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On September 7, the mother of teenager lodged a complaint at Cyber Crime Police Station, Cyberabad, stating that her daughter recently accepted a friend request on her Facebook account from a girl.

During chats, the ‘friend’ who was actually Abdul Majid asked her to send nude photos of herself. “When she refused to do so, Abdul Majid sent her a message that she was daughter of a senior police officer and would get the school girl implicated in a case. The girl told her mother who lodged the complaint,’’ an official said.

During investigation, cops were stunned when they learnt that using 6 Facebook accounts in the names of girls over 18 months, Abdul Majid lured some 200 school girls to accept his friend request and share their personal details and photos.

He used to browse FB and look for profiles of girls studying at reputed schools and send them friend requests. All his fake FB accounts had a profile photo of a girl which he picked up from internet. Since the friend request is from a girl, most of the school girls accepted it. Then Abdul would start chatting with them. After a few days, he would start asking them about their personal lives, secrets etc, and many girls fell into the trap. Then he started exploiting the girls by threatening to reveal their secrets on social media or putting the chat messages on the FB wall which will be seen by everyone, unless they obliged by sending nude photos of themselves. Many frightened girls actually sent their photos. Once he had the photos, he started calling them using different numbers and started blackmailing them to keep sending photos everyday or he would post the photos that he had on porn sites. In some cases, he insisted on meeting the girls in person and unsuccessfully tried to extract money,’’ ACP S Jayram said. Cops found dozens of photos of teenage girls on his mobile phone and computer.

Abdul had created fake FB profiles in the names of Vedika Chopra, Rishika Lodani, Jhanvi Bhatia, Kherti Verma, Tanvir Vaidym and Shriya Chitturi, and used four different email ids to send and receive emails from his victims. Police have sounded an alert to schools and parents to advise girls to be careful with whom they are sharing their personal detail