how i fucked my mom

This is further to the story I posted recently, narrating how I fucked my mom’s best friend. I fucked auntie two days when my parents were out of town. Auntie told me that my parents would return the next day early morning and that I should go out and stay with friend the day before they returned. By this, she would have time to talk to my mom and prepare her for me.

The same night I went to my friend and stayed with him. I returned home at 9 in the morning. I met dad in the apartments parking area. He was leaving for office. I was tensed since thought of fucking mom never occurred to me. I went up and rang the door bell. Mom opened the door. I saw that she was in her night gown, having low cut. Without looking at her, I went inside. I saw auntie sitting on sofa. I politely wished her good morning. Mom asked me have a cup of tea. I sat on sofa, while mom went into kitchen to prepare tea. Whilst she was inside, auntie came near me, kissed me on lips and whispered, ‘After having your tea, go to your room and get fresh. Come out of the bathroom only with your shorts on. I shall see that your mom and me are present while you come out. You will have your mom today – now’.

In a short time, mom returned with tray of tea. Instead of handing over the cup to me, she bent down and very slowly kept the tray on the center table. I could see mom’s half exposed breasts. I was already getting hard and wanted to touch mom there and then. But I contained myself. I finished my cup of tea and headed towards my room. Before entering, I looked back and found that auntie was speaking to mom in a low voice. I could see mom blush. I went into my room, brushed my teeth, shaved and had a bath. As already instructed by auntie, I came out of the bathroom, bear chest, with only my shorts on. I saw that auntie and mom were already in the room, sitting on my bed.

I could not decide how to go further. But auntie took the lead. She stood up and made my mom also stand up. Auntie pulled me near her and kissed me once again, while mom was watching. I could see embarrassment of mom. Auntie then gave a deep kiss to mom, on her lips. Mom had closed her eyes. While kissing mom, auntie took my hand and held it lightly against mom’s breast. Mom could immediately make out my touch. She shivered. I pressed her breast slightly. Mom let out a huge sigh. Auntie now knew that mom was getting ready for action. She said, ‘OK, you continue. I will wait in the living room’. Mom said, ‘No. Please stay here. I am nervous. I am still afraid.’ Auntie laughed, but agreed and signaled me to go ahead.

I was becoming bolder. I turned to mom and said, ‘I love you mom. Please come near me’. I pulled mom and embraced her tightly. Mom was still hesitating. Then I held her face in my hands and gave her a light kiss on her lips. Mom shivered once again. I started moving my hands on mom’s back, massaging her spine and buttocks. Now mom was getting relaxed and excited. She also embraced me and moved her hands on my bare back. I was unable to control now. I slowly lifted her gown and pulled up. I caressed her buttocks. I pushed my leg between her legs and rubbed against her thighs. Slowly, I pulled the gown over her head and threw it aside. I stepped back and looked at mom. There she was, in her bra and undergarment. I never know what beautiful my mom was. Her breasts were milky pink and she had flat tummy. She had long, shapely legs. I said, ‘Mom, you are beautiful. Dad is lucky. He must really enjoying you’. Mom looked up at me. Her face had turned red. Somehow, she managed to say, ‘No, darling. Your dad hardly enjoys me. He immediately goes to sleep when we are in bed’. I once again went near mom and took hold of both her breasts.

I started pressing them delicately, massaging them. I said, ‘But could arouse him’. Mom, moving her hands over my bare chest, said, ‘Yes I try. If he feels like, he removed all clothes, gives me a kiss of two and immediately….’. She could not complete the sentence. I felt pity for her. I slowly unhooked her bra and dropped it. Mom hurriedly covered her breasts with hands, feeling ashamed. I could understand. So, I went behind her and cupped her breasts from beneath her arms. I was now rock hard. Mom sighed once again and said, ‘Your dad lacks in stamina too. Before I feel something, some excitement, he is finished. I have to sleep just like that’. I pressed my dick a bit hard against mom’s buttocks, still pressing her breasts. I started encircling my fingers around her nipples. Within seconds, her nipples went erect. I took her nipples in my finger tips and pressing them and squeezing them. Mom quivered. Unknowingly, her hand went down and she started moving her hand on her cunt. I know mom was now getting hotter.

Slowly, with one hard, I started pushing her undergarment down. Mom resisted. But I continued and finally I managed to remove her undergarment too. With one hand, I continued playing with mom’s firm boobs. I placed my other hand over her cunt and caressed it. Her cunt was already wet. Mom moved her hand behind and moved it over my dick, with shorts still on. She could have surely felt hardness of my dick. She pressed my dick. I asked, ‘Mom, do you want me to remove my shorts?’ She nodded. I pulled my shorts down and my dick sprung out of its captivity, touching her bare buttocks. She took my tool in her hand and caressed it. I said, ‘Mom, let us now face each other, having gone so far’. Saying so, I turned mom around and had a good look at her stark naked body. Wow. She was a real beauty. I kissed mom very hard. She sucked my tongue and I sucked hers. All the time, she was holding my dick in her soft palm.

I inserted my index finger in her already wet cunt. Mom moaned and spread her legs to take more of my finger. I slowly sat in front of mom and ……spread her legs further apart. I brushed my nose near her cunt and smelled that beautiful smell. I took my tongue out and started moving it all over her cunt. Mom grabbed my head pulled me, parting her legs further more. I knew she was enjoying it. I made her sit on the bed. I lifted her legs and spread them apart, to take a close view of my birth passage, I parted her cunt lips and inserted my tongue inside. Mom was unable to bear this pleasure. She fell back and lifted her legs further up. She started pressing her own boobs and pinching nipples. My tool was pulsating now. I asked, ‘Mom, are you ready now?’ Mom said, ‘Yes, yes, my darling. I can’t wait any more. Please fuck me now.’ I adjusted and slowly guided my dick in her wet cunt. Little by little, applying pressure, I drove my dick all inside mom. I pressed hard on her, so much that the tip of my dick touched farther end of her cunt. Mom was now ecstasy. She moved legs further up and placed them on my shoulders.

She shouted, ‘My darling son, please don’t stop now. Fuck me, fuck me real hard’. Mom was in total heat now. I started giving her massive strokes. Being very young, I had a lot of stamina. Fucking mom hard, I started perspiring and so was mom. Mom said, ‘Don’t stop unless you discharge. Fill my hole with your thick milk. I want it all inside me. Come on, darling, faster, harder’. I increased my speed. I was now fucking my really like an animal. After a couple of hard strokes, mom cried aloud with sheer pleasure. She had reached orgasm. Her muscles relaxed. But I was still not ready to come. Mom asked, ‘When are you going to come?’ I said, ‘Mom, you know how hard I am fucking you. But this little fellow seems to be adamant.’ Mom said, ‘I am feeling tired now. Please try hard and give your thick milk’. But nothing happened.

Suddenly, auntie came near us, fully naked. She asked me to pull out of my mom. When I removed my dick from mom’s cunt, auntie took it in her mouth and started sucking hard. For a minute, she stopped and said, ‘Sonny, tell me when you are ready to come. When ready, push your dick once again in your mom’s hungry cunt and let her have her own son’s thick milk’. I nodded and started fucking auntie in her mouth, while mom watched. Within a few minutes I declared, ‘I am ready to come’. Auntie moved away hurriedly and let me insert my dick once again in mom’s cunt. With a few massive strokes, I started discharging in her mom’s cunt. My thick semen was splashing inside her. Within seconds, I was empty.

I pulled aside and smiled at both the ladies. Mom’s face showed a total satisfaction. She said, “Ah! I am felling satisfied after ages. My darling, you have done a good job. I hope, you will fuck me now whenever I want. But it will have to be during day time, when your dad is out in the office. Will you?’ I said, ‘Without doubt. Rest assured, I will keep you satisfied’. I once again kissed mom with great love.

From that day onwards, me and mom keep fucking almost every alternate day, when dad is out. Auntie joins us and I have chance of fucking them both, one after the other. After I fuck mom, auntie arouses me by sucking me and then I fuck her. If I fuck auntie first, mom sucks me hard (she also learned the technique from auntie) and then I fuck mom. Many times, when dad goes out of town for official work, I have double feast. I fuck auntie during day and mom during night. Most of the times, we do not sleep at all. We keep awake, resting in each others arms, watch blue films and continue fucking the whole night….

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