My sex experience with my personal doctor in pune

Hi friends I am telling you the experience which I had with Dr. Tabassum name changed and my Doctor in Pune. I would really appreciate if you could get in touch with me with your feedback. To tell you more about myself, I am Evrik from Pune. 5.11 ft tall fair with a athletic body working in the field of Advertising in Pune and my greatest passion is to spread love among all the lovely women who are deprived of it. I hope you all enjoy reading this lovely experience of mine. Since the time I saw that lady doctor I was willing to take some chance with her. She was very sexy 38-26-40 with 5’ 6” height and having a charming complexion. I visited the concerning hospital for official work and started searching for the said lady doctor. Her name is Dr. Tabassum off course not real name. I found her office and knocked at the door. I asked for the permission to come in then I heard her sweet voice to come in. She told me to have a seat. After sit at the chair I start reviewing her. She was wearing yellow shalwar kameez with black bra. She had also a thin scarf around her neck. She also applied some light make-up on her face and fresh nail polish of her nails. She was looking very appealing and sexy. She did my check up and gave me the necessary medicines after examining my body thoroughly.She gave me her residential phone no for contact in case I need anything from her. She also told me to call her after her duty timings as no-body is at home to receive the phone. I asked her that is she lives alone in home and she replied yes. She said that her husband went to US for higher education for two years and she has no relative in Pune. So that’s why she lives alone in official residence. To hear that, my man hood immediately starts alarming me and then I asked her for permission of leave and she gave a great smile to me at evening. I called Dr. Tabassum and the bells of phone starts ringing but after 10 bells Dr. Tabassum received the phone and her voice telling me that she awaked-up with the phone bell at first and I excused her for disturbing her from sleep. She said that does not matter this was my time to awake up. After five minutes I park my car in the front of her home and press the call bell button. She opened the door oohh she was wearing short shirt and pajama and looking very sexy. She gone to kitchen and bring fresh apple juice for me. During chatting with her and I asked that since when has she been married ???She replied me that she is married for the last five years. I asked her for the kids. She told me that I have no kid till now. He husband was in USA from that last one year for study and she belongs to Kolhapur. Due to official duty she is in Pune from the last two years after finishing she told me to wait for five minutes till then she changes her clothes. She gone to her bedroom which was attached with the sitting room where and I was sitting and after one minute the power shut down. I feel some light coming from doctor’s bedroom and actually as the all government officers residents that house was also old and there were a few small holes in the door of bedroom. I thought that there was some window on the other side of bedroom. Immediately I got an idea in my devilish mind and I silently walked to the bedroom door and put my eye to the door. The scene was clear. She was just in bra and panty mm ooohh she was gorgeous. She was applying somebody spray and then she starts wearing clothes. I turned back, due to mistake my foot touched a plant pot which was putted with the entrance of bedroom. I immediately lifted that pot and clear all dirt from the floor and sit on my chair after one minute she came out but I was looking at the other side. At the mean time when she was coming out from the room the power resumes. During chatting with me she became emotional then I got a devilish idea. I put my hand on her sexy hand and told her that she is not alone everybody here & I am with you. She never resisted this act and so I got courage to do some more. During chatting I multiple times put my hand on her hand and I was feeling that she is noticing that but she never resist. So that once I show her that I am putting my hand on her hand but I slipped my hand to her thigh. Oh what a thigh? Hot and sooth and she now noticed that and moves her to the door side but she did not tell me anything. We continue chatting when she told me to turn back car to her home. We came back to her home after half an hour. I stopped the car and opened her side door and asked for leave. She called me in home when I was returning back to the main door she asked me what were you doing near my bedroom door? I feel shy at that time. I cannot say even one word and this is the fact that if she knows that I saw her nude from the hole of door then why she not showed me that she mind? It is meaning that she is also willing to have sex with me and after all she was also sexless from the last one year and I immediately moved towards Tabassum and take her in my arms with a powerful grip around her neck and put my lips on her lips and starts sucking her mouth juices. She starts resisting; she wants to say something but cannot say because her mouth was blocked by me and then shortly she stops resisting and starts moving her hands on my back and starts sucking my mouth juices as well. I also lose my grip. She signalled me with her eyes to move to bedroom. Then we both went to the bedroom and I immediately removed her shirt. ooohh. She has beautiful straight and tight boobs. I unhooked her bra while she was trying to open the zip of my paints. Her Kashmiri apples come out from the bra. I start licking and sucking her boobs. She starts moaning loudly and there were a nice smell from her body which making me more horny and active at the mean time she succeeds to open my zip and picked my cock into her beautiful hand and starts moving her hand into pull-push motion. She said oh intna bara? Those act of her make me very hard. Now I removed her salwar and panty and also my all cloths. She has a small and pink hairy pussy. I put my finger on her cunt ooohhh that was very hot and juicy. I pushed her on her bed and start licking her body. I take start from her feet and then moving my tongue towards her face. She continues moaning loudly like the heroine of xxx film and when I reached to her face she told me now it is my turn you lay on bed. She starts repeat all actions which I did with her. I was willing that she sucks my cock but she not sucked that. I told her to suck the cock. She said ok but you should have to go to bathroom first with me then I will do that. I go to the bathroom with her. She picked and bottle from bathroom cabinet and starts washing my cock with detol solution. I then understand that what she wants to do. Since she is a doctor and she is avoiding from germs then she washed my cock with warm water and then we back to bedroom. She now starts licking from my balls and her tongue starts dancing on the shaft of my cock and was getting out of control. Her tongue reached at the top of my cock and she starts sucking my cock. She starts taking my cock into her mouth slowly slow. One inch, two inch, three inch, four inch, five inch, six inch seven inch to the end of my shaft and end of her mouth actually it was touching to her through now. Now she increased her speed with great rhythm. Time by time she is looking crazy for cock sucking as well as I was feeling great pleasure. She stop sucking and come on me put my cock hear at the mouth of her pussy and take it in slowly slow ooohhh. He pussy is as tight as a virgin girl and she starts up and downs while I was sucking her boobs ooohhhh I am fucking the lovely doctor. She was moaning very loudly after 30 minutes and some powerful up and downs I feel that Tabassum increasing her speed and I also feel that I am near to cum. After next one minute and we both cum at the same time and she cleaned herself and me with a towel. Now we lay on bed like dead bodies then we decided to take bath together. We entered in the bath room and start shower and start bath you cannot imagine and what is the pleasure to take bath with a beautiful lady under a shower. We start love again she again washes my cock with dettol and start sucking again. This time after some sucking I decided to show her my powerful strokes. I start stroking small jerks in her mouth after some strokes I puller out my cock and put her body on the wash basin. I open her legs widely so that I can see her cunt and pussy. I put the head of my cock on her pussy and starts pushing it lightly when my cock all entered into her pussy I immediately start some light strokes then is start powerful strokes. She starts moaning and crying with the pleasure and pain, she moaning ahho Evrik ahhh fuck me hard ohh please fuck me Evrik she moaned loudly oh ohhh you fucker fuck me I was increasing my speed and Dr. Tabassum was enjoying very much. I pulled out my cock she immediately starts sucking my cock after some time I feel that I am near to cum. I told her that I am near to cum. She said doesn’t matter when you feel the peak then you tell me and then I told her that it is peak she pulled out my cock from her mouth and start lifting my cock with her hands then I dropped my huge load on her breasts. Then she starts applying my whole cum on to her breasts. I asked that what you are doing. She said that and this is the most powerful cream of the world, the women who usually apply that cream on their breasts are not loose or shapeless till old age. That was another exposure for me and the girls who are reading this story can take advantage of this act. We take bath together and come out from the bathroom. I told her that I want to go now because I am getting late and I have travel to Mumbai now. She said that this is not possible that you go hungry from my house. She said that you can go after dinner. I said ok. She gone to the refrigerator and pick something from it. She put that thing in microwave oven after ten minutes she served food on the table that was roasted fish and French fries. We have taken dinner together after finishing I again asked for leave because the time was 10:00 pm. She said that just one thing more and she goes to the kitchen and bring two cups of coffee. She gave me a tablet with water to take. I asked that for what are you giving me this table? She said this is for your health and this will restore all energy which you lose. I took the tablet and start taking coffee. The coffee is very nice. But what is that? My manhood alive again till I finish the coffee. I think that was some medicine for sex. She was looking at my face with horny smile. She asked me now you want to go? I say yes and I will now go to your pussy again and she gave me a sexy smile and then we were in her bedroom again when I was licking her body she told me to lick her pussy. I quickly rolled my tongue on her juicy pussy & ate her till she got her juices. It’s so yummy. So she again starts sucking and I was taking pleasure on her sexy mouth and sexy lips. I asked her that what pleasure will you feel when you suck a cock? She said no pleasure but this act makes me hornier. She was also licking my balls and masturbating my cock and I was in heaven. Then she tells me fuck her. She got in doggie style. That style is my favourite as my penis penetrates deep inside & rubs the pussy walls & gives a wonderful feeling to the woman. She also told me that this is her favourite style her pussy line is clearly visible and if can see a few drops of pre cum on her cunt. So that, I start inserting my cock in her pussy and shortly I start jerks with rhythm. She starts moaning and her moans making me fuck her faster. She has a little ring of pink ass. I start rubbing my thumb on her ass. This act of mine made her more horny. She said fuck my anal with your figure. Now I was fucking her pussy with my cock and fucking her anal with my finger. She was getting out of control oooohhhhh.She moaning ahhh hohoooo Evrik ahhhh fuck me hard ohhh please fuck me Evrik she moaned loudly oh ohh you fucker fuck me harder Aur zorr say karrow. I increased my speed after some strokes I feel that I am near to cum but at the mean time she cum. She discharged a huge load from her pussy. And my cock is now dancing in her pussy like someone dancing in a swimming pool. I pulled out my cock and start rubbing my cock on the centre line of her butts. My cock touching her ass hole as well and I was making jerks. Her outer skin was also very sexy and pleasurable. I cum after a few jerks and I spread my semen on the back of doctor. She turned around. She cleaned my cock and her back with towel. She said jitna mazah tim nay mujhay diyah hay main uss ka kabhee tasawer bhee nahee karr saktee thee. We enjoyed fucking each other till her husband came back from USA. She has left for the US with him and I am lonely and missing a nice fuck.057f61c9e7a9d884164694b19310c285.12

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