I Fucked Pooja Aunty And Their Friends In A Kitty Party

Hi Readers. This time I really got very lucky and was fucked by 6 women at a time.

It was a Wednesday morning and also a holiday. I woke up as usual but could not find Pooja aunty by my side. My day used to start by kissing her and sometimes even having sex with her. I went out of my room to search for Pooja aunty. I finally found her sitting on the sofa discussing something with my mother. I went near Pooja aunty and wished her good morning. She immediately stood up. She removed her pony tail and opened her hair. She came close to me and gave me a big kiss. My mom was watching us. My mom said, “You can fuck my son afterwards, but first lets discuss about the Kitty Party”.

Pooja aunty was immediately struck with an idea. She asked me to go for bath quickly and get ready. I went and they started discussing again. After my bath, when I came out of my room, I was surprised to see my mom and Pooja aunty sitting with 3 other friends. I was welcomed by everyone. My mom introduced me to everyone. Then everyone introduced themselves to me.

The first woman who introduced me was Bhavna aunty who was fat and in her 40s. She was fair and looked beautiful. The next woman was Shilpa aunty. She was slim and wore a one piece. The third woman was the sexiest. She was Neeta aunty and she was wearing a miniskirt and T-shirt. She gave me a small kiss on my lips with a naughty smile. I told them that I should excuse them and started walking towards my room.

Pooja aunty took hold of my hand and brought me back to the hall. She told that I was the main attraction of the Kitty party. She told that all her friends now know of our relationship and they too want to taste you. Saying this she removed my clothes. I was stripped naked in front of her friends. Her friends were enjoying the scene. I too removed Pooja auntie’s clothes. We were laid on the carpet and were about to have sex when my mother says,” Let the mother be the first to fuck her son” saying this, my mom immediately removed her clothes and immediately started riding on my cock.

It was the first time I was having sex with my mother. She was the best mother any son can get. After we came together, she sat on the sofa and threw Pooja aunty on me. I stared riding on Pooja aunty and it lasted very long. By the time we finished, all the three guests had removed their clothes.

It was now time for Bhavna aunty to fuck me. She immediately started giving me a blowjob. It was very great. We had sex which lasted for 10 minutes after which Shilpa aunty separated us and started riding on my cock. She was a sex goddess. She even kissed me a lot. Neeta aunty was now kissing me when Shilpa aunty was sucking me cock. Shilpa aunty finally shifted positions with Neeta aunty. Neeta aunty started riding my cock and Shilpa aunty started kissing me. Bhavna aunty came and started and kissing me. My mom came and sucked my cock. Pooja aunty came and I sucked her boobs. I was fucked by all the women I all possible ways. We all came together.

It was now time for the kitty Party to end. Every one dressed up and were ready to go home. Everyone greeted me goodbye with a big kiss. They promised to fuck me again. After they went, Pooja aunty and my mom thanked me. My mom removed my clothes and took me to my room. I was laid on the bed and my hands were tied to the sides of the bed. She jumped on me and started having sex. Pooja aunty too joined in. I was made to lick their asses, vaginas and armpits. My mom even made me lick her hairy vagina. Pooja aunty made me drink her urine.

I was later untied as all of us were tired. I went to sleep with Pooja aunty and woke up in the evenin