Kist collage sex story

Kist collage sex story.
This incident took place whenI was 18 and studying science at Kist (Kathmandu Institute of Science and Technology) College.I was a virgin back then and being at18, sex was the primary thing in my mind– I was at myinitial sexual peak. But the only release I got was my sexing with myself.
Due to the (over) exposure to porn movies and sites, I had gained so much information about sex,sex positions etc. At that time I was just a horny kid for whom having sex was the first thing in the world I wanted to do.In my class there were only 7 girls (and 42 boys). Among the girls were
TrishaRegmi (name changed). She was 5’7’’ – a tall girl in Nepalese perspective, whereaverage height of girls in only 5’4’’. She was all muscles – that kind of girl who’s right on the border of being fat or not. Her biggest assets were her boobs. She had the biggest boobs in the college and
I for one found myself staringat her boobs most of the times.We were good friends and sometimes we used to bebench mates too. I loved her company because I felt she was very sexy and herboobs really turned me on. Iused to fuck her in my dreams every night.It was Sunday. Our college had just
reopened after a fortnight’s winter vacation. There were not much students in the class. Only 21 out of 40 students were present in theclass. All other sections combined had only 37 students and they were kept in a joined class on the otherside of the building.Our class was on the back of the
main building and it was aloneand quiet.After 2nd class we have 90 minutes practical session. As there were fewerstudents all were hoping thatit would not take place but wewere wrong. I didn’t want to go and as I was going to be alone in the class, she agreed to give me a company.
So after 10 minutes we were alone in the room. The window curtain was drawn down and the door was closed.And there we were gossiping and laughing. I sometimes caught her hand,cheeks, and neck in thetime. Then suddenly I got evilfeelings. In the meantime I patted on her thigh after a joke.
She said nothing. Then she put her hands inside my pocked andshe accidentally touched mydick – which was semi solid.I saw her blush butsaid nothing so I also put my hands inside her pocket and rubbed her thigh.She said nothing. I was shocked yet encouraged. Pretending to beplaying and making it
look like accidental I cupped her breasts. Man she really blushed. I said I’m sorry. She said “Why?” I couldn’t answer and she said “I liked it” She then leaned over andkissed on my lips and –I wasn’t certainly going to holdback – we were French kissing each other. I slowly moved my hands to her
breasts. Oh, they were so soft yet very full. I was rubbing her breast from outside her shirt – she was in coat outside.I slowly released her two buttons andbegun to feel her breasts from outside her bra. My hands were feeling her smooth skins lower her breasts and I moved my hands inside her bra
and touched her breasts. Man they were softer than I had imagined. She moaned loudly when I touched her nipples. All this time she was vigorously rubbing my back, neck, and hairs and my otherhand was rubbing her bare back inside her coat and shirt.I pushed that hand downinside her pants and
panties and felt the top of her crack while my other hand was rubbing, twisting her nipples. Getting bolder I lowered my head and sucked her nipples like a baby. She let out a moan “Aaahhh” and said “Suck it harder, harder. Be my baby” I did that. I was rubbing, pressing her boobs and sucking her
nipples. After few minutes ofbreastfeeding I began to rub her thigh with my other hand.I rubbed her inner thighs and then opened her zippers and let my hands inher. She was damp like a water fountain. I touched her pussy and she let out asmooth moan. I was rubbing her clit from outside her panty
and she was moaninglike a bitch. My hands soon found its way inside her panty but before anything could be done I heard students comingtowards our class. We separated and quickly made our dressand acted to be doing our class work.My dick was so tight that it had opened my zippers andI was furious
that the practical class finished early today.We weresent home after the period – as there were very less students – and I didn’t know what to say to Trisha.So I went home without saying goodbye to her. I went to home and jerked myself off for about 3 times in an hour and there were many to follow
For two days I didn’t talk to her. I was quite in dilemma about how to present myself to her.Two days later:It was Wednesday, two days later, when she came to me in the break time. We exchanged greetings.Bee, are you angrywith me?”No, why do you think so?”Cause you’ve not talked with me
since Sunday”That’s nothing”So you’re not angry with me”Of course not”Bee, I’m having some problems with my mathematics. Will you help me?”Certainly. Bring it on?”I have problems in lots of chapters. It won’t be finished here.”So what do wedo now”?Why don’t you comeover to my place this
afternoon? There’ll be no body to disturb us and we can go on for whole night.”I was shocked.Of course studying”Ok then”She might have invited me for studying but Iclearly understood what she wanted. Sunday’s event must have had some effect on her too. Only the thought that what could happen that
evening instantly aroused mydick.It was nearly 5.30 in the evening and little darker when we reached her home.I just wanted to hit the toiletbecause we talked aboutonly sex all along the way. We went in and I noticed that the a/c was on and all the windows were shut with the curtains. She said”
Well this is the place that we’re gonna have fun”As soon as she finished saying that, I grabbed her hand pulled her towards meand kissed her right on the lips. She did not protest butbecame involved in the kiss. Our bags and coats hadalready hit the floor and we were rubbing each others back.
The kiss became more vigorous every moment and Icupped her breast from outside herbra and shirt. I did not wantto waste my time so I removed her belt and opened her pants. Now her bottom only had panties.My both hands were rubbing herthigh. I felt her pussy from outside her panty. It was very
wet and Iguessed if she also wanted it. I lowered her pantyto her knees and she threw it away from there. She also opened my pants. I didn’t useto wear underwear, so my dick was set free. She took my rod in her hands and she was slowly massaging it. I was also rubbing her clit. I then pushed her
to the walls andspread her legs.She was moaning heavilyand was speaking a lot of foul words. It only turned me on. I freed my dick from her hand and touched it with her wet pussy. I had tobend downa bit and it was not so comfortable but I heard “Aaaahhh” from her. It was very sexy and it really
got me going. So I slowly pushed my dick inside her pussy. It was little hard as it was her firsttime – as she had said.Aahhhh, Bee. It hurts, please take it out.”Only for few seconds Trisha and everything will beall right”I slowly pulled it out of her pussy and this time I thrusted it very hard
inside her.Aahhhh. It’s burning inside me. Please take it out. It’s really hurting”I didn’t care what she said. I was slamming my dick insideher. She was crying, begging for me to stop but Iwasn’t the one who would listen, as it was feelingso good.Her shirt was still on.I put my hands inside her
inside her.Aahhhh. It’s burning inside me. Please take it out. It’s really hurting”I didn’t care what she said. I was slamming my dick insideher. She was crying, begging for me to stop but Iwasn’t the one who would listen, as it was feelingso good.Her shirt was still on.I put my hands inside her
shirt, then bra and began playing with her boobs. I started nibbling her nipples. Soon I pushed her shirt and bra up and began sucking her nipples. Now she was also moaning rather than crying. She also began to enjoy thesex. She was producing all sorts of sounds– “Aaahhs and ooohhs”. I left her
nipples, gave her a deep kiss and begun slamming her even harder.She encouragedme” Do it Bee, do it. Fuck my pussy harder. Harder, harder motherfucker.” I was banging her when I felt her muscles inside the pussy tighten. She let out a loud moan and she came. It was a brutal orgasm that left her
shaking. My dick also got very excited from the warm juices from her cunt, Ilet out a grunt and I came inside herinstantly. I poured seven or eight loads of cum inside and shewas begging for more.Then I gave her a deepFrench kiss and we separated.We were both soaking with sweat. I sat ona couch
near there with my dick still exposed.How was that Trisha”?Nice, Excellent. I never felt that good in my life”She continued,” Boy, yousure got a big dick”Well it’s blessings of mother nature. And you got big boobs too”Thanks!” bata

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