I Learn To Kiss ;she Taught Me how to sex

Everyone has a kinky side. Some way or the other it blooms out with time; sometimes with a lover, sometimes with a stranger, sometimes with your life partner. Every day you breathe in and breathe out, building the lustful passion, growing second by second. You know it that someday, the day; tension would do marvels with your mind as it did with me.
So here the story goes.

Every day I stepped out into the sun thinking whether I would find someone who could bring a spark to my life. Every day I pondered, dreamt for such a person; someone whom I could selflessly love and care. That’s when hallucinations kicked in and tricked me that I was in love with a girl. It did not take me much time to realize that fact. But by then the hallucinations turned out to be reality; an unpleasant lock of life. To my disappointment I realized that she already has someone to love and care. And yes, to take to bed also. I gently folded that chapter in my bag and sealed it. That is when my lustful side started to kick in.

I met this girl through another friend. I never even liked her at the first go. But later on when we started talking and teasing a sense of indispensability started to bond us together. Being radical college goers we always loved trying out crazy stuff. We used to do the ‘Penis shouting’ game in malls. We used to go for movies, go for trekking, and go for funny dates. All this was a part of ‘just enjoying college’. One day when I visited this website, it kept me thinking. I never did a sexual crazy experience ever in my life. And that night I made up my mind. I am going to tease her. Make her dream about me. I came up with a plan.

The plan was to ask about her ex-boyfriend. To know how great he was, the things he did. And the ‘making-out’ part was of my interest. I started asking a simple bland question ‘So how was your first kiss with him?’ And she was like, ‘Buddy, I miss kissing, at times I lick my lips thinking about him. But he has moved on, far away; no one to hug me, no one to tickle me, and no one to love me’. I never knew this topic would turn into an emotional note. I tried to charm her with myself. And yes, it worked and a smile bloomed in her eyes. Nothing is more sweet and precious than a smile which sprouted out from tears. That made my day. At the end I added ‘Sadly I never had any such experiences’. And she was like ‘WTF, you are such a silly crazy guy and you have never even kissed a girl?

I felt bad and ashamed. And my silence worried her to. She brushed her palms on my cheeks and said. ‘You are an honest guy, a nice one and there is nothing to be ashamed off. Sometimes you must wait for the right time. That’s all’. And I thought, ‘Will this be the right time?’ I kept my hopes down by then. I just felt bad. A question came to my mind then ‘How do I kiss a girl’. She gave me an innocent girl and told she will tell me how I should approach. It was a step by step way.

‘First you have to make a girl laugh for a while, then irritate her with things. Let her know how stupid you are but manly at the same time. Make sure you treat her hair like a goddess. That’s their weak spot.’ At that second I stood up and massaged her head. We were silent for a minute and then she broke the silence by saying, ‘you idiot, why are you doing this to me, go find a girl and do it with her. You don’t want to kiss me right’. And she gifts me a wink and a wicked smile. She continued by saying, ‘You have to make her feel at home, nothing to rush, and nothing to do but just relax. Get some snacks to eat, a movie to watch and a couch to rest. Yeah, and make sure you are so close to her, feeling her heart beat’.

At that time I felt my heart beat rising. I guess the suspense was killing me. And she went on, ‘You must brush her cheeks with your finger tips, flicking her nose, and drawing on her ears. My boy, you have no idea how turned on she would be.’ I dint waste a second. I sat behind her, with my four fingers I crawled on her neck, and I whispered,’ is this how I should do it?’ And she dint answer me. I felt that she was lost with the touch. I rested her back on my chest and I could see hers coming out while she breathes. I ran my fingers through her hair and she kept her eyes shut. Letting me to do the magic which I have no clue what? I then slowly rounded over her lips, but not touching it.

She started to breathe deeply. It spooked me, as I have never seen a girl like this. Slowly her T-shirt got loose and I realized that she was wearing the red bra I bought her for her birthday. I felt special. I felt loved. Those days I always asked her for a pic in that bra, but she never gave it telling that I was not her boyfriend. There was a rose on her bra strap, I gave it a kiss then she took my hand and clenched it. It was soft, it felt electric. I circled her lips, and her lips parted, she started moving head so that her lips would brush my finger tips but I was reluctant to allow that. I wanted her to relax and sit there. I kept her calm. I placed my palms on her hips and she placed her palms on mine. She held it was taking it up. I allowed her too, I knew where it was going, I know what I would feel in a few seconds’ times. But I stopped, I know I was cruel but I wanted to take it slow. I slid my hand inside her T-Shirt I flicked her navel and blew on her neck. She started to heat up, exponentially.

I climbed inside her T-shirt, millimeters away from her breasts. I cupped it, and with closed eyes she smiled. I removed her T-Shirt and she removed mine, she was now sitting on my lap with her red bra (Amante makes sexy bras) on. She asked me ‘do you know how a kiss feels like?’ She did not give me time to answer. The next thing I know is I was shivering and my lips were melting, the touch, the feel, the love, the tease. It was killing me, yet my energy was increasing. She bit my lips, pulled it out. And my naughty boy inside my pants started dancing with each of her tease. And she knew she was under control. She slowly started rubbing her hips around my crotch, smiling all the way through. That is when I felt, ‘Now it is my turn baby’.

I kept her on the bed, her hands on top of her head. I slowly bit open her bra and I saw a firm fresh set of lovely creations looking at me with two eyes. Her nipples were as erect as my boy inside. I blew over it and looked deep into her eyes. She loved it she embraced it. I now drew circles over her boobs, each circle smaller and smaller. My finger tips was about to touch her nipple for the next circle, she was preparing herself for the sexual explosion but I gave a surprise kiss. My lips were running over her face while my chest was rubbing against hers. Suddenly she said ‘Play with me and then fuck me ‘. She slides her hand into my pants, I quivered and I started the party.

I will tell the rest in another post. This is my first experience, my first post and my life. We spent time together doing such crazy things. Now I want to learn more silly naughty crazy things. It can be as simple as a skinny dip. Catch me in my inbox: akidwhowantstolearn@gmail.com. I would like to chat with many of you, but not now. I don’t like this ‘total stranger’ chatting, no offense.

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