My Lovely Sister In My Bed Whole Night

Deepak was horny. He missed his wife who had left for one week trip with her school staff where she worked. He had never missed a day fucking his hot wife Rita who also loved fucking. Rita was 25 years old hot wife, with 36 D cups, long legs and wide ass. They lived in Delhi in a two bedroom apartment. When Rita said she had to be away for a week, he had exploded “But what about my food and fuck? I need food for my mouth and for my cock” Rita had smiled at her horny husband,”Deepu, mere Raja, I have arranged for your sister to be here and get your food ready for you. Ramesh jijju has gone to Dubai and will be back in a month, so no problem for food. But your cock will have to satisfy without a choot (cunt). Poor Lund (cock) has to wait for one week”(visit for more sex videos and story)

His sister Sunita was supposed to be in Delhi from Agra by evening. Sunita was 28, a year older than her brother Deepak. Sunita was 5 feet 4 inches tall, a wheatish beauty, big boobs, nice ass and a puffy cunt which was itchy all the time to be stuffed with a cock. Her husband’s absence had sent her into fits of horniness. When her Bhabi (sister in law) called to spend a week with her brother, Sunita did not know what to say. But she agreed to keep her brother’s house for him. Sunita and Deepak had been close to each other, more like friends. When she entered his house, she ran into his arms. They hugged each other, their hands running on each other’s bodies. Deepak was shocked to find that he was getting a hard on when his sister’s breasts pressed against his chest. Sunita was wearing salwar kamiz. When his hands brushed against her buttocks, his cock poked into the flesh of her stomach. For a moment they forgot their relation as their bodies clung to each other.

Deepak separated from his sister, ashamed to find his erection,”Ohhh Didi, I am sorry” But his cock had spoken the language of the animal within his body and had sparked the fire in Sunita’s cunt. “My God, Deepu’s cock seemed huge!!! I wonder what it would feel like if that monster is buried into a pussy. Rita’s pussy….no…No my pussy!!! She thought.

At night Deepak was in his room and was thinking of his hug with his sister and his cock grew hard. He undid his pajamas and began to stroke his cock. He had a good 9 inch meat. He recalled the naked body of his wife Rita lying under him and closed his eyes. He was standing in the middle of the room masturbating when Sunita came to announce that food was ready. What she saw made her stop at once. Her brother stood naked from waist down. Standing from the bush of dark curly pubic hairs stood his cock which was held in his fist. The fire in her cunt burnt again. Her hand reached her cunt and she stood there mesmerized. Her brother’s cock was at least 3 inches bigger than her husband’s. Her pussy was soaking wet as she touched her pussy,”Ohhh Bhenchod, ab main kia karun Rita?” Deepak muttered.

Sunita forgot all about food and stepped forward and without thinking, as if in a dream, placed her trembling hand on his cock.

“Didi tum? (Sister you?). I……I miss my wife too much…I miss her body!!!”

Sunita knew she had to fuck his huge cock. “I know how you feel Bhai. I miss my husband too. I’m a grown woman. I know what you are doing and I know what I want…I want cock too Bhai….I want you to think I am Rita…I promise I will be your wife, if you treat me as one.” With that she kissed him as deeply. Taking his hand, she placed it on her breast. He ran his hand on her breast and she moaned softly as his hand massaged her breast, rubbing it against the palm of his hand. Sunita felt an intense sensation in her horny cunt.(visit for more sex videos and story)

Deepak was so turned on that he pulled her kamiz and undid her salwar making his sister seminude, “Then be my wife Didi. When Rita is with me, she does not wear clothes” He threw her clothes on the floor. Then he started pulling her panties and undid her bra. He pressed against the naked body of his sister and felt the heat from her cunt which was now stark naked.

She pulled his kurta over his head and clung to him. Taking his warm hard cock in her hand, she was amazed at its size. She took hold of his 9 inch cock in hand and exclaimed, “Oh Bhai your cock is sooooo big…this monster is too big “And grasping his prick in her hand, she kissed it, licking its large plump head gently and then slipped it between her lips deep into her mouth. Deepak moaned and gripped her head as he began to slowly pump his prick into her mouth, fucking it gently like it was a pussy with a tongue in it caressing his large prick.

He was fucking his sister’s mouth and his cock head was pressing against her throat.” He moaned, “Oh Didi, if you keep sucking my cock I will cum.”

She took his cock out of her mouth and looked up at him and told him, “I want you to cum. I want to you to cum in my mouth. Fuck my mouth…fuck it like it’s a pussy.”

Sunita looked at his prick and there was a large drop of pre-cum getting ready to drip from it…she quickly caught it with her tongue. She put her hands behind his thighs and pulled his rigid prick deep into her mouth. The horny brother held her head between his hands and began to stroke his prick into her wet mouth. After a minute or so Sunita felt his legs tremble. She sucked even harder, and moving one hand to his large sac, began to gently squeeze and massage his balls. With a loud groan he pushed his prick deep into his sister’s throat and literally erupted. The first shot of cum hit the back of her throat…then he flooded her mouth with spurt after spurt of hot cum. He could see his cum dripping from her chin and getting on her huge breasts as she swallowed cum.

After a minute or so, he gripped her and lifted her to her feet. He kissed her and then pushed he gently down on the bed. He whispered, “Didi, that was wonderful… really wonderful. Now I’m going to do it for you. I am going to suck your pussy which my darling jijju has a right to suck. I am going to kiss every inch of my sister’s body. Don’t forget you promised to replace your Bhabi tonight. My darling sister, be my wife tonight!!!” He pinched her nipple and she groaned and said, “Suck your sister’s nipples, my darling brother, suck it.” Deepak obeyed his sister turned wife and started sucking her engorged brown nipples one by one till they became wet and hard.

“Bhai, eat my pussy. Eat your sister’s pussy, darling, just as I sucked my brother’s cock” she said.

Sunita, then sat on the bed at its edge her ass raised and thighs spread wide. Deepak sat down on the floor between her legs. He placed a hand under each thigh and lifted them and spread them wide. He whispered, “Hold your legs…Didi, spread them wide open for me.” She wrapped her arms around her legs just above the knees and held them there, almost back to her breasts. The horny sister was totally exposed to him and she felt his breath on the swollen lips of her pussy.

When he sucked the folds of her pussy lips into his mouth and probed her pussy with his tongue, he sucked her furiously and tasting and teasing her clitoris, Sunita moaned, “aaaaaaaaaah…aaauchh…uhhhhhh… suck me bhai suck my ass too, you ass sucker…” He started sucking her cunt and even ass. He then placed one finger in her tight ass. Sunita felt the intense sensation in her body and in her cunt. He felt her body shudder with orgasm.

He licked up through the swollen lips and lightly touched her clit with the tip of his tongue. He kept this up until Sunita could no longer stand it and I finally moaned, “OH Bhaiya…Bhaiya, I want you. I want you now…I want to feel you in me.” Her pussy started twitching his mouth. She was too hot now, pumping her hips vigorously. She was about to give him her sister cunt milk and he swallowed it.

He sucked hard. Sunita groaned, “Aaaaaah soooon I am cummmming in your mouth, ahhha it feels soooooo gooood…” She arched her legs and started shooting her load of cum in his mouth he gulped it all and loved it in his mouth. He became an animal and sucked every drop of it. “I love you my darling, Brother” She said to him while kissing him on his lips and sucking his mouth.

They stretched out on the bed. Sunita reached down, took his hard prick, rubbed its head against my dripping pussy and placed its head between the lips of her wet pussy.. She said” Bhai, put a pillow under my hips so that you may push your fat cock in my cunt without hurting me. Now fuck me as my husband. I am your Rita. I want your whole cock in my horny cunt, now”

He obeyed. He pulled a pillow and put it beneath her ass.

Now he could see her cunt completely. He rubbed his cock on her pussy again and tried to push his cock into her tight cunt but the size of his cock was too big and her cunt was too tight.

He thrust it with full power in her cunt and she cried, “Uhhhh Ohhh Mummy! Stop this Deepu. Will you tear my cunt apart? Meri choot phad do ge kia?”.” But now he grabbed her shoulders with his hands and started to pump his cock in and out. He was pumping furiously and she was crying as if she being fucked for the first time on her wedding night, “For god’s sake be gentle Bhaiya…your cock is toooo big…..I am not Rita who can take this monster in her cunt easily,….go slow brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!.”

He told Sunita, “Sister, don’t forget you are my wife for a week. My cock is yours and your cunt is mine.” He started pumping it in and out slowly and steadily now and she gasped and moaned, “OOOOOOOHHHHHHH… AAAAHHHHHHHHAAAAA…FUCK ME…. TEAR MY CUNT….., INVADE ME, RAPE ME… OOOOHHHHH MUMMY…BHAIYA IS FUCKING ME MUMMY”

She moaned heavily. He was also moaning. He thrust into his sister’s cunt harder with every thrust and she also moved her hips up. Their bodies were burning like fire. Deepak started to fuck her with long strokes, drawing his prick almost out of her pussy and then thrusting back down into her cunt again, making his sister moan louder. Sunita had never been fucked like this. Her brother’s huge cock piston in her cunt madly and she loved every inch of that fat cock.

She wrapped her legs around his thighs and gripped the cheeks of his butt in her hands and pulled him into her cunt. She pushed her hips up to meet the downward thrusts of his hard prick. She had never felt anything so big or so deep in her cunt in her married life. She could feel her pussy lips stretching as he pulled his prick back and then plunged it back into the depths of her throbbing pussy.

Deepak changed the angle of his thrusts slightly, causing the top of his prick to rub against her clitoris, trapping her clit between their pubic bones when he thrust deep into her pussy. Deepak buried his meat all way in her aching cunt and she felt the head of his prick pushing against her cervix. Sunita climaxed even more intense than before.

The horny sister moaned, “Oh My God… Oh Bhaiya. I didn’t know… it’s never felt so good. OH GOD, don’t stop. Fuck me… That’s it fuck me hard. You fuck like my husband does not fuck….You are the best Bhaiya……….. I wish you were my husband for whole life!!!”

She was thrusting her body higher and higher to meet his cock thrusts and reaching closer to the edge of a climax. He buried his prick even deeper into her weeping cunt, groaned and held it there.

Sunita felt his prick throbbing, pouring his cum deep into her cunt. She felt the spasms in her pussy around his throbbing prick as climax swept over her. Deepak slowly stroked his prick in and out her drenched pussy, milking the last bit of cum from his prick. She could feel his cum and her pussy juices running down the cheeks of her ass.

“Oh Bhai,” she moaned softly, “I didn’t know it could be so good. You fucked me so good…….You are the best fucker…..better than your jijju.” She kissed him gently and just held him in her arms on her top, his prick still buried deep in her pussy. Sunita said while gasping and moaning, “Now I want to become your child’s mother, now you are my husband.”

“Didi, you are my wife for a week at least and I am your husband. If I can impregnate, you will have my child in your womb. But I will keep my cock in your cunt most of time”.(visit for more sex videos and story)

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