Sex With My Hot Old Maid

Hello readers, I am John ([email protected]) m here to share with u my story about how I got to fuck my made. Ok. I’m 26 years old and my dick is 7 to 8 inches long and more than 2 inch thick; about the maid. She was old as nearly 35, fare, boobs size 34 to 36 n a round, good sized butt! Now coming to the story – When I was doing my engineering, I use to stay in a private hostel, I had my own single room and I’m most of the bunkers kind so 1 day when I was sleeping bunking my classes some1 knocked the door, lazily I opened the door . My maid was there to clean as usual. At that time I was not at all interested in her but that day something happened which made me think otherwise. I gave her some space to come in and then she started cleaning with which I went on to my bed and sat looking at her tiding up my room. At that time when she bent to clean the floor I could see her full cleavage, it was like nearly half of her boobs were visible, and oh they were juicy!! Like I ever wanted my eyes were just stuck to them; I was just exploring her huge boobs while she was staring at me, when I looked at her face she was looking at me.

I caught a breadth there then just looked somewhere else then she cleaned my room as quickly as she could and left the room. I knew that she became aware of what kind of guy I was, so when she used to clean my room she would dress properly and never let her pallu get away from her cleavage part. Then I thought I should not try anymore to have a glance of her boobs since she might complain to the authority about me. But I couldn’t stop myself; I was like attracted to her juicy boobs, every day I use to keep stare at her to have a glance at her boobs. But not much happened so I decided to seduce her somehow.

I was scared that something can get wrong, it might affect me badly but I thought her boobs are worth a try. So, slowly I tried to make her comfortable with me, I tried to talk to her. I use to direct her to clean some places in my room and then use to ask her some questions but was not at all comfortable with me and had her answers in just one or two words. But I wanted to go further so I used to talk to her more, ask her about her life and all, so slowly she became comfortable and used to talk about her life and where it’s heading. We use to chat a bit after she cleans my room.

She had two daughters, and some problems were going on due to this between her and her husband, she never use to talk about it clearly but told that it’s been years that her husband loved her . U know what she meant, so knowing that I was happy that I had some chances with her so I made her more comfortable by talking about her beauty, her figure with which she use to just shy, I liked that; then slowly use to talk about her beauty in specific, and particularly about some parts like lips and tell her that how could her husband even think of not loving her and all that and I would like to have a gf like you and all. I knew that she was getting with me very well, now after some more days of flirting and all I thought that was the time to move further, I wanted her, so badly.

One fine day, while I was talking to her and she was moping the floor I saw her boobs hanging like two big rubber sacks full of milk since she never use to wear a bra then showed their real size and only blouse could not cover much of hers and since she was comfortable she was not use to adjust her sari, so when I got that scene just in front of my eyes I just couldn’t take my eyes off it, they were just amazing and now I had a plan in my mind. . I just kept looking at her boobs still being aware that she was looking at me. Just to notice her reaction when I saw her face she was not looking at my face anymore, her eyes got stuck on my dick with its full size, showing its full size through my trousers since I never use to wear underwear when she comes to clean so that I could show her what she needs the most.

After some moments of silence we looked at each other, I knew she wants me but stopped for some reason, I went to her n held her, she resisted but her resistance was showing some sign of desire of being with me. After few pushes she stopped pushing and held me back and pressed herself towards me tightly, I could feel her huge boobs pressing towards my chest. That feeling was awesome; u might know how it feels like when you have got something that you were trying for a while I wanted to feel her boobs more, I took my t-shirt off and unhooked her blouse and she helped me too then I locked the door came to her and held her tight again but this was real tight! She was not even wearing a panty. I made her totally nude and put my dick over her wet pussy n rubbed a bit and then saw her hot lips waiting for mine, I held her hair and pushed her towards me n kissed her lips and then she kissed me back too. Oh her lips were awesome. So soft and the way they were rubbing my lips and making it wet.

Hmm I felt it trying to steal my lips, I nibbled her lips and licked a bit and played with her tongue and sucking her lips hard, I was like crazy guy desperately wanted for sex! Same with her too! She was totally enjoying the smooch and the way I was playing with her lips and her tongue, while I grabbed one of her boob and started caressing it and playing with her nipples, caressed her nipples and pinched a bit and then started squeezing her boobs slowly with she moaned a little I locked my lips over her so that her voice would not go out and then I pulled her and hugged her tight making her boobs squeeze again and my dick getting rubbed over her pussy which was already too much wet making it look sexy. Then I slide my fingers into her pussy line and rubbed it slowly and rubbed her pussy in circular motion and rubbing her clit in the same way, I could see her joy, she was enjoying all these lot with lots of moaning and getting some shivers.

She was becoming hotter while I was playing with her pussy and pressing my palm towards her pussy. She wanted me inside her, she wanted it bad!!She insisted me to put my tool inside her but I wanted to play with her boobs which I was waiting for so long!!I made her lay on the floor and went down her kissing her whole neck and licking it and rubbing it with my lips and reached her cleavage I licked it all and kissed every bit of it and her boobs and then rubbed my lips over her cleavage and sucked her boobs, every inch of it! I took her nipples into my mouth n sucked it hard and licked it and made circular motions over her nipples with my tongue and sucked it again and squeezed it frequently. She was going crazy she was moaning loudly and twisting her body in reaction. She said she was about to cum and she badly wanted me inside her! She made her legs apart and told me to fuck her. The way she was telling was quite different from the way she used to talk, it was completely different person.

So I went down and placed my dick over her wet pussy and started rubbing her pussy line with my dick she was twisting and moaning and pushing herself and her pussy toward my dick, I grabbed her hip and rubbed my dick over her pussy and slowly tried to insert into her pussy, she was groaning in pain after some pushes so I took it in slowly and after some pushes I gave her a huge jerk inserting nearly whole of my dick inside her and kissed her hard so that she could not scream and slowly moved to and fro and gave her strokes and increased my speed with time, she was also responding to it and moving her hips and her pleasure was making her moan after some 10 min of fucking she cummed and hot liquid made my dick all wet n I took my tool out with which she said me to cum in her pussy n since I was about to cum I gave her few more strokes and cummed inside her.

That day cum was in a quantity which I never thought. We use to enjoy nearly thrice a week or at least I got huge boobs with which I could play any time I like; hope u liked my story, comment on [email protected] and horny gals want to talk about sex or want any sex affair then I am ready for it and I promise to keep our conversations a full proof secret. Thank u!

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