Mama ki beti ki chudai sex story

Mama ki beti ki chudai sex story – indian incest sex story .All stories goes on a different path while mines also the same… Sex with girls u have been lusting for years and when u get to fuck her in which ever way you want with a bonus that she asks you to fuck her…. Just amazingggg…

Same is my story..

About me I’m Darren from Mumbai,wheatish in colour with medium built and a cock with 7 inch n width of 3 inch rare combination. And my fucking partner my sis her name is radika(name change) fair skin sexy figure her description is in the story…

Coming to the story is that its almost 4 years back as everyone has a past so do I.

My story revolves in two parts and I can assure u that it will satisfy and boost your sex thing whether its a girl or boy..please sorry for my mistakes n now enjoy the story

Coming to the story its almost 14 years before I just got the feeling like every boy in that age have.SEX.only shagging n watching porn films was my time pass that day because even with girlfriend it was hard to have sex with her only from up no inside. Strictly prohibited.

In my family its only we 3 my dad mom n me d current sexy boy.we live in Mumbai the city that has all the fun in it.

Once my cousin sister Radika(name false) along with her parents came to stay at my place at that time she was in tenth with a sexy boobs which only I could notice.has even We had a 2 bedroom flat so I & radika was sleeping together.

At night for some reasons my sleep was disturbed & what I saw next kept my penis full high.. It was her boobs moving up n down because of breathing.. I thought why don’t give a try so I slowly put my hand on her boobs…wowwwww what a feeling really loved it. I realized that doing so even she was felling good but after a few minutes of caressing i thought of first shagging and i just drop my short over there only and shagged and all my cum was on her dress as she had worn only maxi.This thing I had done for almost 1 month when she was with us and I didn’t knew what was waiting for me in future…

Now to the main story.

Our lives were full of great going with goof jobs in hand. Radika was married for past 2 years. 1 day I received a call from radika and she told me she wants to meet me. I agreed and went to her place but no one was at her home. I asked her why you called me to meet you in so urgent and she told me her life’s full story which was only good on outer side but sad in inside. I instant came to know that for past 1 1/2 year she has not got the taste of sex in her married life.

I thought of fulfilling it but the incest part came in my mind and my penis was lowered again.. But my lucky penis had his luck to fuck radika.. Then everyday I use to visit radika after her husband went to work and it was almost like 15-20 days had past and 1 day the topic which I had forgot was revealed by radika… She use to cry all time whenever I was with her and in d same crying voice she told me that for 1 month what I had done with her she knew it all. I was dumbstruck. I got it that she wants my hand on her boobs not only again but even my penis in her pussy n ass. Without wasting a sec I just smooched her to which she responded .our tongues met each other saliva and our hands were exploring each other bodies.

We were naked in just few minutes. Seeing her naked was like an angel before me asking to take her for a ride in hell. Her figure is 34-28-32. Fair like a milk.don’t know how a man who have such a sexy wife can’t fuck her even for 7 ya 6 ya 5 ya at least 4 days a week… That’s what’s the problem I didn’t get that whose men got the sexy wife she only gets fucked by other. I directly went for her boobs first..Aaaahhhhhhh she replied as I took it in my mouth and sucked her nipples which were rock hard..Aaaahhhhhhhhb dooooo itttt moorreeeee… She couldn’t control.

With my fingers I only played over her pussy because I first wanted to insert my tongue in it. I next went for her pussy and has I sucked it she was in heaven with voices like Oooooooohhhhhh hhhhhhh yeeeessssssss nooooooo plZzzzzzzzzzz nooooooooo leaveeeee me I’m not readyyyyy forrrr itttt. But I just couldn’t stop licking her pussy…

She was like mad girl tasting sex the first time. Hearing her moan I asked her to take my penis in her mouth.. She objected.. I knew how to get that bitch to suck my penis.. I again started tongue fucking her pussy like wild and she was like plzzzzzzzzz forrrrrr meeeeee leaveeeeeee meeeeee plzzzzzzzzzz iiiiiiiii canttttttt takeeeeee ittttttt noreeeeeee and I changed my position to 69 and what I wanted it was in her mouth… She was sucking like never even in bp any girl had done it. In just a matter of 30-40 seconds I came in her mouth with all my cum and she even swallowed it while she must have come more then 3 times in my mouth.

This is just the beginning guys.. How we had sex and in which which ways is really gonna spice u up in your sex life.. The way radika screamed the way my speed in tearing her ass will be coming really soon.

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