My First Sex Experience With My Classmate

Hello guys and girls. I’m Pavan from Bangalore. I’m currently 20 years doing my engineering in one of the reputed colleges in Bangalore. The story I’m about to narrate happened about 2 years ago when I was doing my 12th and was 18 years of age.First let me tell you about myself. I’m a average looking guy( but have started going to gym from past 3 months) 6feet tall, fair in colour and I have a very good dick which can satisfy anyone. Girls in my age group who are interested in friendship and to have some little fun can comment and I will get back to you.Now coming back to the story. It had become customary for almost all students to go to tuition for extra coaching. So even I started going to tuition. On the first day I went a little late to class and almost all seats had got filled up so I just took a corner seat. The class started as usual and I recognized many familiar faces from my high school. The day went by and one day I recognized a fair looking girl sitting in the front bench. She was very fair and had a body 32-34-32 a little on the plump side but very fair and beautiful. Her name was Neha. The second I looked at her I started fantasizing of fucking her. Her hot 18 years tits lured e a lot.Days went by I started talking to her I took her number and we started talking all night long.We got very close to each other we used to bunk college and hang out a lot. A year passed like this. It was the summer after the month of April. The classes had started and as we were very close I would ask her to come a bit early so that we can sit and chat. So if the classes were at 6 in the morning we used to go to the class at 5.30 itself.Few days passed and one day she wore one very pretty dress and she was looking very gorgeous in it. After the class we went home and we started texting each other and I complimented her that she waslooking very beautiful today and that I couldn’t control myself in class today and just wanted to hug and kiss her badly.Suddenly for my surprise she said if you wanted to kiss me you should have done it. I thought this is my chance of seducing her and the day wholenight we chatted everything related to sex.The next day we went to class alittle early as usual and I was determined to kiss her at any cost today. So I was waiting for the chance and while chatting I just made up my mind went and sat beside her in the bench and kissed her on her cheek she just smiled and gave a peckon my cheek too.This is it. This was the start of our relationship. That day I went home and again chatted whole night only about kissing and asked her if she had kissed anyone before. She told no and I asked her can we smooch tomorrow. But she asked she doesn’t know to smooch and allso I was like don’t worry I will teach you and the whole night I explained how to smooch.The next morning we went to class early as usual and the firstthing was we went to another classroom beside ours which was dark we sat on the bench I just hugged her and started to smooch. She also responded well by opening her mouth our tongues met I sucked her tongue and she sucked mine our salivas got exchanged and we kissed like this for about 10 min without a break. Then suddenly I don’t know where I got the courage I just put my hand on her breast and started squeezing it she started pulling my hand down but I didn’t give up and used to put it back and squeeze her breast nicely. Afteranother 10 min someone came to the class and we just parted and went to our respective places.That day she didn’t text me at all I tried convincing her but shedidn’t reply. 2 days passed laterone day she messaged I apologized and I tried to explain and reason with her that its common these days I just don’t see anything wrong inphysically satisfying each other that this we again chatted the whole night and I somehow convinced her to have sex with me the next day.The next day we didn’t do anything even though we went early we waited and after our class we knew everyone used to leave and no one used to come and check again. So after our class we went the classroom beside ours and locked the door. I took her to the bench we sat beside each other and started to smooch. It was really great my dick inside my denim was at its full strength. We kissed for about 15 min and later I started kissing her neck, her earlobes and her face she started enjoying and started moaning hmmmmmm ahhhhhha its so good pls do more and all. We continued this for about 10 min later I started squeezing her breasts over her top and I started to smooch her. After sometime I got up and pulled up her chudi top and removed it. She was in her white bra. I started squeezing nicely and she continued moaning. I slowly started coming down from her face kissing and licking then to her neck and gave her a love out and she let out a small moan.Then I went further down started kissing her cleavage and she was pushing my head into her cleavage and she had her hands inside my hair. Then slowly I lied her down on the bench and went over her. I went on kissing and went on her navel kissing and licking then her belly button and slowly I removed her pant and gave a kiss on her love hole over her panties and she just shivered for a second. Then I made her sit up on the bench and I stood infront of her and guided her hands to my pant. She unbuttoned my pant and pulled it down. I was wearing a jockey boxer and my dick was struggling to her out of it. She pulled my boxer down and tookmy dick in her hand. As soon asshe touched my dick I chill wentdown my spine and I let out a soft moan. She didn’t know what to do and was just holdingit in her hand. I thought her to squeeze it up and down. She was squeezing my dick up and down in her right hand and wassqueezing my balls in her left. After sometime I asked her to suck it but she hesitated but I explained this is what ppl do and I put my dick inside her mouth. She again didn’t know how to suck a dick so I thought her and told her to suck it like a lollipop.She was new to this but she learned quick and continued sucking my dick. I slowly put my hands on her back and unhooked her bra and removedit. Wow there stood two beautiful melons jigaling out of her bra. She had one of the most beautiful breasts I had ever seen and her nipples were full erect. I started pinching her nipples with my index and thumb finger and she started moaning while she was suckingmy cock. After 20 min of sucking I kneel down before her while she was sitting on thebench. I went before her and took her right breast inside my mouth and started sucking it while I was pinching and squeezing her left breast. She was enjoying and was pushing my head towards her breasts. I continued sucking both her breasts for another 15 min and I could see her panty getting wet with her juices.I then made her stand up and pulled down her panty and there it was her lovely hole completely shaved ( which I hadtold her the day before to shaveit) I just put my mouth and started sucking it hard. She started moaning very loudly and within few min had her firstorgasm in her life and let out allher juices. I drank them happily. Later I put my middle finger inside her hole which was very small and tight as she was still a virgin. She started shouting in pain but I slowly started putting my finger deep inside and broke her hymen. She started to bleed and she was in tears I consoled her and explained that its common as its your first time. I started finger fucking her and after sometime the bleeding stopped.I then stood up and started to smooch her while squeezing both her breasts. Later I sat on the bench and made her also sit on me hugging me. I slowly took my dick and guided it to her hole it was very tight and she was crying in pain. I slowly put it completely inside and later sat in that position for sometime while we started to smooch nicely. After sometime I started pumping her and started my to and fro motion while she was sitting on my thighs. She crossed her legs behind my back and I started fucking her hard while we were smooching at the same time. This continued for another 10 min and I felt my dick about to cum so I took it out made her sit on the bench and put it in her mouth. She started giving me a blowjob and in another 10min I completely exploded in her mouth which she promptly drank without wasting a drop. Later we hug and sat for some time and after sometime got dressed up kissed goodbye andleft.We had many more encountersin a similar way in different places and we tried many positions also which I will tell you in my next story.Girls of my age group who are interested in having friendship and having discreet sex for freecan contact me.

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