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Dirty Nepali Jokes

Poor man catches a fish,
Wife couldnt cook coz there was
No gas,
No electricity,
No oil,
Then, man puts fish back in river..
Fish comes up n shouts..
”Baburam Bhattarai Zindabad!!” 😛


Once. . .bill gates went to a restaurant. . . .and he gave a tip of only 2 dollars to the waiter. . . . .
Waiter wz surprizd at dis nd he said. . – yesterday ur s0n gave me a tip of 100 dolars. . .bt u. . .only 2!??
Wise reply by bill gates : he z the s0n of a billionare. . .bt m the s0n of a farmer. .:ppp

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Why do woman rub their
eyes when they woke up??
because they do not have balls to scratch.

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Q : What’s the difference between Mother’s & Girlfriend’s tears??

A Classic Answer..

Mother’s tears “EFFECT Our HEART”
Girlfriend’s tears “EFFECT Our POCKET”….xD 😛

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Height of being horny
Girl:Dr.mero bf ko m*al ekdum thulo cha….
Jaba vitra jancha taba liver ma gayera thokincha….

Dr.- Uso vaye ma usko m*al choto banaidiu??

Girl-Nai doctor, bas mero liver lai alikati mathi saardinus….!!

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A 23 yr old girl got pregnant
The Mother angrily shouts:
Who was dat pig? Call him here right now
30 min later, a big car stops in front of their house
A matured grey haired boy in an expensive suit steps out
Boy: I am sorry for the problem, But I cant marry her
If a boy is born, I’ll give u 2 stores, a villa & $ 2million
If a girl is born, I’ll give u 2 factories & $ 5million
But in case of a Miscarriage, what do u suggest I do?
Mother: F*** HER AGAIN! 😛

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Boy: hello, sweet heart..
Girl: hello dear,
Boy: K cha tani maya, malai temro
nikai yaad aai rahecha ni..
Girl: lau, agi varkhar kura garya
hoena phone ma?
Boy: Hyatterika, ferry temelai nai

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Teacher : Tell me a sentence that starts with an ‘I’.

Student : I is the ………

Teacher : Stop!! Never put ‘is’ after an ‘I’.

Student : Ok. I am the ninth letter of the alphabet. 😛

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Employee: Sir, you called me?
Boss: Yeah, Go to the restroom and masturbate.
Employee (after few minutes):Done sir. Boss: Do it again.
Employee:Done it again.
Boss: Do it once more.
Employee: Now I don’t have much stamina for it sir.

Boss: Very good. Here’s the keys of my car. Drop my daughter home

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principal enter the classroom n kiss madam..n said: see children aids does not transmitt through kissing..
student: sir plzz show us how does it transmitt also..

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