Having Wonderful Time With Mona- A Room Care Taker

Hello TSS readers, myself Arjun, 29, from Vizag, thanks to ISS to share all our sex experience with you all, am reading all categories in this site since 6years, now am posting my sex experience with you all, the heroine in this story is Mona, who is working in Hotel, Now the story begins, am working in a MNC, as my company is giving training awareness at Bangalore for 10days, so my boss assisted me as in charge for 10 trainees to go to Bangalore, all of them went to Bangalore and boarded to the training office of our company. I and 2 boys went into hotel, as we do not have relatives to live; other people went to their relatives houses.

I taken separate room and other two taken 1room, in our block a caretaker is assisted as a room cleaner, as I saw her 1st time n decided to have fun, that too not to know to my boys, In that evening after coming from office I called reception to bring water, A girl came with water, OOO the same girl whom I saw in morning, I started staring like that only from top to toe, I lost my senses, she said “ Sir, your water,” I said “ thanks and given 50/-, she said “ no sir, then I said so nice of you, she said Mona, nice name, she said “ sir whatever u need please ring that bell, I will come.” n showed that button n went away.
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In night time I used to sleep naked when am all alone, so roaming in my room nakedly, suddenly door was open, again Mona came with dinner, oh shit, I picked the blanket n covered me, she laughed and said sorry sir. I somehow angrily said “can’t u knock d door n enter??” then she said “sir can I tell u one thing??” I saw her face, “u r looking handsome n now hmm u have nice penis” she exclaimed. I thought “hmm she came to my track now” then she started serving me dinner and I saw her cleavage and thought in my mind hmm nice dinner with good show.”

After dinner she left, I shagged my penis with lots of cum, slept like that n about 4AM, I heard knocking door, I asked who it is?? Sound as come as “sir it’s me Mona. I wear ¾ pant and opened, she came inside and closed the door, I shockingly asked her what u doing?? She thrown me to the bed and started stripping before me, now she is really hot and started stripping before me. 1st her sari, next her blouse, now petticoat, oooh no, now she is in bra n panty only. She came top of me n started kissing me all my face, ears, eyes, cheeks n now hmm lip lock, her lips r so soft n tasty, we did lip kiss so long n played with tongue like French kiss.

Later she moved down by kissing n started removing my short and there it is the gateway to the heaven, now my penis rose with 90 degrees n saluting her figure n body. She now put kisses to my penis n started sucking my penis my moving its skin, uff what a feeling, I never felt such a feeling like a heaven, guys I can’t explain, although I shag but a girl’s sucking can never explain the heavenly feeling. Now I unhooked her bra n panty n observed her marvelous figure and her cleaned shaved pussy. I think she voluntarily shaved her pussy for me, now am feeling very happy and proud for having such a hot girl becoming a slave for my Jr. Later I made lie on my bed and started licking from her head, eyes, nose, lips, cheeks, chin, like wise I am getting down and licking her boobs, hmm man so soft and started eating her boobs and sucking her nipples, although she is not married her nipples are provoked out. Now kissing her belly button and sucking it like a mad dog, with that she is moaning like anything.

Now we get into 69 position and started sucking each other’s parts, wow what a feeling, I can’t explain the heavenly feeling, the way she is sucking my cock is getting strong and hard. After some time she released her love juices, hmm it tastes wonderful and meanwhile I also released my love juices in her mouth, she drank each and every drop like a thirsty girl looking like water. We cleaned ourselves and after some hugs and kisses the real action started. She slept on the bed and I came on top of her and started inserting my cock into her pussy, I think even she never mind if I have or don’t have the condom.

I started my real action and stroking her pussy very hard and reaching her hymen, even in a/c we are getting sweat and we are enjoying the action completely, also we are kissing while fucking, I pulled out my cock and made her in doggie position and fucked and after few strokes her cum and it became slippery and it feels wonderful to me while fucking. After another few strokes I also cumming, I asked where to release, she immediately jumped back and taken into her mouth and I stroked in her mouth and released cum in her mouth. Now we both are looking so much satisfaction, and slept for 1hour nakedly under my blanket with hugging and my cock in her pussy. Later we got up and went to bathroom, cleaned each other bodies and now I again charged up and made her stand position facing to d wall and fucked in bathroom also.

This is how I fucked the room cleaner till the end of training. None of my office people know about this, again when I went to Bangalore, I heard that she left the job. Hope u guys n gals enjoyed my story, please give feedback about this story to my email id: [email protected](visit indiansexvdo.com for lots of more…)

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