Holi meh bhabhi ki chudai ( indian Holi sex stories )

Holi meh bhabhi ki chudai ( indian Holi sex stories ) . Desi holi chudai kahani . holi special sex stories and hindi holi sex story
This is Sujal from basically from Bilaspur. I’m regular reader of ISS and enjoy every story posted by members. This is my first story that happened with my cousin’s wife on holi. She is a mother of 2. Let me describe her as 32/28/32, well maintained structure. Sexier by her name, RUBY. She lived opposite to my house. In-laws out of town and my cousin works in Marketing organization. he stays out mostly and hence comes home for 3-4 days and then off for 10-12 days. This incident happened when cousin was out of town on holi.

It all happened this holi as people here plays holi with full energy, all in gangs. Girls/Ladies gets scared and lock themselves on seeing such naughty gangs as they can apply anything anywhere when any female found. It so happened that after playing holi with my friends, i went for bath and took almost 1 hour to clean myself but not fully though.

After bath, I came out in t-shirt and jeans(new pair) and started watching people still playing holi around 3PM. I had an eye on bhabhi full of lust. I used to take care of her household things in the absence of my cousin and when cousin arrives back home, she used to say in front of my cousin, “he’s my real hubby (pointing towards me) taking care of me and household things when you are not there. What do you do when you come home?” I just blush and say, “Kyon bolte ho aap aise bhabhi? Bhaiya ko hamesha zor ka jhatka dete ho aap.” Bhaiya used to say, abhi bhi time hai, shadi kar lo iss se. I used to say, jane do bhaiya bhabhi aise hi mazaak kar rahi hain. So I was watching at her door as to when she’ll come out after bath. Almost after 45 mins, my hard work paid. I saw her and said, “bhabhi, humlog ke sath holi khele hi nahi fir naha kyun liye?” She said, “himmat to hai nahi aapme fir holi kya khelenge?”

I said, meri himmat abhi aap dekhe kahan hain? By saying this, I went inside my home and changed to holi dress and ran towards her house. By the time she saw me, she ran off and shut the door. I waited for her to come out anytime. But in vein. So i walked back home and changed to new dress again.

After an hour or so, she came out and said, “now holi is over and i have taken bath.” I said “OK” and then started roaming to neighbours. Meanwhile she came from behind and put color water on me and spoiled my new dress. Though i was not much away from her house but turned back and successfully chased her as she was in sari. Now she’s caught. I pulled her close and started rubbing my wet colored hairs on her sari. I held the aachal of the sari so that she could not run away. Luckily only some children were there out. I caught her again by her arms and started rubbing my head on her stomach.

Then I pulled her by her hand and took her near my home. Mom was watching TV shows on holi. She asked me why are you pulling her so rudely? I replied, she has spoiled my new dress and I would be spoiling her atleast by applying colors on her face. Mom smiled and started watching TV again. I picked up the water colors and took her outside. I saw no one watching us and children were engaged with playing colors among themselves. Meanwhile she tried to escape a bit but then sat on floor. I hold her by legs and applied colours on my hand with little water and started rubbing her face with green color. After applying I said, now you are free and can go back with eco-friendly face. She said, “I won’t leave you only with single color.”

She instantly picked up the color from the window which i had kept back after applying on my hands, and started searching for water. She found little water on surface and said “aapka bhi chehra kharab karna hai.” I said, “aapne agar lagaya to fir aap janoge.” She didn’t paid attention to my warning, caught me and started applying colors on my face, hands and even put her hands inside my t-shirt and applied on my chest. She was about to apply colour inside my jeans too but i caught hold of her hand and said, “bahot hua, ab aap gaye kaam se”.