sex with gf in rain

I am Rajesh from Orissa; today am here to share my real experience which happened last year. It was so awesome that even if today I remember it, I do masturbate .It was a real soft sex lasting for 3 hrs.

So let me tell u the real thing. It was the time of rain. So, me n my girl frnd (Nisha-32-32-28) were returning from movie. It was matinee it ended up in evening. While returning, suddenly it started raining n hence we decided to move to my flat which was nearby the movie hall. N we did so. We both were all wet completely. So after entering my room, I asked Nisha to change her clothes since she had cold cough already. As a matter of care, she won’t get ill. I gave one of my t-shirt n Bermuda to her. Since we were in a relationship since 3 years, it was okay not to have shyness. We too had kisses, hugs n non-veg talks over phone.

Then she went to the bathroom n changed. When she came out, I went to bathroom for change n I saw her top, jeans, bra, spagady n panty. Suddenly I got erected but I turned away n got freshened up. When I came out, I asked about what to eat at night? She murmured so I managed to prepare sandwich n we had it happily. She got up n started moving .I marked her boobs were wobbling heavily since she was walking fast. I asked knowingly her that is she not having bra? She shies away.

Anyway we finished our dinner n started watching TV. It was comedy serial so we both enjoyed. By mean time, her hand touched unknowingly to my dick. She marked it n asked me back. I denied having underwear inside. Perhaps she was happy to know it n the climate too helped her for the arousal.

I kissed her on forehead. She hugged me. I could feel her boobs n nipple, my goodness those were so soft and nipple poking my chest. I really had erection which she could feel her around her thighs. Yeah 1 thing about her as far her color is concerned, she is milky white; anyway I had the hard erection. Omg, it was so nice feeling.

Then slowly I kissed her neck which aroused her. I was simultaneously rubbing my finger on her lips after which she started sucking my finger itself. By this time she was aroused a lot. I then kissed her lips. We smooched for 10 min by which we both were ready for intimacy.

After the smooch I again moved to her neck n kissed randomly which made her moan a bit somewhat like this; mmmmm. It was very slow. I pushed her on the sofa n started kissing her neck for another 10 min. She pulled me towards her which made her boobs crushed my chest. I was so excited that I released pre-cum water.

After this I slowly moved my right hand to her right boob. Aaaaawwwwwwwwww my god; it was purely round shaped n so soft that almost it was like touching cotton ball. I slowly pressed both her boobs, thus removing her t-shirt. Aaaaaaaawwwww what a sight it was; pure milky white girl without bra; frnds u could imagine. Complete round boobs with pink nipple; awwwww. I released again few pre-cum water. I started sucking her nipples like a child drinking milk from her mother. It was so hot moment that I cannot describe. Raining outside n sex inside one hand was busy pumping her boobs n my mouth was on another boob. I alternated this for around 20-30 minutes.

Then I moved down to her belly. Her body temp had raise. I kissed her navel. She could not resist dis. I then removed her pant. Uuuuuuuuffffff. It was an unimaginable sight; full white pussy with very few hairs on it. My goodness, I couldn’t resist it n started leaking it. A beautiful aroma was there. She was wet already. Just imagine pure white pussy. Aaaahhhhh. She pressed my head down n rounded up her legs so that I cud leak her more. I drank all her liquid n what an aroma.

Then I removed my pant which threw my 8” dick. It was complete erect. I started rubbing her pussy lips. Her inner lips were pink. Awww it was hot too there. I rubbed her for 1-2 min which she couldn’t resist n pushed up her hips so I cud penetrate her. Then I slowly penetrated her. My goodness, I never had felt so hot. It was like warm water over my dick. I started slowly moving up n down. She rounded her legs around my waist. I started then speeding up; simultaneously resting her both boobs, so soft like cotton balls. She was like mmmmmmmm. Ummmmmmmmmm. Ssssssssss. It was a great sound for me which made me fuck her faster. She was moaning like hell. Aaaaaahhhhhhh. Sssssssssssssssssss.

As she was wet there, the room had a beautiful sound like puuchchchh pucchhh puccchhh puccchhhhh. I was fucking harder. Only pucchh puucchhh pucchhh sound was there. By the mean time she had orgasm. After 20 min of fucking I took out my dick n sprayed over her belly. She was smiling. She was satisfied on my dick. After that she kissed my dick n got freshened up and went for sleeping. But the heat didn’t have till morning. At night we fucked 3 times, believe me she was all wet throughout the night. So hot inside her pussy that I cannot imagine only 2 sounds I heard that night .One was her slow moaning .Mmmmmmmmmmm ssssssssssss. Mmmmm and another is puuuuccchhhhh pucccchhhh puccchhhh which was coming out as a result of her pussy being wet n my dick penetrating her deep inside .N moving out, I was so fast on her that pucchchhh puucchhh sound was all over.

Frnds I just can imagine now her soft cotton, like boobs and milky white pussy which was very hot inside. Aaaaawww. In the morning we got. Just got freshened n I was still in heat. So again I took her to the bed and pumped her for 30 min which satisfied her much. Since then we have been fucking for last six months. I always use to smell her pussy every time before sex. N used to press her boobs if we were alone somewhere.

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