Learning The ABCD Of Sex

HI everyone, Am Anurag from Manglore, Karnataka. I am 22, have slim body, White skin and thick dark lips which was always praised by many women. I know Kannada and Malayalam languages.

Send me your feedback at [email protected] . From my childhood I have little number of friends. So I was used to roam alone always, even today I like to roam alone. I am a bit shy about opposite sex. My first sex experience was during my age of 18. I was in my 12th standard. I used to go to school by bus. We had busses on the route for half an hour which was always crowded. It made us to wait till 4PM to 5.30PM in bus stand. I used to stand near bus stand watching nearby shops. I was not talking much with other students.

There was a shop which sells magazines and newspaper which was owned by an old man. In the morning the old man used to stay there and in the evening his wife managed to stay in shop. There was lot of magazines about film. Always I liked to watch them because it contained photos of actress. But I was bit shy to look at them in public. I was feared that I may catch by others. Even though I managed to stay outside and look at them. I felt hard when I seen navels and cleavages in photos.

One day when I was looking them I observed the owner lady was staring at me. Now I got scared as I was caught. She called me inside. She had a huge smile on her face. She was about 30-40; she was fat and had fair face. She was wearing the saree. I went inside and stood in front of her. It had little space and like from outside others can see only the face. And in back side there was another room which is for keeping old newspapers. She smiled at me and gave me one book and said “don’t look at them standing on outside sit here and see them.” I was happy for not scolding me.

I stood there near to a table and watched the magazines containing actress’s photos. I was hard in my pants. I didn’t take my head up and when my bus came I went without saying thanks. Next day I went there and she gave me another magazine. It went for a week. One day when I was watching the magazine she had no much customer so she was talking with me and I answered her looking at magazines. She started to show pictures in another magazine and asked me “Do you like it? “ I said “yes” She showed more photos slowly she put her hand in edge of the table where my hard cock was touching. She was touching my cock. I didn’t object because I felt good. The bus came I went to home.

Next day she gave me another magazine from which she kept hidden inside the table cloth. It was a porn magazine. I was seeing a porn magazine for first time. She showed me the nude photos in it. My cock was already hard seeing them. As yesterday she brushed my cock keeping her hand on the side of table. After some time she asked me to come near and she touched my cock over my pant. I was looking down due to shy. It was first time a lady touching my cock. She asked me “do you like it? “I nodded “yes”.

Next day she repeated the same and asked me to come inside the dark room. The room was like she can see outside but no one can see us from outside. Lot of dust was there. She switched on the dim light and she gave me the magazine and told me to see it. My cock grew hard seeing the photos. I was watching them. She waited for little time and she pressed my cock from top of my School uniform pant. I kept watching the photos. Then she unzipped my pant and kept hand inside the pant and started to touch over the underwear. She pressed it for some time and she was pressing her boobs in another hand.

Suddenly she undid my pant buttons and pulled it down and pulled my underwear down. I don’t know the size of my cock at that time. My erect cock stood in front of her and I was still watching the porn magazine. Now I heard the horn of bus and put my pants and ran to catch the bus.

Next day I was there as usual. She called me inside. Showed me new colourful magazine today. I really liked it. She took my school bag to side undid my pants and took my cock in her hands. She was looking outside that any customers came? She slipped the skin of my cock and smelt it. She was holding it in her fingers and started to move to and fro. I was feeling good and stood there. She smelt the cock again and hold it in her hand started to move. I was in heaven, closed my eyes feeling the hand job. Someone came to shop she went out and attended customer. I was standing there half naked till she return.

She came back and took the cock in her hand continued her work. She looked at me and smiled. I returned her smile. I was looking at her and she brought her mouth near to my cock and gulped it in sudden. I felt something electric feeling in my body and moaned “mmm.” She took her mouth and continued shaking it. I was standing there letting her to do whatever she wants. After some time I felt something is happening in me suddenly I ejaculated. My cum was there on the floor. She continued shaking until my cock gets dried. I went when my bus came.

Next day I came there again and she took me inside. She undid my pants and underwear. She took my underwear and smelt it. Took my cock and started to shake it. She smelled my cock in the middle. She was looking at me and I was looking at her. She moved her pallu aside and allowed me to look at her cleavage. She had nice boobs. The canal between her two boobs made my cock much hard. She took my cock in her mouth and played with the tip with her tongue. I was moaning a little and I was trying to control it. She stood up and raised her saree up. She lowered her blue flowered underwear and I saw her haired pussy. She came near and brushed my cock over her pussy.

Now she let my cock and unbuttoned my school uniform shirt. She kissed my chest and put my nipple in her mouth and she was sucking it. She continued about 5 minutes. She unbuttoned her blouse and took her boobs out and pressed my face in-between them. It was soft and kept my face there. Someone came to shop and she went out after putting hooks of her blouse.

I was tired standing there. So sat on the bundles kept there she came back. This time she took only one boob out and gave it to my mouth. I sucked them. She took it out and closed the blouse. She raised her saree and took my cock and put inside her pussy. It went straight inside. I don’t have any idea what to do. If it is now days I may fucked her too hard. She hugged me like that and kissed on my lips. She said you have beautiful lips like girls. She sucked my lower lips and my cock was still inside her pussy. The she left my lips and took my cock in her hand and started to blow. I cumed in minutes. It continued until I finish my School. I never fucked her. But she gave me pleasure and taught the lesson of sex.
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