nurse ko puti chikeko katha

My first story is sex with sexy nurse. I’m Shankar.i completed my MBBS and doing practice in a private clinic in the evening hours. Most of the nurses are either married or too old…….few months back one of the oldest of the nurse took a voluntary retirement so the hospital Head conducted interviews for the post of nurse job …….asked about their dedication,work experience and blab la bla

To my luck most of the candidates applied for job are fresh graduates and very eager to take the opportunity among the group he selected 3 nurses into final list and they have to work along with one of doctor each to gain knowledge abt the hospital and procedures here and feedback will be given at the end of 15days trial period and one will be offered the job
As I was just into my practice I was assisting one of the senior most faculty member and one of the nurse is asked to join him during patient rounds

Her name is sandhya,22yrs she is from kerala.little wheatish in complexion with good stats. Best thing about her is her hips which are wide enough to make any person mad. First I didn’t give much thought into it but one day my superior did not attend the clinic for some health prob so it is my duty to conduct rounds. Everything went good and I gave her orders to make bed,give prescribed medicines,sent blood samples etc

I went to my chamber and as today there are only few out patients there is not much work to do for me.I got bored and started porn my laptop …… is a foreign porn with a person fucking his house maid.Instantly my little buddy started dancing rock and roll……….and I totally forgot about bolting the door

Then suddenly the door opened and sandhya entered the room with some papers which I have to sign.As the table is sideways to the door she can clearly c my dick(modda) in my hand and hear horny voices of the woman in porn movie.She got exclaimed and she ran away……..i definitely know that she likes my 71/2 inch dick wick good thickness and bulging veins member.I adjusted my member back in my pants and went out and started acting normally

From that day she became bold with me,wearing saree too low so that I can c her navel and her great navel folds and wud come real close while asking me to sign papers. I too enjoyed this

One day we both had night duty which changed the course

After finishing formalities I went to my chamber and she followed me and locked the room behind us…….i knew exactly what’s going to happen. She came to me

Nurse:sir,I have been watching you since the day I joined and to have sex with you and after that day I saw your penis the fire in me increased……….pls sir don’t say know pls fuck me(nannu dengandi,kadanakandi)

I was just waiting for this and I pounced on her and started to kiss her vigorously on face nose ears neck cheeks and LIPS I sucked her lips as a leech sucking blood pushed my tongue deep down into her mouth and and she starts responding by playing with my tongue back and forth.I even bit her lips.I licked her entire neck part which is making her go crazy and her aroma is killing me.She started sending shivers in my spine by rubbing my dick over my pant.This sucking and kissing went for 20 min

I was eager to c her nude I removed her saree just the way dushasan removed the saree of draupadi.Her 36d boobs are projecting out of her blouse I started running fingers around her blouse edges which makes her go crazy………..she is begging me to start fuck(abba inka aapara,dengara dengu)……but I have better plans than just fucking

I removed her blouse and petticoat now she is just in her bra and panty her panty is already having wet patch and there is sexy smell in the air I bent down on my my knees and kissed over her panty…..she moaned quite loudly(abba champestunnavukada ra).I came up and started removing her bra and once I removed her bra the books just bounced in front of my face I as a hungry kid just pounced over them and started sucking one boob and crushing another in hand quite hardly alternatively she has pink areaola wich pointing nipples I kept that nipple between my teeth and started pulling out and pinching…………….i thought she might get hurt but she never stopped moaning and asking for more I played with her boobs for 30 min

Then I lifted her arms and started licking her underarms I licked her armpits clean of sweat she is moaning vigorously she ran her fingers through my hair and gripped them hardly……….i lick lick armpits

Now she just pulled me away and made me sit in my chair she removed my pant and my dick is hurting in my inners. She understood my pain and removed my inners.she took my dick into both hands and kissed at the tip……….oh god I’m dying……..she pulled my foreskin backwards and licked the red cherry quite hungrily.she kept one hand over my balls and started squeezing them.i m having mixed feelings of pain and excitement she then tried to take my entire penis into my mouth and started licking from top to bottom.i don’t know where she learnt that she is damn good cocksucker she even sucked my balls while sucking my balls she inserted one of the finger in my ass I got surprised immediately and immediately bit over her shoulder and neck like a vampire .

She is still playing with my ass and now I’m liking it .at last I’m at the verge of cumming and disposed entire load in her mouth and she just drank it
Now my dick is getting limp as it needs some time to get back into position I just placed her over the table and removed……… is like Niagara falls is flowing from her pussy………it is so wet and musky.i came near her pussy and smelt her.god she is hot.i blew air over her pussy and she just shivered.i then just flicked my tongue tip over clitoris,she jumped and immediately clutched my hair and pushed my head towards her pussy.i cleaned her dry and did circles around her pussy walls.then spread her labia.and inserted my tongue in her pussy and started tongue fucking her.she is ecstatic now.

Then I removed my tongue and I inserted my finger in her chut(puku) and started ramming.believe me is she is tight.but not virgin.i then inserted my other finger.she is rocking her hips and and biting her lips.i didn’t stop there I inserted another finger into her,she immediately hugged me showed me with kisses all over my body.i increased my finger ramming she came very hardly and it went down mt arm I and she both licked her juices of y hand dry

Now my dick is ready for action.she just spread her legs wide to accommodate me.i without any notice inserted my dick forcibly into her and started fucking her.the room is filled with our noises of eternity.i was crushing her boobs while ramming her,I turned her and started inserting her pussy from back and this too continued wildly.then I bent her over the table and started fucking her doggy.she is full of energy.shouting deeper……………deeper…………..faster………………faster……..continuously……………

After 15 min of fucking her pussy walls started to become hard over my penis.and I realized she is about to have another orgasm…….her moaning increased…………oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh yyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss yes yes yes yes fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck ………………..the sounds of our body touching increased…………..THAP THAP THAP THAP THAP THAP THAP THAP THAP………..and ultimately v both came off at the same time……….i came in her pussy………some of my sperm is flowing over her thighs………..she just like a slut just rubbed her palm over her thighs and started licking my cum……the scene was awesome…………….i just fell on her…………my dick came to norml and sprung out of her pussy…………we both dressed and took rest in my office.tomorrow we both kept leave and no one knows the reason.and we continued to have wild sex whenever we get a chance .and at the end of her trial period I convinced my superior to recommend for the job and he did it as respects my opinion though he don’t know what I was thinking………….and our sessions continued

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