Life First sex in Holi ( holi special sex stories )

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Hello friends..!! This is Rakesh Again… After a good response for my stories I decided to write about another encounter of mine. It was a secret between me and her but I am posting this experience to her knowledge. To new readers this is Rakesh, pursuing my in a government college in Odisha. I m bit fair, slim but a healthy body, 5ft 7…

This happened when I was in my 12th. A distant cousin of mine got job in our town so my parents asked her to live in our home. We are a family of 3. Mom, Dad and me and our house is big for us to live so a lot of rooms are unoccupied or unused so accommodating her was not a problem. Those were her initial days in job so she doesn’t have enough to money for a rented house and she accepted my parents offer began living at my home.

To describe her she was nor thin nor fat, but healthy, brown complexion, Ok-Ok type face and good assets. She had just completed her graduation and don’t know exactly but she was 20 that time. She began living in our home. I don’t talk with her much though used to help me with my studies as my mother insisted as both my parents are Govt. employee and don’t have much time for me and I am not a tuition guy .

This incident happened during March. It was holi and since childhood I was never interested in playing holi so I was sitting quietly in my room and my cousin called me outside. I said I am not interested for holi and you continue but she said I am not calling you for that but for some other work. I believed her and come out of my room and went outside where she was.

When I went there, she was not there but then suddenly she came out from the back of the door where she was hiding and threw gulal over me and screamed happy holi. Seeing gulal on me I became furious and ran towards her with gulal in my hand. Seeing my running towards her she ran towards terrace and I caught her on the stairs just near terrace and tried to color her and she was pushing me away. I was trying to apply it on her face but she was pushing me.

While doing so I touched her boobs and it felt so soft and my over sensitive penis got erected but I was in no mood for that, I just want to repay her for coloring me. That fight of our ended when I accidentally put my hand on her pussy over her dress and she put her hand on my penis, of course I was wearing pants so she touched it from over my pants. It happened as I was trying for her face and she slipped my downwards and I in a hurry pushing her towards the wall put my hand on her pussy and she on my penis, which was by the way erect. We separated and didn’t talk for some days except Hi, Hello…

I was feeling guilty and I decided to talk to her as my guilt consciousness was killing me. So one evening she returned from office and enquired where my parents are and I told her that they have gone to a marriage function and had told to eat the food in refrigerator. She went to her room and came back after taking a shower and went on to prepare tea as it was her habit to drink tea after work. I was watching T.V that time.

She came and sat on the chair next to me with tea cup in hand. I was watching a movie so she decided to stay and watch it too. After a few minutes with a dilemma in me I said her sorry for that day and she said it’s ok. I thought “Really ..!! Ok “.

I asked her if she got angry and she said no. and then these words slipped from my mouth “Did u like it, because I liked it a lot “. She looked towards me and said nothing. I insisted and she said it was good. Hearing that I got an erection and I further asked can I do it again, please. Seeing my baby face she reacted a bit and then said ok. I come closer to her and kissed her. She pushed me and said u is not a good kisser, let me teach you and she brought me close to her lips and kissed me. She moved her tongue inside my mouth and was exploring it.