Sex With My Close Friend Bindhu

Hi friends. This is Ravi from Bangalore. The heroine of the story is Bindhu. She’s my classmate during engineering. About her she’s a sex bomb in our college. She’s fair with nice pair of boobs and jingling ass. About myself I’m 24yrs, 5’5″ tall, good looking, and smart n handsome. Any girls or aunties from Bangalore can contact me for secret relationship. U can mail me on [email protected]
This is my first story; please forgive me for any mistakes. Coming to story, I and Bindhu are friends from 1st yr engineering. She’s very friendly girl. She used to chat a lot with all. But she was very close to me. We both had a nice time during college hours as well as in evening times. One day as usual she was chatting with me in FB late night. Just we were chatting about college, subjects etc. She asked me what’s the weekend plan, I told her as my parents are going to Thirupati on Friday night and will back on Monday morning, I’ll be alone this weekend and planning how to spend these two days.

She told me wow that’s great, can I come to your home these 2days. I readily agreed. She was happy for that. Till that day I didn’t had any bad intention on her. But that night I was thinking y she’s coming to home. A lot of questions arise in my mind. The day came for which I was waiting.

She came to my home on Saturday morning at 8a.m. She cooked breakfast for me; she even arranged clothes for me in bathroom to wear after bath. I took bath wrapped towel and came out. I saw her in kitchen arranging all the food she had cooked. She saw me and told me that I kept your dress in bathroom itself y didn’t u wear. I just seeing her beautiful boobs and my penis got erected and it’s clearly visible. She too noticed that and pushed me to bathroom and told me to wear the clothes and come to breakfast. I went to bathroom and masturbated thinking of her. After that I came to kitchen and had breakfast together.

After that we were watching TV. She asked me suddenly y u took so much time to wear clothes in bathroom, what u was doing?? I was speechless. She came near me and whispered in my ears that she saw my bulge. I kept my head down. She told me its ok, it’s common in this age don’t feel shy look at me, and she asked what made u so horny. I told due to rainy season and cold weather I got hot by seeing u. She laughed and said buddhu. After some time she told I’m also feeling cold will u make me warm? I just went to bedroom and brought blanket for her. She again laughed and said that’s y I told u buddhu. I don’t need blanket; I need your warm hug. Without wasting a second I hugged her. After that I saw her face she was having lust in her eyes. I asked her “Bindhu can I kiss u.”

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The next moment only she pressed my lips by her rosy lips. I sucked her lips, our tongue met, we exchanged our saliva without notice I kept my hand on her breast and pressed it harder. She moaned ah Raviiiii please squeeze it harder. I lifted her in my arms and took to my bed room. I threw her on bed and jumped on her. She whispered in my ears that she needs a wild sex today. I got aroused by hearing her words. I just tore her top she was in pink netted bra. She removed my shirt and pant. I was in underwear and I too removed her pant and underwear in one goes. We hugged each other and kissing deeply. I was squeezing her breast, and fingering her wet pussy. She was moaning heavily. Aaaaaaahhhhhh mmmmmmmmm Raviiiiiii please lick my pussy. Please will do 69 position. I agreed and we were in 69 position. She removed my underwear and started play with my rod and balls.

I was fingering her. She started to suck my rod and squeeze my balls. She was biting my penis. I put my tongue inside her vagina and drinking her sweet juice and she moaned loudly Raviiiiiiiiiiiii do it faster I started to finger her fast. She had a great orgasm. After that she started to stoke my rod fast by putting her saliva on my rod. She kept my rod in her mouth and started stroking. I was about to cum. I told Bindhu I’m Cumming, she didn’t listen for my words and started to stroke even faster. I had cummed in her mouth. She drank all my cum and cleaned my rod. We took a small break we had wine. While having she started stroke my penis without no time my penis got erected she put some wine on my penis and started to suck. I too put wine on her breast and pussy and licked her pussy. She was pouring wine on her breast and allowing me to drink. I was just sucking her breast like a baby. Then I widen her legs and inserted my hot erected rod in her pussy. She screamed ohhhhhh Raviiiiiiiiiiiii please do slowly till it go inside after u can do wildly. I said OK and inserted slowly when it was fully in I increased my speed.

She was moaning loudly. I was pressing her boobs, smooch her lips, and biting her tongue. She was out of control and moaning like Raviiiiiiiiiiiii yeaaaaaaaa come fuck me deeper. Push it harder. My balls were hitting her hips making sounds like thapp thapp thapp. She was biting her own lips in pleasure. She was giving good support to push my rod deeply. Aaaaaaaaaaaaa darlingggggggggg plssssss push it deeper harder. Pls cum inside don’t waste your sperms. Put each and every single drop in my pussy. These words made me crazy and started to do faster. She hugged me by smooching.

I told her that I’m Cumming she said pls don’t remove your penis outside pls put inside I want to feel fully.. I gave a jerk and cummed my loads of sperm in her pussy. At that time she kissed me really very hard. And I collapsed on her. She kissed me on my forehead and caressed my hair and told I love u Ravi. I said I love u too Bindhu. Later we had many times in different position which I’ll tell u in next story. Hope u liked my real experience.
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