Sex story of Akhil and Trisha


[/vc_wp_text][vc_column_text]This is the first time I am writing a story as my boyfriend wanted me to write one. I am Trisha,I am from Bangalore. Let me describe myself. I am average height and I had big round boobs. My size is 34 28 30. I am writing about what happened in my life which is real and not a made up or a fake tale. This incident took place two years ago.

In the month of August, I was feeling very bored and I logged into my yahoo account. I opened the chat room and started chatting with few people. There was this one guy, Akhil whom I found interesting and from the same place as mine. So we started chatting and it was fun to chat with him. I was kind of depressed and talking with him felt good.

Even though I was responding to him in a single word, he still managed to keep the conversation going. This went on for two to three days. I told him that I do not use my yahoo account a lot so we exchanged our gmail ID’s. Our chatting continued on gmail. I felt really good to chat with him. I used to wait for him to get online so that we could chat.

I didn’t give him my phone number even though he asked me so many times. He asked to me share my pics at least. so I shared my pic with him and so did he. After few days I decided to give him my number and I did. We used to message a lot. One day he didn’t reply and I was so mad at him. Later he messaged from another phone telling that he lost his phone.

We decided to meet for a movie as we are from the same place. So after a month or more of chatting, I met him for the first time in the month of September. We decided to watch Barfi movie in vision cinemas. We decided to meet in the morning. I was walking towards the movie hall when I first saw him. He didn’t look exactly the way he looked in his pictures.

He looked more mature and handsome. We spoke and got into the movie auditorium. I was feeling shy and uncomfortable. My hands were so sweaty. He was making all conversations. I was feeling too awkward. Ofcourse! it was our first date. With time the tension and awkwardness started to reduce. I become a little more comfortable and started to talk.

During the interval he got a pack of popcorn. We were hogging. And suddenly it fell inside my top. It was lying between my cleavage. He saw me taking it out and asked me to give it to him. I told him that I won’t. He told he would try taking it from my hand and if he did what I give him in return. So I replied that I would kiss him if he did. I thought he wouldn’t take it.

But he was so keen on taking it from my hand and he ate it. So I had lost. He was so excited and told me that I lost and should kiss him. Damn! I remember that I was trembling. He held my hand. I realized that his hands were sweaty like mine. I liked it. I gave a peck on his cheeks. After that, he pulled me closer and kissed on my lips. We started kissing passionately for a while.

It felt so good and different to be smooching on a first date. His hands were searching for my breasts and he was touching it above my top. It felt so good. Later he put his hand under my top and cupped my breasts and we were still smooching. We were making out so much that we didn’t care about the movie anymore.

After the movie, we went out for lunch and later went to lalbagh and we spoke a lot. My first date was very memorable and after that we went on many more dates. Our making out moved from smooching to fingering and touching of his penis. It all felt so damn good. After two months or so we decided to have sex completely. Our only issue was a place.

One day he told me that his parents were going out of town for couple of days and asked me to sleepover at his place. I agreed and I lied to my parents and I left in the evening to his place around 6.00. Due to traffic I reached his place at 8 or so. He picked me from the bus stand and we were talking all the way. As soon as we reached his house, I asked him for water.

He gave it to me. By the time I put the bottle down, he came closer and told that he wanted to kiss. I told him to give me five minutes as I felt tired. I went into the room to remove my jacket. I still remember, I was wearing a blue top which was showing my cleavage. I didn’t realize he came behind me.

As soon as I removed my jacket, he came closer and told me that I look sexy in blue and started kissing me deeply. We went on like this for a long time and he was pressing my boobs. It was such a great feeling! I was moaning while smooching. Later he removed my top and my jeans. I was in my bra and panty. I removed his T-shirt and his jeans. Both of us were semi nude.

I was wearing a light pink bra and a light pink panty. We continued to kiss for a while. I went to have water and I remember he made me sit on the kitchen slab and clicked few pics and he tried carrying me to the bed and we started to kiss again. This time he ripped my clothes off and I was nude and I was feeling shy. He became nude and came closer.

He has a very nice dick which measures around 9 inches. He started fingering my pussy. That was so damn good. I was moaning like his bitch and asked him to finger me more and he obeyed me like a kid. He gave me so much of pleasure by fingering that I reached my first orgasm. It was so much fun. I wasn’t good at sucking a dick and I told him.

He said it is alright and he started to fuck me. Initially it was so hard. His dick did not go inside my pussy. I kept on stopping him. He was feeling bad that I wasn’t allowing him to go in. I was stopping him cause it was painful. I was actually pushing him away. He kept asking me if he wasn’t good enough to fuck him. I told him it’s just about the pain.

Later he again started fingering me and stopped when I was tempted. I begged him like a slut saying “baby please finger me more” but instead he started kissing me and held my hands tight. He went inside slowly. He entered a little. I actually shouted telling him that it hurts. He smooched me deep this time and pushed his dick inside. It hurt but he was smooching me.

So I didn’t stop him. He started to fuck me and the first few strokes were really painful and I wasn’t enjoying it even a bit. I couldn’t push him away as he was holding my hands. After few strokes I started enjoying so much and started screaming with joy. Wow! it felt so good. I was moaning saying “ooh yeah baby! fuck me harder” I asked him to fuck me harder.

I was talking dirty like a whore. I was like “oohhhhhh baby do it harder! aahhhhhhh it feels so good. Go on baby. Fuck me harder. Hmmmmmm like your bitch fuck me fuck me fuck meee”.It felt so good to feel his penis touching every part inside me. I continued moaning “oh yeahhhhh baby go onnnnnn, fuck me harderrrrrr aaaaahhhh”.

He kept on fucking me and I was moaning and screaming his name telling him to fuck me harder “ooooooohh Akhillll babyyyyyy fuckkkkk meeeee fuckkkk harder gooooo deeeperrrr”. He kept telling me that I look sexy when I moan. So that made me moan more like his fucking bitch! I was feeling so horny. I didn’t want him to stop at all. This went on for few minutes.

I don’t know how many orgasms I had. When he was about to cum, he withdrew his penis and came over on the floor. He told me to go wash my pussy cause he was scared if any of his cum was inside me. I went to the bathroom and cleaned my pussy. It was filled with cum and blood too. I just washed it. I didn’t tell him there was blood as I didn’t want him to panic.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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