fucked My Class Mate – Dream Come True

Hi. Hello everyone. I am from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. I don’t want to bore everyone so I m straight away getting to my story. I got to know about sex during my 12th holidays. At that time I’ll masturbate once every day. Then I got into college through counseling. As soon as I got into my classroom I found 2 beautiful girls sitting together in the last bench. They both are fair mallu girls with sexy statistics. At that instant I decided I want to fuck both of them whatever it takes.

I’m a bit of muscular, fair, and Asian accent. So basically I don’t get any problem in making friends with girls. I became their friend within a week. Initially I we talked only about studies. Later I become very close with one of them. I don’t want to mention her name. We used to talk for more than an hour every day. Then slowly I used to talk about adult jokes. I can sense that she is comfortable in talking like that. Then after about 4-5 months I understood she is a virgin and wanted to have sex. After that we used to have sex chat everyday night.

In college in front of everyone we pretend as if nothing is going on between us. We always wanted to have sex and I am waiting for a nice chance. One day I came to know that my parents wanna go for a festival in Kerala and I stayed back in Coimbatore. Since it is a Saturday I called her to come to my home. I told her everything which bus she has to board? Where she has to get down? And I made her to walk straight into my home without anyone noticing.

There she is my beauty goddess. The girl I longing to fuck for more than 6 months. She was in pink chudidhar, such a beauty. She entered inside with a wicked smile. As soon as she entered I locked the door and gave her a tight hug. I can feel her heart is pounding and the aroma of her body is making me crazy. I was hugging her very tightly I know she Is breathing heavily. I began to kiss in her forehead, eyes, and nose & all over her face. I have all day so I wanted to take it slowly. I began to kiss in her lips. It was soft like silk and so juicy. Her lipstick is very sweet. I began to kiss her madly. She began to respond very ferociously.

It is driving me he crazy. I began to press her boobs over her dress. She started to moan and tried to close her mouth by kissing her lips then she began to remove my t-shirt and my pants. I removed her chudithar and she is in her inner wear and I m in my undies. She caught hold of my penis and began to stroke it hardly. I lifted her to my bedroom and tossed over the bed. She gave a sexy smile and removed her inner.

An amazing view medium sized boobs with pink nipples and I began to lick all over her boobs. I caught hold of her one boob and began to lick another. She began to moan loudly whenever I rolled my tongue over her nipples. It’s so soft and I can’t describe how much I loved it. Then as I kissing her boobs I put my finger over her pussy, it was dripping like hell. OMG! She is so hot down there literally. She twitched all her body when I touched that dripping pussy. I never saw such a nice clean shaven pussy dripping like hell.

My penis is throbbing to tear her virginity. I settled myself between her legs I don’t wanna wait anymore I began to lick her pussy. She was moaning loudly. I put my one hand over her mouth and another hand was fingering her slowly and I began to lick her pussy. She was twitching like hell. Then I began to tongue fuck her by pressing her boobs hardly and tried to shut her mouth. She was screaming as if I m tearing her pussy, with a one loud scream she came all over my face. She then began to kiss all over my face and wiped me clean. Then she caught hold of my cock and made her lips to cover my cock. What a moment. She began to roll her tongue all over my cock and pressing my balls. My penis was completely inside her mouth. She was giving deep throat I am in heaven. I’m not able to control. I said “I m cumming. I’m cumming”, She took my cock for a moment said “I wanna taste it” then she began to suck me like no tomorrow. I can’t wait any long I cummed all over her mouth. She drank up to last drip of it and and gave a nice blowjob.

After that blowjob I fell on bed and she was on top of me. She began to run her fingers over my body like teasing me. I made her to lie on bed and came in top of her in a sec and began to lick her boobs. Both her boobs are getting red and she was moaning like “yeah … yeah…. Yes…. Yes”. She was moaning my name sexily. It made me hard again. I gave a nice smooch and suddenly inserted my cock in missionary. She was shocked and screamed to do it slowly. As she is a virgin I inserted it inch by inch. After few strokes I broke her hymen. That’s it her virginity was taken by me. I licked her tears she hugged me tightly and gave a sweet kiss. I began to put my complete cock in her pussy, draw it and gave one hell of a push to completely get inside her. She was screaming like “fuck. Fuck! Fuck me! Fuck me hard. Yesssssssss it feels so good. Oh god. It’s so good”. It was driving me like hell crazy. And I began to pound her like a monster.

I placed a pillow under her ass so I can hit her g-spot. Then for my every stroke she was crying in pleasure. She began to beg me like “don’t stop, please fuck me. Fuck me hard please” “Yeah! “She came with a loud scream. I never stopped. I began to fuck her madly.
And I was licking her boobs. As I m in the verge of cumming I told her and she begged me “please don’t stop; please don’t stop; cum in me. Hearing to this I was fucking her with all I can. She screamed “I m cumming, I m cumming.” We both came at a time with loud scream and I fell on her. She was exhausted. I kissed her she is not responding. She was like fainted. I m scared of this and woke her up. All she can do is smile and said she loved each and every moment with me. Then I gave a goodbye kiss in my home and dropped in her home through my bike.

It was one such incident I’ll never forget in my life. If any young college girls or married aunties want to have safe and secret se then don’t hesitate to mail me at [email protected]

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