Fucked my girlfriend in train

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My name is Aravind ([email protected]) am from Chennai, today am sharing one of my experience which happened with my girl friend a month ago. Am slim with fair complexion and well build physique. My girl friend is just like Eva Green, fair complexion beautiful curves and almost a blond. She is a Sindhi and born and brought up in Chennai in marvadi community. Let’s get into the story it was her interview in Bangalore as she had completed her Engineering in computers; we planned a trip together we took a train in night and early morning would reach to Bangalore. Our berths were confirmed in side lower and side upper. Technically I had boarded the train in next station Perambur so that her parents don’t get noisy about. Am so already hard as I imagine a night with her in train as it was AC reservation we will curtains for privacy and nice temperature inside. I can’t talk to her she was with her parents in car and they would leave only when train starts. So I started messaging her on whatsapp.

Me: Jaan are you in train.
Her: Yes Jaaanu I just boarded and parents about to leave are you there in time.
Me: Yes am here waiting for you, which compartment honey (She did the booking).
Her: B2 67, am waiting for you badly. Come soon people are eying on me. I’m scared.
Me: Don’t worry I’m here.
The train stop and I boarded the train and looked at her she was beautiful than ever. In white t-shirt and white bra as it’s visible over the t-shirt and blue torn jean just hugging her legs to shows the curly ass. I said hi she just looked around as if she doesn’t know me. So I drop my bag and went to loo by this time train started moving. I got fresh and then I got a message on whatsapp.
Her: Jaanu please wait till the ticket checking is done and also let them off the light.
Me: OK darling but I need a welcome from hug. Damn u r so beautiful in white and white.
Her: I wore this as you gifted this on valentine day honey.
Mean while I settled in my upper birth continued to message her.
Her: Jaanu don’t sleep pls.
Me: Nope honey am thinking of your white bra, does it fit you?
Her: Come see na.
Me: Now?
Her: Come on tickets are checked and time to off the light. Come to me my love. I got down and open her birth curtain and sat opposite side wall to her. I went close for a hug and she welcome me with open arms. Oh she was so fresh soft and slim; I completely crushed her inside my arms and started smelling her neck. Then I planted a wet kiss on neck and she hugged me tightly. By now am totally on her, I wanted her to feel over me so I leaned back without breaking the hug and she fell over me completely. I said be comfortable Jaaanu. She was on me from head to toe. It was very nice to feel every part of her. Then I tried to kiss her lips and moved her face. She always wanted me to fight for her lips and I did try but the hold of her hairs to tight. Aaah came from her and lips were apart so I ate her lower lip and we kissed so wet. I was making her lips so wet by sucking them off one at a time.
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Meanwhile I realized her hairs and started feeling back with left hand and ass from right hand. We kissed more than ten minutes; she broke the kiss as she couldn’t breathe. I said I love u so much and she said I need it all the way to Bangalore. Your breast are so soft and started feeling her back and playing with the bra strap above the t-shirt. Show me my gift Jaaan. She said am your gift Jaaanu. Then we started to kiss passionately. While kissing I put my hand inside her t-shirt and started to pull the strap. She broke the kiss and said please don’t break it. It’s very special to me. We started to kiss again and I just unhooked the bra from behind and took my hands out. I took my hands to her shoulder from sleeves and pulled the bra strap from shoulder to out of hands. And then I put my hand inside the shirt from stomach and felt all the way to breast and pulled the loosened bra out. And I broke the kiss and said then let’s keep this bra safe. She took it from my hand and kept aside.

Now I just looked deep into eyes and gave a very wet kiss on eyes then eyes brows. Then forehead then licked her nose and rolled my tongue to her cheeks. Made my face as wet as she is still lying on me totally. She is just 56kg so I never felt her weight on me. And I saw her she had her eyes closed completely. Then put my hands under her t-shirt through stomach and pressing her right breast soft. Her lips were near my ears and she moans in pleasure aaahh aaahhhh softly Jaanu. And then she licked my left ear so wet. I started to pull her t-shirt up and moved myself little down and then I found her naked breast I held above me and licked around her right nipple her moan were increasing and by now her right breast is so wet except nipple. Then I did the same to left breast. Her weight on my hip had increased and she started to move up and down. I continued to tease her nipple she moan in pleasure choooosu jaaanu chooosu na pls (suck my nipples pls suck it). I said no. She got wild and said choose mere breast ko kaaatu usko (suck my breast and bite them). But I didn’t.

So she got up and sat with full weight in my hip. And removed her t-shirt and held my hands by my ears and forced to suck her right breast. I did suck it very hard. My lips were feeling her veins from breast and nipples were half way to my throat. Then she offered another breast I did same then started biting nipple. It was a hard bite. She can’t bare the pain and got up and sat on my hip and I saw her fair beautiful breast has become so red and she rubbed it with her because of pain. And took her hand bag and grabbed a jacket with zip in front and took the bra and t-shirt and put them in her handbag. Meanwhile I was watching her swore breast and flat stomach. And moved my hands to her ass and feel her vagina over pants and made up and down movements. She understood that started riding me over pants.
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Damn my jean became so tight and my 7 ½ inches circumcised dick has grown full length. She wore her jacket while she rode me and zipped it up to her neck. I said no but she didn’t care to listen. And she moved to my knees and said your belt was hurting me so far and started to unbuckle my belt and opened my jean and zipped down. Here my circumcised manhood popping out of jockey. She saw it and gave me a sexy look and said am going to fuck this and pulled down my jean from my left leg and jockey too. She got her skill and blew me completely. It was my time to moan and I did. She took it out of her mouth and said shut up or I am going to fuck you harder. Then she rolled her tongue. Bite the sharp head sucked my balls and took it deep in her mouth. I was breathless. I kicked her away and she was in next side wall of berth.

I grabbed her handbag and put it behind her and a pillow on it. And pushed to her pillow then I got up through my knees and grabbed her jaws in my fist and looked deep in her eyes. And said I am going to fuck you harder and she replied then show me you son of a bitch. I loosed her hairs. Tossed that hair band and unzipped her jacket then I held her hairs from behind and took my dick ran it all over the face. She would try to catch it with her lips but I won’t give now I wanted to fuck her nose. But it’s too small and she did looked up and said here motherfucker then I offered my dick to her mouth she ate like a hungry dog and started fucking her mouth. I was fucking so hard and deep to her throat. She struggled and frees herself but I hadn’t let her go. Her head hit the fat pillow then side wall of side lower berth.

I fuck her mouth deep and stay there a while and she struggle to free herself. May be to breath or because of pain by mashing her head in side wall or maybe I was holding her hairs too rough. I didn’t care. I just fucked her mouth till my balls hit her lips. After 4min of torture I released my sperm deep in her mouth and took my dick off. She coughs so loud and was breathless as if someone had droned her in water. She coughed and spitted everything from her mouth; didn’t even care she is spitting on me or herself and I released her hairs and found few hairs still sticking in my hands. And moved back a bit and saw her in tears. Got more tell you about that night.
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