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<h2> cheater muslim wife fucked infront of her husband </h2>

Last night I informed my beautiful Muslim wife, that I wasn’t able to fuck her right, and that she deserved more than me. She said I was right and was really glad that I finally admitted it.

She came home from work the next day, in her burka and stood in front of me and opened up her hijab/burka, she looked straight me in my eyes. I noticed she was wearing an anklet for the 1st time, she looked sexy, I got a boner she eyed my boner up and kind of gave a ridiculous cheeky smile. like she was not impressed it made me look down.

I was really horny, she knew but she didn’t let me fuck her. kept telling me that I’m useless at sex. So, I just had to sleep with a boner.

The day after she comes home from work and talks about a colleague John and how he’s so kind to her. She then stands in front of me and takes off her burka and renders herself completely naked. I ask, is this how you go work? she says ‘yes’

I’m shocked quite taken aback. This  is no way for her to go work. As I’m about to reply she pulls out a dildo from her purse and starts fucking it, and tells me your tiny willy is useless I’ll get myself off from this. She says ‘dont mind if I’m trying to pleasure myself because you’re so pathetic and can’t pleasure me.

I don’t ask where she got it from. I say of course honey you are allowed to pleasure yourself and give her a loving smile. she orgasms goes away and doesn’t let me fuck her that night either.

the next day she calls home and tells me that she is feeling ill and will come home early, she tells me don’t bother picking her up as John will drop her off. She tells me to make sure the house is clean as she  will ask john to pop in for a cup of tea and she wants to convert him.tumblr_nydg4kMbet1u4k54xo5_540

I go to great lengths to clean the house as i want to make a great impression on John the work colleague, he must be an important man. I do that, Put me and my wife’s wedding pic up in the photo frame, in the living room.

I make some tea and cook some snacks and also make it comfortable for my wife. My Mrs rings the doorbell, so i open up and ask my wife how she is feeling, she says she is better as john warmed her up in the car. I’m not sure what she meant.

Anyway she looks really beautiful today I can see sge has made a real effort with herself today. I don’t hesitate to tell her that . “You look really beautiful today wifey” I say. She gives me a really cheeky smile and walks inside. I wait for John, He is a chubby white man quite taller and bigger than me. He shakes my hand his hand feels twice the size of mine.

My Muslim wife sits down at the dining table, and john sits too they sip tea whilst looking at each other intensely, I’m being ignored, i move forward about take a seat, but wife says ‘hubby get us some snacks’ quite abruptly, I feel humiliated.

I go to the kitchen to do that and come back and lay out  my cooked snacks. I am feeling quite hungry now and am looking forward to eating with them. My wife looks at the food, she should be impressed but she gives me a cheeky smile. While john starts stuffing his face.  I am about to sit down but wife orders me to get drinks. I check the fridge but NO drinks left. I say I’m going to the shop to get drinks. John says get me a JD. I hesitate and look at my wife, Alcohol is strictly prohibited in our household. Wife says to do as John says and john smirks at me.

I come back from the shop with a bottle of JD and coke, quite humiliated as the Muslim corner shop owner looks at me as if I’ve gone mad. I get 3 glasses and come back to the dining table. John ate all my food. my plate is sitting there empty, John  lets out a big burp and my wife giggles, I’m shocked to see her reaction, she always scolds me when i burp, he must be a really important person

my wife edges me to pour out the drinks , I first pour some coke for John and mix JD in, I’m about to stop and he says more than that you wuss. I’m quite surprised but I laugh  it off and see my HIJABI  wife smiling and looking at John.

whilst in filling my wife’s glass with coke , she tells me to stop halfway i stare at her in surprise , why does she not want a full glass, she beckons me over, i go close to her

My wife whispers in my ear, that i should change my clothes as they are not looking good.I hurriedly go towards our bedroom, i hear someone pouring the JD again n the background.

I try to look for good clothes. I pick out my best shirt and iron it, i hear my wife coming upstairs, i also hear johns heavy footsteps, He must be going to the loo i guess. My wife walks into the room, i’m doing up the buttons of my shirt, she says ‘you look nice’ im stark naked from my bottom half. i let out a laugh, a bit pissed off at the same time. she tells me to leave my buttons, i look up at her questioningly.

John walks in the room abruptly with 2 glasses of JD  I try to hide myself, he quickly comes towards me hands the glasses to my wife, who’s just standing and looking entertained at the whole situation, in her Black Burka. John looks angry he pulls out handcuffs from his back pocket my wife throws him her panties which she was wearing, he runs up to me and grabs me. I am too scared to move, he shoves my wife’s panties down my throat until I’m about to gag, He then picks me up and throws me onto our bed and handcuffs my hands to the bed railing, I cannot move I’m just wearing a shirt.

John moves back as I watch; unable to speak or move, i can see my wife taking swigs of the drink in her glass, she sees me looking she comes close to me, and tells me to smell her mouth i can distinctly smell alcohol she takes a few steps back.

John starts taking his clothes off . I can see his cock hanging down and it’s bigger than my fully erect cock , i can’t even imagine what’s going on.

John holds my wife with his great big hands and starts ripping her burka off. My wife hastens to comply and stares at me. she starts to open the rest of the buttons of her burka. She’s completely naked underneath, my worst fears are coming true.

Has she been Fucking behind my back? My Muslim devout wife?

Has John been fucking her now or for a long time ?

I’ve licked her out many times after she has come back home from work.

As she undresses I see bite marks on her tits which were definitely not there before. I try to shout and scream and tell my wife to stop but I can’t say anything due to the panties stuffed in my mouth.

She glares into my eyes and keeps staring while I nod my head vigorously. I’m so angry, but my wife, she keeps giggling, smirking and feeling John’s big hairy body with her soft hands which still have henna on them , whilst glancing at me . They move really close to our bed where I can see them clearly.

Now my devout Muslim hijabi wife starts ignoring that I’m there and slowly gets down on her knees stars talking dirty to the stranger, calls john her naughty beast. Smiling at john, she puts her niqab-clad mouth on johns massive cock and his cock instantly starts growing to full girth. John forces her mouth on his dick and she starts to suck vigorously.

my wife didn’t ever suck my dick before in my life, she said she found it morally wrong!!

But she had Johns massive uncut Kuffar cock in her pretty small  mouth. She sucked it like a pro until he nearly came . she then held his cock in 2 hands and stared at it with admiration. My wife now came towards me and she held mine.

I was really angry , my face was red, so she gave me a kiss, i got a slight boner. Now she started to rub my dick up and down and i started to get hard even though i didn’t want to. i had a full boner due to the technique my Mrs had, but she left me there.

She went back to John put on her niqab and glanced at me and told john to cum on her face/niqab; John happily obliged.

The hard on I had didn’t last long. I was really hurt by this. My wife’s niqab/burka clad face was dripping with John’s load. cum strings that he had shot out,were dripping from the niqab

My wife took the niqab off and stuffed it  in her mouth, she sucked & swallowed all the cum  on the niqab all whilst looking at me. one hand she was feeding herself johns cum and the other hand, she was fingering her pussy whilst doing this.

Wafa my Muslim wife,  I had been with for 15 long years and I loved her to bits stood up,  her silky long legs were shining in the light and her perfect tits were bursting red.

I could see her nipples really hard and could almost smell her lovely pussy juices. My wife grabbed John’s cock again and squeezed out some cum into her hands. She came towards me and looked at my non-erect cock let out an ‘awww’ and starts rubbing my cock with the hand she had Johns cum in to make it slimier. I try my best to struggle but she holds my cock tight.

She spits on my dick and adds some of more johns cum from her mouth . I start to get a boner again, Wafa gives me a satisfied smirk after I have a full boner and leaves me to attend to John.

John pulls her back and his already red huge cock started growing even larger I could see his veins pulsating and was just dreading on what this man can do to my wife with his BIG fat white cock. John took my wife Wafa into his hands and shifted behind her.

Wafa leant her back onto him and hurriedly started feeling for his cock with her left hand to insert it in her small beautiful pussy that only ever my 6 inches had entered, I was in pain mentally. I had so many emotions running through me.

Why did I have a raging hard on boner when my Muslim wife’s beautiful pussy was about to get stretched, tore and destroyed by some huge white dude?

why was my cock so small that my wife wasn’t satisfied?

I was feeling sorry for my wife I knew his cock wouldn’t even fit. I let a long sigh I didn’t want my wife to do this. But I could see that my wife was aching for his cock. John had found my wife’s pussy hole he looked me in the eye . He could see tears rolling down my cheeks .

He smirked; my wife had his huge cock in her tiny hands and John was rubbing it up and down her slit to tease her. This white man took my wife closer and entered her pussy with the tip of his cock.

I had never seen my wife’s pussy lips that far apart . She let out the biggest sluttiest moan. I gasped, john heard that, so he thrust his cock even more inside. my wife screamed and tears burst out of her eyes her makeup was already spoiled and John had just begun.

my wife said ‘please slowly’ through tears and tried to pull johns cock out but John hit her hand away and pushed the rest  of his cock into my darling wife’s small sore pussy, her pussy was already destroyed my wife was screaming in pain . but I got the hint that she was loving this humiliation and pain. Especially because she kept glancing into my tear filled eyes



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