Rocking sex With My Aunty Kritika

Hello Friend, my name is Pritesh, I am 24 years old, staying at matunga in Mumbai. I am 5.8 feet tall, with average physics. I am a frequent visitor on ISS, I read few sex stories in past couple of months which has inspired me to write this story, more than a story it is an incident or happy incident you can even say. So any girl, lady, female, women, aunty, bhabhi, moms looking out to spend secret pleasurable time, can feel free to write me back at [email protected] and I am available on gtalk as well.

Today I am going to narrate a real time story that had happened to me when I was in a 2nd year degree college. Exams were just about to finish and had no idea what to do in vacation, mean while parents suggested me to visit granny at our native place ‘Surat’ situated in Gujarat. I too found that idea catchy. Since I myself couldn’t remember when I visited her last. It was about to be summer vacation so there was no scope of me getting train reservation, but all thanks to Indian railway for the tatkal service where I managed to book confirm tickets through agent. I informed my granny about me visiting her that vacation, she was happy like never before. Reservation was made for the immediate day I finished my exams. Out of excitement, I had kept my luggage packed, my train was going to depart from Dadar station at 22 hours, I reached at station by 21.30 hours, and fortunately the train arrived on time and departed for destination. Round about by 09.30 hours the train reached Surat station, granny had come to receive me and my aunty kritika as well accompanied her. My granny was with almost tears in her eyes, since she was immensely happy to see me after a long time, I touched her feet’s and next I hugged my aunty kritika.

My uncle was a drunkard, and due to both the kidneys failure he lost his life right two years after marriage, all he left behind was lots of disappointment. I always felt petty and sorry for my aunty, not a single day she had lived satisfactorily. She always kept complaining about uncle’s drinking habit to my dad but it was their love marriage and my uncle promised her that he will give up drinking habit after marriage but he didn’t gave up the same. So nothing much we could do about it. Finally the day came when uncle departed for hell, I mean he died. Since then aunty decided to stay with granny. This was just a past history.

Coming back to a warm hug received from my aunty after arriving at Surat. Oh my god, what to say, I had never received such a tight hug from my aunty ever before, her touch was magical. My aunty was 32 years old and had maintained her figure so well that no men can ever stop his dick from raising erect after seeing her. She had wore white saree and a white blouse and a white coloured inner inside her blouse which could easily be located. She was wearing a saree below her navel, which made me crazy each time I saw her. My eyes always trespass her saree to see her navel. I used to see her when she use to do household chores, at times I saw her pallu slipping down her shoulder. But some how I could resist my self by masturbation. Many times I touched her waist accidentally or casually but she never reacted, at times I really wonder what made my uncle drink so much of alcohol, I mean my aunty is so charming & mesmerizing that she could be the fantasy of every man on this mother earth who ever see’s her once. Each night when she use to change her saree in bathroom after finishing house hold chores, I had an habit of seeing her through a secret hole, which I made and she will never be able to discover. She had a long black hair, her figure should be around 34 28 36 rightly. She had charming and adorable looks with lovely brownish black colored killer eyes. Sweet little nose and pinky lips like rose petals.

Each night after seeing her naked, I used to masturbate and go to sleep, some how before leaving for Mumbai, I wanted to quench my thirst of having her naked right beside me on bed. Next day late evening when she was serving me dinner, I was not in my senses and I kept staring her and her marvelous body, she too noticed me seeing her creepy way, but by that time she had little idea about my lusty intentions, next she came and stood right in front of me. She suspiciously asked me, what do you want? I know if I miss this chance to express my lust that night then that chance might not have come again in near future.I very well remember it was Tuesday and 21.30 hours in a clock and my granny had fast so she went to sleep that night early. Seeing that all my cards were open before her, without wasting a moment ahead, I gathered all my courage and dared to hold her hand, I had no idea what would happen next, what if she finds it offended, what if she complains to parents or granny, but on the other hand I had an excitement of positive hope if she too might want to be intimate with me, since I know well what she must have felt to be high and dry, sexless for all these years.

But what happened next was surprising, she harshly told me that what I was doing was wrong and that was never expected from me. Next, out of shame I couldn’t had eye contact with her and kept seeing downwards and then she broke down with tears in her eyes. I silently got up and took her in my arms and hugged her, I kissed her on forehead. We stayed that way for around 5 minutes, she said to me, she never felt that better even in my uncle’s arms, since half the time he used to be drunk.

It was a bungalow so place was never a point to worry for us, holding her hands gently we slowly walked to bedroom. I closed the door and made her sit on the bed, I sensed a bit of hesitation from her side like she was not comfortable but then I talked with her about myself and my girlfriend that we were in relationship for around 1 year then she broke up with me, and I didn’t had anyone closure to whom I could share my intimacy. Then she somehow got convinced. Then I pushed her slowly and made her lie on bed, and I moved towards her face and gave her a passionate kiss, she too held me from my neck and wanted me to give a deeper smooch, mean while my hands were over her stomach cuddling her navel, it made me felt better seeing smile over her face after a long time. I moved down towards her stomach, kissed and licked her navel. After cuddling her for an hour or two, I thought of fingering her at her vertical lips, so gradually moved my hands downwards to reach her pussy through the yellow colored panty that she was wearing, at first she tried to pull my hand back, may be she was not wanting me to hand her down there.

But after showing her a little domination of mine over her, she didn’t attempt to resist me again and I too discovered the fact by that time that she will not want me to go away even for a moment. It being the hit of a moment, at very next I pulled out her panty. Of course to make it more sensational I did it with my healthy teeth. While after I wanted to have an eye contact with her, but she had kept her eyes closed since start, mind it a girl will never keep her eyes open during intimacy, but any ways then after I turned my eyes towards her untouched pussy, it was little dark with some hair around and a bit wet may be because of the discharging of pre-cum during foreplay. Looking at her wet untouched pussy since decades, I could feel myself standing right at the gate way to heaven. The devil inside me had reached the pick. But knowing the demand of the situation, I was gentle and started inserting my finger into her vagina, I did it with gentle speed which made her reach at orgasm for multiple times. Her eyes were full of tears, but due to the failure to hold those tears for longer, looking at me innocently, with in no moment she busted out the tears of pleasure, I could feel it well, who satisfactory it could be for women to get touched by men after decades, her wet eyes were demanding a tight hug so I moved upwards towards her arms and grabbed her completely giving her a hug even more tighter, she broke her self in to my arms and we had passionate kiss which worked like a cherry on the top.

I was wanting her to give me hand job for a start up so while kissing I took her hand and slowly put it into my shorts, she held it well as if it was never for a first time, her hands gave me 25-30 strokes to my big hard cock and when it was about to ejaculate, I stopped her hand because it was for the 1st & I didn’t wanted my cock to ejaculate that early. I removed her hands then I took my pant off and gave my cock into her mouth. The blowjob was awesome and exotic. Now the pitch was ready to score more, hahaha you all know well what I mean.Her wet pussy helped me score well, I fucked her hard at pussy, she was screaming wild and loud but, I covered her mouth with both my hands so that the voice doesn’t goes out of the room, I gave 35-40 strokes of deep Penetration in a missionary position, she kept her legs crossed which made penetration deeper due to which I reached her G-Spot, after the deep Penetration, I was wanting to spill sperms over her face like shown in any other porn, but because of condom over a cock I couldn’t. But any ways never the less, it was a journey through heaven.

After energetic, fiery foreplay and sex, we felt asleep then and there. next she woke up at around 5 am and got ready like nothing ever happened because it was almost morning and granny was about to wake up at any moment. This repeated for rest 3 days of my stay over there. Finally heart breaking moment had come when I had to leave for Mumbai, since vacation was over. I was finding it painful and so did she. I am very little at being good to other, but I had a pride feeling of leaving a priceless smile and charm over her face for life. And the time we spent together was like an asset for me for rest of my life and may be for my aunty kritika as well.

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