Sex in Market ( English sex stories)

Hello friends, I’m back with a new story of my wife Mona. For new readers my wife is sex crazed and loves to fuck total strangers and love flaunting her body curves. She has put on some weight now…. And God it’s in the very right places…. 36” 28” 34”. Before i start my wife would like to thank all the people who replied on the mail [email protected] and still do sometimes she takes time to reply back so don’t get disheartened. So here’s Mona’s story in her own words…. It had just stopped raining and it was hot and humid everywhere. My hubby and i had decided to go out have some outing in the city to a mall maybe. It was in afternoon and the mall was not that crowded as people avoided going out in the hot weather. I was wearing a skirt and which was making sure every curve of my body is seen, Monty my hubby just couldn’t keep his hands off me and I was enjoying that. He was just eager to fuck me I could see that rubbing against me with his hard dick and I was all wet. We went to the malls café which was having meager crowd, there was a group of 4 men sitting and enjoying their afternoon having a laugh, they were silent the moment we walked by them, Monty knew I was getting the stares all day so he wasn’t worried and he also knew how slutty his wife is actually he enjoyed more realizing that his wife was a slut and that made me love him more cause he never stopped me. Monty purposely took a table opposite them so that they could all stare at me and he enjoy his wife being fucked by the eyes of strange men, so I played along. I asked him to get me a coffee and something to eat. The men just could not take their eyes off me and I enjoyed the attention. The leader of the group I thought was a well built tall guy with a dark complexion, I liked him the moment I laid my eyes on him the rest of the group was just following his lead: Guy1: Aghhhhh….. G2: kya hua re….. G1: kuch nahi isse dekh kar sunny leone yaad aagayi…….ha ha ha ha G2: yaar sunny se better hai tange to dekh……..makhan hai G3: jee karta hai inn tango mein hi mar jau………ha ha ha ha G1: abbe uth gaya hai [rubbing his dick] I gave them a disgusted look and turned around and smiled to myself G4: chodo yaar bhabhi jaisi hai…… G1: bhabhi ki puja karni chaiye………. Just then monty came back and they stopped……Monty sensed something was wrong and looked in their way and asked me to change my sit. So that my back was to them, after a few minutes Monty went to get the order. G1: hai back to aur bhi sexy hai…..meri to nikal hi gaya All started to laugh passed more dirty and filthy double meaning comments. Monty came back an everything went back to normal I ate some and asked Monty that I needed to go to the loo and might take time he understood and said okay. The moment I got up the group leader also got up and came behind me all the other guys stayed putt. The ladies loo was empty I didn’t knew the guy also came in I went to the stall and was about to close the door when he caught it and opened it with force I was scared at first but was just staring at him. He came in and pushed me to the wall and closed the door. G1: wow man………you are looking awesome Mona: please get out…[I knew he wasn’t…….never wanted to also] G1: ek baar chune de maa kasam aag lagi hai ander.. Mona: mein aag bujha du…….[n I smiled] He was in utter shock for some time and then he realized this was his lucky day. He just pounced on me and started kissing me and feeling me all over, I was already wet and my panty was all soaked in. he was strong and muscular but very hairy, he made me stand on the toilet seat and pulled up my skirt and pulled down my panty and started sucking my chut. G1: kya rasili chut hai teri ..mmmmmmm…..aaaj to mera luck day hai Mona: aaaahhhh dhire ……aaaaaaa kato mat aaaaaaaaaa[ I was in heaven just if Monty could see all this his wife fucking a strnger in a toilet and I didn’t even knew his name] He was an animal and he didn’t care if anyone would come in…..i was enjoying this adventure. After that he pulled down hi pants and there it was, the most beautiful organ god had made. Thick black and all hairy balls I looked at it in awe my expectations fulfilled. G1: kuttiya aaja lele isse apne muah mein chatpehle [ I obeyed him tasted his salty lund] I was big to completely some In my mouth…he was moaning hard and I was afraid some will come. Mona: give it to me now [I could not wait anymore I was wet like hell] He grabbed me and turned me around “ meine kaha tha na teri gand mast hai” His lund just slided in with ease and all the way in I cummed the very moment. He kept on fucking me for 10 minutes and then I knew he was unload and he cummed on my ass I was exhausted as it was very exertive 10 min and cummed twice. He kissed me sucked me and just left. I was tired and was wiping me ass and getting ready to go out, when the other 3 came in…..i was scared like hell what if anyone saw them……. They came in and all at once started kissing me pressing my boobs took me to the last stall which was a bit big to accommodate us all. The 3 wasted no time I noticed one was circumcised and I was again wet, the 3 of them kept me busy and fucked me hard and cummed in me…. I could barely stand with excitement I was having, I had forgotten where I was and just was enjoying the moment. The muslim guy before going kissed me catching my hair and I kissed him back with tongue. I could see his dick was hard again….. “Kutiya kya kashish hai phirse…….chal chus le” and he pushed me down to suck it I sucked it I could taste my chut on it……it took him 5 minutes to unload in my mouth and then he just left. I was shivering with excitement and then I came out. The guys were all gone only Monty was sitting and was smiling looking at me, he knew somehow. We went home neither one of us spoke till we reached home and then monty pounced on me and told me that he saw the guys coming in after me and fucked me talking how I’m a big randi who fucked any strangers….it was a turn on for me again……..I only wished I could meet them again

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