Mosi Ki Chudai kahani

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Hi this is arvind again and back with another sizzling story about how I fucked my mosi again.Please read my earlier story named ”Randi Mosi ki chudai”.Let me introduce myself I m arvind and I m 19 years old with a pure young boy’s figure.I have a good physique that every girl would want in her man.I am 6 ft tall with a 6.5′ long cock.About my mosi now.Her name is sarita and she us 33 years old with a sexy figure.She has big boobs and her back is the thing that I love the most in her.She always wears low cut blouse and always seducing me showing her cleavage and she only wears back less blouse and that is where she seems is the most attractive to me.She is milky white in color.Both our families live in chennai.After the first sex encounter with her I was looking fir another opportunity to fuck her.But we could not find enough time.

But we used to have oral sex like kissing each other’s lips, sucking her boobs and used to press her pussy over her saree and nighty.She was also very scared of our relationship.But I was nit able to wait anymore to get a hand on her.

I thought of a plan to seduce her and convince her for sex.It was the birthday if one of her son.She has two sons one is 15 years old and the other is 10 years old.It was a simple birthday party.All the ladies were busy in the kitchen cooking food.All the kids were playing and all the gents were sitting in the terrace and chit chatting.

Suddenly the lights went away and all the ladies also went to the terrace as it was very hot in the kitchen.My mosi was still in the kitchen doing the finishing touches to the foods made.She has lit a candle also.I saw this as an opportunity and went to the kitchen and caught her from behind.She was surprised.But caught her tightly and also caught her both boobs from behind.I started to press her boobs hardly she was resisting as some one may see us. So i blew away the candle and it was dark. I was also rubbing my dick on her ass She was out of control but she still was afraid.I tried to pull her saree up as soon as I freed my hand to lift her saree she pushed me and ran away.I was really frustrated as it was an opportunity gone.She was angry with me for my behavior she did not talk after that. The next day she came to our house. But my mother was not there I was alone.

I went to bath and intentionally forgot my towel. After bathing I called my mosi to give me the towel. When she came I opened the door fully exposing my naked body to her though she wanted it she did not show it out.I went to my room to put on my clothes She was continuously looking at me. I noticed that and intentionally dropped my towel down. She could not resist anymore. She locked the main door and entered my room. I was only in my undy. She put her hand into it and pulled me towards her. I was also excited .

She began to kiss my lips and was also caressing my balls and my dick. I was getting aroused and wanted to fuck her as we did not have much time I quickly removed her pallu and started pressing her boobs and lifted her saree to lick her pussy. She was wearing a black underwear which was fully wet. Just then the bell rand and it was my mom. Our excitement were short-lived. In the night, she messaged me saying that she want me to come to her place the next day. I was excited and reached her place by 10 the next day.I came running into her house and with a great thrust pushed her to the wall and started to lip kiss her she said that she has to bath. I asked her to open the doors and she did so. This was the first time I saw a women completely nude bathing before me.

She came out of the bathroom with a towel tied around her boobs. She wore her red nighty which makes her look like a sex goddess.I was desperate and couldn’t wait I lifted her into my arms and.took her to the bedroom. I threw her on the bed and came on top of her. She was so hungry that pulled me towards her and started to kiss me wildly. I.was also responding well to her. She then said “abhi aur mat tadpa mujhe ghusa de tera lund meri choot me” her words excited me. I slowly opened the buttons of her nighty and her boobs covered in her bra was in front of me. I was pressing her boobs over her bra she was moaning now. I removed her nighty and she was only in her bra and panty.

I unhooked her bra and began to suck her boobs. She was moaning loudly by now chooooosssss leeee bhenchod apni mosi ka saara doodh peeeeeleeee madorxhod aur zor se chooossss apna lavda chusa mujhe She got up and undressed me in a go. She took my dick in her hands and stroking it very fast I was also moaning now. I was about to cum she took all my cum on her boobs and her body and then she started to rub her body to mine. We both were covered by cum now .

She started to lick my body and asked me to lick hers we both felt so good. Then I remived her panty and started licking her pussy It was fully wet and it was so tasty. She was moaning louder and louder chhhhhoooooosssss llllleeeeee ramdwe saaaraa ras peeeeee meraaaa aurrr andarrr daaallll ddeeee apniii aaahhhh uuuummmm aaaaaaa uuuhhh and she was going crazy. It made me more horny and without wasting much time it started to fuck her her pussy wass very loose I asked the reason.She said that she had sex with my mosa in the morning. I was not bothered about that and I increased my speed and was fucking her in full speed.She was moaning louder aaaaahhhhjj uuuummmm chhhhoooddddd mujheee ramdweww randiii bana le mujhe apni saaalleee zor se choddd.She then asked for doggy-style and it was the best position for a fuckk.

She then said that I was not fucking her faster so she came on top of me in riding position. She was riding my dick as fast as hell It was paining but the pleasure was more than the pain. She kept on shouting aaahhhjj uuummmmm and was fucking me wildly then I laid her down and fucked her. By now I was about to cum and cummed inside her pussy. I then licked all the cum that was flowing out of her pussy and she also licked my dick clean.This was more fun than the last one.

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