(SURUWAL’S Belt).”

(bhauju ko puti chikeko story,bhauju ko sexy puti photos,bhauju chikeko photos,bhauju ko fresh tight boobs,bhauju ko puti,bhauju nacked bathing,sex with bhauju)

Then I can put my hand inside SURUWAl. When hand reaches inside SURUWAL I touch her painy, I put my hand inside painty and I able touch her Pussy. Oh my God! So soft pussy, I am in heaven. I start touching gently. Also I was keeping attention to Bhauju’s eyes to sure her sleep. Slowly I start my body close to her body. And I put my hand inside T-shirt and start rub boobs. At that she wake up and I was so much afraid. I go down on the floor from the bed. And when Bhauju saw me there she asked me why I am there? She said “what are you doing?” I replied her I go there to turn off light. You have forgotten turn off light. So when came here I see Raj is without Cover so I put cover for him. She said okay. And again turn another side and slept. Then I feel happy! Thank God she didn’t know I play her body. Then I turn off light and want to back my room. But I thought Bhauju again fall in sleep. So I make plan to sleep on next to RAJ for sometime thinking that before Bhauju wake up leave from there. But after sometime I also fall in sleep. When I wake up I feel that somebody catching my hand. Slowly I move my head up and wake up. My hand was on Bhauju’s boobs and my hand was under her hands. It was incredible for me. I thought may be I hand goes there when I slept. It was nearly morning now. So can see a little but not clear. When I try to see her eyes it was open and whenever I saw her she closed her eyes. I came to know she is wake up and pretending like sleep. Then I moved near her and left RAJ beside us. I start rub her body. I thought she is becoming very hot at that moment. I move her T-shirt up. I was sure she is wake up and enjoying as well like me. But still she was acting like sleep. Now I can see clearly her big boobs. She is in half nude.

I feel so excited to see her nude body. I kissed her on lips. Then I played her two boobs by using my two hands. And I licked nipple.
Then I squeeze boobs slowly. I was totally out of control. I decide to her SURUWAL move down. So slowly start moving down and loose her SURUWAL slowly and very slowly.

And as I loose her SURUWAl I became totally mad after seeing her pussy and so soft and milky skin “SAPRA.” I find out her face was getting red but she was still behaving like sleep. I start kiss on deep NAITO, SHAPRA and nearly pussy. Bhauju slowly spread her legs a bit more. Ah…………..ahhhhhhhhhh……….ohhhhhhhhhh…….. Then I take off my paints. Come out my horny dick and put my dick near her pussy. Bhauju’s face impression was changing. I thought she is enjoying like me. Then I focus my dick to her pussy and pressed my dick to her pussy. My dick gone inside her pussy easily and Bhauju made sound AHH… and opened eyes. But I was in that condition I can not stop anymore even she wants to pretend like doesn’t want. I start keep moving hardly. My body completely lay on her body and kissed her with covering her both lips. She was trying to avoid me but it was unable to free from me. I had held her so tidily. I was continuing moving up to her. I move faster and faster to bring on her orgasm. My cock ceased to spasm. “YES!! YESSS!! YESSSSSS!!! I was COMINGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!” my sperm raced up my shaft and I dropped inside of my Bhauju’s pussy with my hot cum. Then I became separate form her and dress my paints. My Bhauju speak to me bad words. I just ignored it and went to my room.

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