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Sex Facts :  Inuvayla’u And His Serpentine Prehensile Dick

The people of the Trobriand Islands in Papua New Guinea have a traditional dance with a legend behind it, the legend of Inuvayla’u. He was a local clan leader who was blessed with an enormous dick that could move like a snake, and as such he had the power to bone people from a distance, like some kind of sex sniper. It was a power he used liberally. One technique was to cut a hole in the wall of their house and then thrust his serpentine dick in, where it would snake its way through the house until it located a vagina and then did its thing.

Eventually, the townspeople got pissed off enough at Inuvayla’u and his stealth crotch snake that they ganged up on him and dunked him in a river. Apparently this was an incredibly potent shaming technique, because Inuvayla’u was so mortified that he took an ax and chopped off his own dick, cut it to pieces and spread it all around the forest before fleeing into exile.

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