Enjoying Mom And Sister On The Same Night

Hello Friends, this is Shravan here. The following story of mine is completely a Fiction and is not inspired from real life. I hope you will like it and please do send

Enjoy the following fantasy story.

I have been a reader of sex stories since past 10 years. I have read all kinds of stories, but I great fan of Incest stories. The exposure to these stories made me look at my own mom in sexual way. While i read Incest stories, My Mom replaced the Mother In the story, and I became the son. I masturbated a lot thinking of fucking my mom…

Now let me describe my mom Rachana to you. She is like any other average Indian housewife. She is 41 years of age, petite and on the shorter side. She had a well rounded body and i never missed an opportunity to stare at her breasts and also her round buttocks especially when she walked.

I was working in Bangalore and used to visit home once Or twice a month.

Once there was a Pooja function at home. So i was called to attend it. I put a leave for 3 days and went to my home. I had made up my mind that i will try something and will push my luck as much as possible in fulfilling my dream of seeing mom naked and may be even fuck her. So I got hold of some sleep inducing pills that my roommate, who is a medical representative, had provided me. I knew that taking this my mom would be knocked out at least for a few hours and that will provide me time to explore my mom… So with the pills in my pocket, I headed towards home.

When I reached home, the house was crowded with many relatives. i was greeted by my mom with a hug. Looking at her my cock got hard and i just wished for the night to arrive soon, so that i can make a move.. But I had to sleep in hall for 2 nights. So on third night I decided to do something with my Mom.

So as it was d last night I was going to be at home, I pretended to b sick and I got to sleep in my mom’s room, as she took care of me whenever i was sick. I mixed a couple of sleep inducing pills I had brought in my mom’s milk. My cousin sis Rekha, who is 5 years elder to me was also sleeping in my mom’s room. So I was kind of worried about how to progress. But i had made up my mind that I will make some progress tonight. I went to room with mom and slept on her bed. My cousin sister was sleeping on the bed which was laid on the floor.

At around 1 AM , when everyone was asleep , I touched my mom to see if she was awake , I pushed her , pinched her , but there was no response … So I got courageous and decided to explore, but I knew that I couldn’t do much due to presence of my cousin sis.

So first I sat up and touched my mom’s face and lips with my fingers. I then kissed her cheeks and kissed her lips … It was so soft, then I placed my hands over her boobs over her nighty … And touched them lightly….. My hands were shivering in excitement. Her boobs were very soft and spongy, then I pressed and squeezed them hard….Mom didn’t react… I got more confident. I was enjoying the moment a lot.

I unbuttoned couple of front hooks of my mom’s nighty and kissed her cleavage. It was awesome … Then I put my hand inside the nighty opening and touched her boobs. It was so soft … Then I removed one of her boobs out and massaged it, pinched her nipple..Then I planted a kiss on her boob and licked it and kissed her nipple and sucked her boobs … It was an amazing feeling.. Then confidently I removed her other boob and did the same.

As there was no reaction from my mom, I got bold and next I went down her body slowly and came to her legs…And I started to raise her nighty upwards slowly.

I moved it till her waist … Mom was wearing a panty.. I kissed her full legs and her inner thighs, and kissed her pussy over her underwear.. Her aroma was intoxicating. I planted a few more kisses and smelled her underwear.

Then I lowered her underwear and saw her bush. . It was awesome. I smelled it and then with my fingers i parted d pussy hairs and planted a kiss on my mom’s pussy, and then i brought my tongue out and licked her pussy.

At that moment my cousin sister stirred a bit, so I covered myself and mom completely in bed sheet. After a couple of minutes I looked at my cousin and saw that she wasn’t moving, so I started fingering mom’s pussy . It was getting wet.

After sometime, I lowered my underwear, and brought my cock out. It was very hard. I wanted to fuck my mom now. So I went down and pulled mom’s nighty up till her waist and spread her legs. I held my cock in my hand…..and placed it on my mom’s pussy…It sent a thrill down my spine. My cock was never this hard before. I was now rubbing my cock on her pussy and lubricating my cock.

I started pushing my cock inside mom’s pussy. It was very tight…I started applying force and my cock went inside a bit…And then I applied full force and pushed harder and my cock went fully inside her…..I rested for a bit and enjoyed the moment. I was fully inside my mom’s pussy, my dream had come true. Then after couple of minutes I started pumping mom slowly in rhythm and I was fucking mom, and she wasn’t aware of it. I fucked slowly without making much noise, giving slow and long strokes and after 5 minutes of fucking I was ready to cum, so I dragged my cock out of mom’s pussy and came in my bed sheet. It was an amazing feeling.

After cleaning my cock, I went down again between moms legs and started eating her pussy
and licking it. Her juices were flowing and it tasted really great.

Suddenly my cousin Rekha woke up and she saw me licking my mom’s pussy

She called me and asked “What are you doing? “

I got really scared and said that I was doing nothing.

Rekha: “I know what u r doing….She is your mom and you were licking her pussy and fucking her. I was awake since sometime. I saw everything…”

Me : “No sister, I didn’t fuck her.”

Rekha: “No i saw you fucking her. U have made a big sin brother. I will tell it to everyone.”

Me: “Please sister doesn’t tell anyone… I beg u.. Please..”

Rekha looked at my mom again and said “Why is she not moving?”

I said: “I gave her sleeping tablet. I am sorry sister. I couldn’t control myself”

Rekha was shocked, she said “Oh my God. You had planned about this from a long time. How could you? This shouldn’t be tolerated I will complain about this to everyone.”

I was really scared and I got down from the bed and went towards my cousin’s bed and I requested “Please sister. I am sorry. I couldn’t control myself. I won’t leave you until u promise me that u will not tell anyone. If you tell any1, then I will surely kill myself.”

Rekha: “No don’t do that. But why did u do that. It’s a sin brother.”

I said “I know, But I couldn’t control myself. I wanted to experience sex and didn’t care whoever it was… My friends have sex with their sisters, aunts, relatives…so even I wanted to try it.”

Rekha: “Why can’t you choose other girls and what is the reason for choosing your mom?”

I smiled slightly and said “I like my mom a lot…she is beautiful and I have fantasies of her since a long time…so I wanted to try her.”

Rekha: “But… but does it not seem to be wrong to u”

Me: “It is wrong….But it felt so good…..So many people do it. My friend Santosh has sex with his mom and sis, together on the same bed, almost daily.”

Rekha was shocked at my revelation.

I continued “Sex is to be enjoyed…. relations don’t count in sex. All are humans and every man and woman wants to enjoy”

Rekha then said, “So you mean to say, if you had got a chance you would have sex with me too?”

I smiled at my sis and said “Rekha if u allow me I will fuck u and satisfy u too.”

Rekha: “No I am your sister you can’t do it to me”

I smiled and replied to her “When I have done it with my mom, I can do it with u too.”

Rekha was literally frozen by hearing my words and blurted: “ No …but..but..but”

Me: “But what? She is my mom and I fucked her…So what is wrong in me doing with u?”

I went close to her and I held my sisters hand and pulled her to me…She was trembling. She tried to open her mouth to say something, but i closed her mouth with my lips and start kissing her passionately.

She struggled a bit, but i held her firmly and kissed her lips. I held her boobs in my hand and started squeezing them. Rekha moaned at my actions.

This time I took the initiative and put my arm around her pulling her close. We looked into each other’s eyes, she smiled shyly at me. I moved forward and kissed her again and she started reciprocating and we kissed each other passionately. My right hand moved up and cupped her left breast, massaging it as we kissed.

I broke the kiss and started pulling her nighty up, she cooperated with me and i pulled her nighty completely away from her body and i was surprised and thrilled to find out that she was completely naked in front of me. Rekha smiled at me shyly. I moved forward and started kissing her lips again. We kissed for long time, exploring each other’s mouths.

She was breathing hard as we broke apart and she began to undress me and soon I was naked. She was mesmerized at the sight of my hard cock and I saw her licking her lips in nervous anticipation,

I leaned forward and sucked her right nipple into my mouth. Within seconds, it was hard as a rock in my mouth. Rekha was stroking my cock in her hand as I sucked her gorgeous nipples.

She moved back towards the edge of the bed motioning me to get down between her legs.

I knelt down to see her beautiful pussy.

I lowered my face onto her pussy, and kissed her pussy. She let out a loud moan on my touch. I then began licking her pussy. Her pussy tasted great and I kept on licking her pussy, biting her clit.

“Oouch… Lick properly “Rekha screamed.

I started sucking on Rekha’s pussy and she arched her back, grabbing the back of my head driving me further down.

As I continued to suck her clit, my one hand was caressing her breasts and the other was sliding two fingers in and out of her pussy. I gently teased her clit real slow for a few seconds, which drove her wild..

Rekha started screaming “Aaah…! I’m Cumming !”

She convulsed in ecstasy as her cum sprayed into my mouth and on my face.

I drank all the cum which was inside my mouth. It was heavenly.

Rekha’s orgasm subsided as she looked at me with a big smile on her face, and she rolled me over on my back and got down between my legs. I couldn’t take my eyes off her as she took my cock and slowly began to run her tongue up and down the sides. My cock was harder than I’ve ever seen it in my life. Rekha sexily looked up into my eyes as she slowly sucked the head of my cock into her mouth. I moaned with pleasure.

She worked up and down real slow taking the entire length of my cock in her mouth. I couldn’t take any more and came hard in her mouth. She drank all my cum and still kept on sucking my cock.

I was rock hard again as she moved up on top of me and kissed me. As she kissed me, she shifted her hips, sat up. She held my cock in her hand and placed it on her pussy. I watched her pussy slowly envelope my cock as she came down and slid my cock into her. I couldn’t believe how hot and wet it felt as my cock entered her pussy. Her pussy was very tight. Once my cock was buried in her pussy, Rekha began to rock her hips slowly back and forth, working my cock in her pussy. She then started riding me faster and started screaming in pleasure. The sight of Rekha riding my cock was simply awesome.

I caressed her tits and nipples while we fucked. She fucked me for several minutes this way before I came hard and deep in her pussy.

I could feel my cum leaking out of her pussy. She then leaned forward, so I could kiss her lips.

After kissing for a while, we rolled over and I positioned myself between her long sexy legs. I soon buried my cock fully inside her. Slowly I pulled out and then slid my cock back into her.

She moved her hips and before long we were matching our hip movements together in unison and started fucking each other.

We fucked hard and slow for several minutes. Rekha was moving her head from side to side breathing hard. She then told me to pick up the pace as she was getting close. I rammed into her pussy as she wrapped her legs around my back. We were enveloped in lust as we both had mind-blowing orgasms..

We held each other for several minutes, talking and caressing each other. Kissing passionately.

I couldn’t believe how great this night was. I not only fucked my mom, but also i got to fuck my beautiful cousin sis. Truly I was damn lucky….

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