Fuck With Neighbour’s Wife On Holi ( Hindi chudai kahani )

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Hi friends, I am Ajay 24 m from nasik, this is my first story to the lovely site. Now without taking much of your time lets come to story. ‘Ding…dong…ding…dong…” the front-door bell rang. ‘Who could be this’, I wondered. Standing nude in the bathroom, I was about to open the shower to take a bath at 7.30 in the morning. The milkman and newspaper boy had already come and gone. The day, being a Sunday, the elderly maid-servant would come after 9.00 only instead of her usual time of 7.00. Did she forget it was my holiday? I felt irritation to have to attend the door wrapping a bath-towel only around my waist.

Then I did a blunder. While cursing the person outside for disturbing me at an odd time, I forgot to look through the peep-hole on the door. As I removed the bolt and opened the door, I had a jolt. Standing outside, dressed in a nighty and smiling at me was the wife of my colleague staying in the flat one floor above mine. Before I could recoil and retreat to hide myself behind the door, she entered inside pushing me a little. ‘What she wants’ I wondered. While I still stood hidden behind the door to cover my semi-nude appearance showing only my head outside, she came around to face me. I felt shy and shame when her eyes ran over my body from head to foot.

To save me from further embarrassment and to give a hint for her to leave, I said: “I think you might know my family is in my native place”. I said so if she had come unmindfully to borrow something from my mom. Still smiling, she said: “I know that. I came to meet you only”. This surprised me. What on earth she wanted to see me for? However, to escape from the predicament, I told her: “Was there anything I can do for you”? With a view to send her back, I quickly added: “I was about to go to take a bath”. That did not help me. She laughed and said: “Why are you being so discourteous, Ajay? Today is Holi. I came to apply some colours on you”.

Honestly, it was at this time I noticed she held a small packet containing some pink colour powder in her hand. I cursed myself for forgetting it was the day of Holi festival also. I noticed she was adamant not to leave, aware of my condition with only a towel wrapped around my waist to cover my nudity. I tried to excuse myself to change my clothes but she voiced against it. ‘Ajay, this lady is not all that straightforward and innocent you think she might be’ my brain told me. ‘No Ajay, don’t jump to conclusions, she might have come just to apply colours on you in a ceremonial way’ my mind reminded me. I waited to watch if my brain or mind was right. I had not seen or known much of her before except during a dinner party for my family hosted at her place and a reciprocal dinner for them hosted by my mom about six months back.

I thought it was purely based on neighborly relationship. Might be, she and my mom were friends. Other than her name Priya, I had not known much of her nor had I taken any interest to dig further. Priya was almost the same age of my bhabhi but a little heavily built. She had two kids. She was tall, fair and had big boobs. But I had never cared to give a probing glance to see if she was sexy too. She was wearing a full length deep blue colour nitie, perhaps to reduce the intensity of colours that might be applied on her by her friends on that day. I had a feeling she was not wearing bras as I could see her boobs hanging a little and nipples jutting making sharp points on her cloth. She opened the packet and took some colour powder. As she gave a push at the bottom of the door with her right foot to close it, an alarm bell began to ring inside my head. It meant she had not wanted anyone to see her touching me. She came near me and smeared a little of the powder on my forehead.