Sex With Girlfriend When No One At Home

Hey this is fuckb119. This is a true incident between me and my gf. I’m 20 and have a d-inch dick and she’s 19 and has awesome pair of tits and a good looking butt. Whenever we walk together somewhere, ppl always have look at her boobs and most of the time she don’t even wear a bra which makes her nipples point out and make them ready to suck.

We both were in a relationship since 6 months and we used to talk about sex and all every time, we used to meet we used to watch porn or read sex stories together. Till last month I had only pressed her boobs and smooched her, I had never seen her naked tits too, but then I asked her for something more, but she denied and said that she needs more time so I decided to make her so horny that herself will request me too fuck her ass.

One fine day no one was there at my place so I thought of bringing her home and execute my plan of fucking her! And then she came and I said that we’ll play a game and I had a game on my Smartphone called as strip roulette, first I thought she may not agree but then she did and the game started and I was way excited for that game.

The first chance was mine and I pressed the strip button and directly the arrow indicated to underwear so accordingly I had to go bathroom remove my inner wear and then again wear my pants and then was her chance and she pressed strip button, but unfortunately she got wild card that means she didn’t had to have strip and then again was my chance and it came into removing my tee. I did so and she was just staring at my chest as if she’ll come to me and directly start kissing me but the game continued and it was her chance so she had to remove her tee and she was like no no no now we’ll play some other game but I said no this isn’t allowed and all and after insisting a lot; she said okay.

Then I was like please allow me to do it and then I did and I was so lucky that she didn’t wear a bra and her nipples were pointing out to me and inviting me to suck it. They were so damn sexy. I just wanted to suck them but then I continued with the game, and this time I got a wildcard which was cool and then at her chance she had to remove her pants, I was like oh my god and then she did without doing any natak and then was looking so hot in her black panties and then I decided to surrender. I just removed my pant and she was just staring at my dick. All this time I was just imagine that how this she allowed it!! Maybe even she wanted it.

Then I also removed her panties and said we’ll play another game. Then I started another app called as sex dices. That app is too cool guys, must download. So then 1st chance was mine and then it became that she had to tickle me where ever I want, I said her please try to tickle my balls and so she did and I was like so in heavens, just can’t explain it and then was my turn and it came u can suck her wherever she wants and then said please suck my lips, I was expecting nipples or else pussy but this was also okay! And so I did but then I was getting bored and so I was directly started pressing her boobs with one had another on her pussy and then started sucking her lips.

This was making me so damn feel like heavens and then I went down and continued by sucking her tits and she was moaning like ahhhhh. And I was biting her nipples damn hardly which made her moan louder and then was her pussy.

The wasted wasn’t so good so I brought chocolate ice-cream from refrigerator and put that into my mouth and started sucking her pussy and she was maybe feeling so damn good and she was making my head press into her pussy.

I also said that suck my dick and she was like she’ll try. She too took ice cream and did that and trust me guys the feeling was so good and I directly ejaculated inside her face as it was my 1st time. And then again I started sucking her boobs and started fingering her. There was no virginity seal so I asked her and she was like she used to masturbate using a cucumber and I said chal reh don’t fake, and then said mom swear and I was like okay and fingered her very hard and she was moaning so much and all.

Then I decided to fuck her and then I put on a condom. I didn’t know how to wear a condom so I had to see that on YouTube which I did, and then we decided to have sex. I tried to insert in her but it was too difficult so we tried different position, and then I finally inserted my dick insider her and she was screaming loudly that I had to put napkin inside her mouth and started fucking her. But this time I din ejaculate quickly. And had a great fuck for 5- 10 min and then we were exhausted .We then had bath together and then were asleep on my bed naked and when she was asleep, I started sucking her tits again, but after that we never got chance to have sex.

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