My First Sex With Mom’s Sister

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Hi there. I’m sam(name changed). I’m 20 when my first encounter happened. I’m a natural guy with about 80kgs in weight and 5’10” tall and a dick of length 6′ and width 2.5′. This is my first encounter with a mature lady of age 32 years, my mom’s sister. she has a busty body with 34D boobs and 38 sized butt. she looks so sexy and any guy wants to have her at least once.

Coming to the part, I’ve finished my college and sitting in the home alone. My mom’s sister, Rani, lives two lanes away from our home. i always go there in the afternoon time after my lunch to make her children play for a while. At first I’ve had no intentions on her unless one day, accidentally saw her peeing in the bathroom which she had forgot to lock. On seeing her in that position m,y dick has raised to full length but i hid it so that she’ll not see. after going home that night my mind is full of her pictures in that position which made me to do hand job imagining her.

After two days of that incident, i again went to her place as usual. she generally greeted me and went for water. My eyes weer stuck to her butts which gave an instant hard on and I’m not able to control the emotion. i ran to the bath room and within 5 minutes i finished my ejaculation. in the meanwhile i didn’t notice that she is seeing me.

After coming outside, she gave an angry look and continued her work. I’m totally frightened and thought that she’ll complain to my mom. but she didn’t. this time i went to her place with fear in my heart but to my astonishment, she is generally talking to me. after a while she called me inside and asked why I’ve done at that moment. first i didn’t open my mouth but later i said that reason is her butt movements. she left that topic and continued her work.

After some 30 minutes or so, she is washing the dishes sitting down and her breasts are clearly visible to me till her aerola. i again had an instant hard on and i again went for bath room and this time i’ve locked it. but, after coming outside she is in front of the door. she called me in to the bed room and made me sit on the bed. she sat down and removed her pallu to show her half boobs and within no time i had my dick standing straight in my pants. she asked me whether i want to have her? I’ve nodded in a confusion way but she got my intention. she touched my dick above my pant and said – “chaala peddaga undi raa”(telugu). i smiled.

She then removed the pant zip and saw my boxer. she asked me to remove my boxer to which i nodded and asked her to remove mine with her hands and i stood. she slowly removed ny pant and massaged my tool on the boxer for some time. I said I am not able to control. she then removed my boxer too and my tool sprang on to her face touching her lips. i asked her to give me a blowjob for which she said no, later on begging she accepted. she took my dick in her hands and made to fro action. she placed the tip of my dick on her lips and kissed it which gave a jolt throughout the body. since it was my first blowjob, i cannot withstand longer and while she was sucking in full force, i released a full load of cum in her mouth which she drank without leaving a single drop.

i removed my shirt and asked her to stand. she stood and my hands went for her breasts. i pressed them gently and massaged on her blouse. i then removed her blouse and i saw her full boobs for the first time. i made her to sleep on the bed and i moved onto her boobs for sucking. it continued for 10 minutes after which she said, – “arey thondaraga pettara, chala gula ga undi.” i then removed her saree and petticoat. she doesn’t wear any lingerie. her pussy was full of hair and at first i can’t have a view of her love hole. i asked her, will u shaVE? TO which she replied no. then i said I’ll shave her now to which she said, not now after the session.

Then i went down to lick her pussy. her pussy lips are awwwwwwwwwwwsome. i placed my finger to explore the way to her hole and she gave a jolt and “ssssssssssss” sound which aroused me more. i kissed hes pussy and then licked it from the lips to the inner walls and clit. after 5 minutes of licking she held my head very close to her pussy and released her cum in my mouth. i drank it and shared with her. then stood up and pulled her to the side of bed and raised and parted her legs to insert my dick.

I held my dick and placed at the entrance and rubbed her pussy. she then pleaded me to enter. at first only 2 inch of my cock entered and i made gentle strokes. after 5 strokes my dick entered her pussy to full length to which she gave a pleasant moan. i gradually picked up the speed and fucked her for 10 minutes in that position.

Then i slept on the bed with my dick facing up. she came on to me and gently sat and did in that position for more than 5 minutes. then i asked her to be in doggy style and looking her in that position gave me some more energy. i placed my dick at the entrance of pussy again and gently had the session and she also gave the reciprocating strokes.

After some time she ejaculated her cum for second time. then i said her i want to do anal. she said ok. her asshole was so tight and it took me 15 minutes to enter her asshole to full length. we made it for 15 minutes and i came inside her.

After an hour of resting on each other nude, we went fore a bath where we had a quick session and finished for that day.

She said that she’ll introduce me to a new world next time………………………… 🙂

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