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I was a shy boy right from my school days but at the same time had admiration for opposite sex. I use to frequent imagine dating with some of the beautiful girls of my class but it was just restricted to imaginations and fantasies. I also fanaticized about having frequent sex with some of my girls of my class either in form of my girlfriends or even future wives. But this journey of fantasy which started from 9th standard kept carried till my Post graduation days and till then I never had guts even to propose a girl. The fact was that being very studious, ambitious and intelligent I always earned a respectful image amongst my class fellows right from my high school days till post graduation. Many a times I use to impress a lot many girls through my frankness, sophistication, good advises but lacked the courage even to say that I want to be their friend. The reason was my ego which always became a big obstacle in proposing any girl for even a friendship. It would have severely dented my ego had I faced any rejection in my life and fearing this in order to protect my ego I never came forward to propose a girl.

Things really became worse for my as I was growing up. It was difficult for me to control my sexuality which was steaming hot day by day. A lot many told me to have a gf to counter this problem but I always turned deaf to it. For me there was only one tool to vent out this sexual tensions and that was constant ejaculations. It was a great stress buster to relive my sexual tensions’ but in real life I thought it was a sin and immoral to go for premarital sex.
I had taken admission to Sociology department for my post graduation degree of my university taking in account my interest and passion for the subject. The day I came to know the class consisted of more than 50 girls and just three boys it really gave me shivers.I was about to quit and join Law as I was holding a high merit there also. But due to my insistence and encouragement of my folks who wanted to see my excelling in academics and research in my desired field I took a brave decision to be the part of Sociology dept. I was smart in my looks and took adequate exercise like cycling and jogging to keep myself fit . Thanks to one of my best friends for this motivation and company. Being topper in my graduation put me high on merit list. The dept was full of beautiful dames. Some were slim, tall and pretty while others were fat and plumb blessed with to overdeveloped assets to which they often took pride. Some of them were just perfect with good height, well developed figure with seductive smile. Well girls really were surprised to see a boy coming at this level and studying hard and focused on his carrier. I use to sit on the front bench and for a week never use too talk stating why should I take initiative of talking .Some of my close friends told me the girls were desperate for me but I ignored it. But back of the mind I also wanted some pretty gorgeous girl in my life which I was not able to locate. There was one who was healthy and bubbly with fully ripped boobs which use to talk to me. We were just friends. Though I stared having my fantasies for her but somehow controlled it.

It was while sitting in library a tall pretty girl with curvatious figure dressed elegantly in tight white top and blue jeans was asking for syllabus from librarian. The old librarian refused adding to annoyance of this pretty dame. She was about to leave the library in a helpless situation when Somehow instantly I said may I help you! she looked at me with some surprise. Fortunately I was carrying a copy of syllabus and my register and I gave it to her. She was highly thankful for my this gesture and went away. The next day this girl was seated in my section. . It was after two weeks the girl came to me and said that dear she wanted to be my friend. I really appreciated her courage but didn’t pay that much attention. She took my email id and phone number but I under my ego and sense of respectful old image took this entire thing in a casual manner. Never displayed any excitement.

Nearly after 3 months of passing semester it was onset of winter season and exams were approaching. As people use to seldom carry mobiles and it was not that common among the masses. One fine evening my younger sister handed over me a receiver and told me someone wanted to talk to me. When I took the phone I was surprised to see her voice on phone. I became quite happy. Moreover she was braking the shackles of my ego where she being the first to approach me. I went upstairs and took her call and then had a long conversation. Basically she wanted help and guidance in some paper in which I was a specialize master. I told her I would explain her tomorrow in dept. The somehow our conversation moved to some confidence and guts showing and I in full confidence told her that I can come to her house even at this time. To my surprise she said ok. In order to prove myself I took my car in no time and went to her place which was hardly 20 minutes of distance. When I rang her doorbell she was shocked to see me. I was bowled over by her beauty at that time. Wearing a white cardigan with tight black jeans. Somehow it looked her boobs had grown all of sudden. They use to appear normal whenever she use to move in dept but today they looked fully grown. The cardign exposed her fine cleavage which gave me a short erection at that time. Oh my god she was looking gorgeous. When I entered her house I enquired about the family members. She said her parents had gone to out of station for a marriage function while her elder sister was out of city for some training course.

My god she was all alone. She was smiling at me which made me nervous. My heart beat had gone fast and I requested her to get a glass of water from the kitchen. Returning from kitchen she along with a glass of water brought some chocolate cookies and a glass of orange juice. As she bent to serve me the eatable her deep cleavage got quite exposed giving me fine erection. She asked whether I was comfortable and in meantime she got her books and notes. As I started explaining her about the theories and concepts I could see her feet shaking constantly. Her hands were constantly brushed he hair. Well I found myself in a difficult situation as my desire to touch her was growing immensely. Moreover her cream milky skin with fine red glossy lips were arousing my temptations. During that time I managed to take one cookie in hand and was licking the small chocolate circles on it. I don’t know what made me to forget my decency while doing this act of licking the biscuit. She gave me a innocent smile at my gesture and inched closer to me. Now her legs were constantly touching mine. I could feel the warmth of her legs. Just when we both were enjoying in this position one my elbow happened to brush aside her left breast. I said sorry to which she replied in a smile saying ‘never mind’. Now I instantly started to brush my elbow to her left boob which was enough to give her a signal. Just then she said enough of explanation and studies and spontaneously asked whether I had a gf or not. I replied in non affirmation. She looked in my eyes which revealed her loneliness and longing for a companionship. She told how lonely she was in life and moreover she didn’t have a good friend to share joys and sorrows.

When I saw her in such an emotional state I raised my arm and started stroking her hair whispering in her ears about my likeness for her. She was in tears and instantly gave me a hug. The moment she hugged I stared enjoying her soft tender body and taking her face in my hand gave her a deep kiss on her soft crimson red lips. She reciprocated my gesture with equal passion and we were in a lip lock situation for quite some time. My one hand ran over her body from back and fingers got struck at the knot of her bra which I could feel it from her cardigan. I told her to move towards her bedroom to which she instantly agreed..Upon entering the room she turned towards the switch of her blower so as to heat up the atmosphere. As her face was turned towards the blower I immediately groped her body from behind and grasped her fully developed 34 sized boobs. What a feeling! Her breasts were firm and stout but gentle enough to be caressed. I stared stroking gently with my hands and started teasing her nipples from outside which by the time had become hard and erect. . She started moaning and turned towards me. I unzipped her cardigan and with gentle hand removed it from her body. Oh my god she was in a magnificent black bra. Her soft long hair falling over her body touching both the bra cups like that of a professional model. Her white velvety boobs were desperate to come out from those cups to get touched and fondled by masculinity of a male.

A small mole on left hand side of her breast was enough to give full erection. Not resisting my temptation I gently fondled her boobs . I pinched her nipples from outside her black bra and then started kissing her all through her body. My knowledge of sex proved to be of immense help where I knew in order to make a girl fully hot one should not be excited to remove her bra and pounce on breasts immediately. I eased my excitement and removed my brown monte carlo sweater . She with a smile stared unbuttoning my shirt and stared scratching my elbows and and back with her long red scratchy nails. Oh the engine was now set on. I stripped down my pants and took her in my arms and with one hand unhooked her belt and button removing her denim jeans. Well what a colorful panty she was wearing with white dots. I slowly massaged that part with my soft gentle hand to which she moaned . It was giving me a feeling of one of the heros of Hollywood movie who is invited by her gorgeous girlfriend to her house at a country side for a dose of wine and bed. Well thinking in that situation I now stared kissing her passionately. My regular smooching had taken of her red shinny lip gloss. Slowly I unhooked her bra and pulled the strings down to reveal the most magnificent pair of breasts which I had till only seen on movie screens. Her big areola with long brown nipples turned me mad and in no time I stared rubbing them with my finger. I made her lie down on her comfortable cozy bed and now started sucking her fine nipples. I was sucking them like any thing thinking them be a nectar. They tasted fine and juicy. Had there been some milk I would have been in seventh Heaven. We were now in 69 position still kissing passionately each other. By the time my dick had become so hard and erect that it was dying to visit the beautiful cave pussy of this young virgin girl. Rubbing her pussy made her so excited that she insisted to insert my dick as she was also losing her control. Just when I was about to do it she grabbed my dick with her soft hands and guided it towards her small cave.

Initially it wasn’t going inside but when I thirsted a little more the doors of her gate automatically contracted giving enough space for my cock to enter. Touch and sucking her nipples use to make her more excited helping me in having a deeper penetration inside her. Now gently I stated giving her hard thursts . A sudden warmth or heat passed inside her body. With my every thrust she was getting a full blown enjoyment. She said more and more, please my dear hubby keep it going. I also felt as if she was my wife and with this increased my intensity of penetration. My mouth still exploring her soft brown nipples, biting and sucking. I could see some love bites appearing on both of her breasts due to my persistent sucking and biting. Our bodies were now on fire due to my constant dose of thrusts and kisses. . I was sensible that I withdrew my cock out whenever I was about to cum taking care of her pregnancy . But again after cumming shots after shots my dick use to be fully ready was ready for the next set. After some continuous sessions of fucking we got exhausted and slept in each others arms in her soft velvety korean blanket. I had wrapped her body fully in my arms with one hand was still caressing her nipple and stretching it constantly. Oh I was in full heaven at that time. In the morning I woke up with a little guilt of breaking the norms of my virginity but at the same time was thankful to my dear new GF for giving me a much needed sexual satisfaction for which I starved for more than7 years. Just I was about to leave the room to my surprise I found the things of my GFs room resembling that of mine. The tick tick of my clock. My books all were same.I was afraid as if this entire episode of sex happened at my place. I was scared that in moment my mother would come upstairs and might see me in this state of nudity and that too with my new GF.

I could sense that she was calling me and telling me to get ready for my department. I first thought of hiding my GF somewhere but when I turned around my bed to my surprise there was no one. Maybe she left but how was that possible! It was the one who had entered to her place in the evening. Oh my god ! I realized what had happened. Poor myself it was just another dream or fantasy of being with the girl of my desire with whom I enjoyed the wintry night of November. I really felt sorry for myself. I took bath , dressed myself and hurriedly left to my department to catch up the last days lecture. Lecture had stared in and in few minutes my tall fantasy girl entered the classroom and got seated at the back. Hey poor myself and my ego still who still can’t ask or either accept anybody’s friendship fearing it would disturb my studies, carrier and character. But I thanked her in my mind for making my last night eventful.

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