Sex with old uncle-English sex story

Sex with old uncle
My uncle and aunty are most lovable persons.We stay in the same locality.Uncle was an officer posted in foreign embassy before his retirement.They have returned from abroad after staying long years over there.Uncle may be 68 years of age and aunty 63 years.Unfortunately, they have no children. Aunty is very affectionate.So also is Uncle. In every evening I call on them, bring vegetables,grocery and other such requirements whatever they was a practice that whenever I reach their door uncle will take me in his arms and hug for a while.Some times he would kiss me on lips with a great laugh.He being a foreign returned man I never mind but take it as his way of affection.Aunty also used to take me in her lap and kiss my chicks affectionately.I am 28 years of age and they are much older to me in comparison. Uncle is a free and frank person.He does not mind to discuss his personal problems,money,health and even sometimes sex relentlessly.It was awkward to me at times but could not stop him.he has told me that aunty has gynecological problems since last seven years which prevents sexual relation.He told that , as a human I get sexual urge,desire for intercourse but have to control .Sometimes I see him browsing porn sites, specifically gay sex, in my presence.

One day unexpected tragic incident happened.Aunty was suddenly serious.She was hospitalized but succumbed to her ailment on the same day itself.At the dying moment she took my hand in her and in a feeble voice told, I live your uncle at your disposal.He is very emotional and needs love and care.If he does not get it he will ruin himself.I promised her to do as much as I can for his satisfaction.Even after her rites are over, as a matter of courtesy, I visit uncle on daily basis to ensure he does not get depressed psychologically.Uncle also repeatedly request me to come to him for company. I could keenly notice that whenever I reach his door,he would come and hold me tightly in his arms passionately and kiss my chicks , lips and lead me to the big sofa to keep me seated so that my back leans on his chest with head resting on the left shoulder.I remain in a position that compels me to put my hands on his thighs for balance. It was delicate for me to refrain from this posture and leave me alone.My silence probably encouraged him a lot to make this a regular routine. As days advanced, from my silence, he took it for granted that I am willing and consenting and he has all liberty to satisfy his sexual urge with me.Now a days when he sees at his door, he would come running with wide spread arms to take me.While I am held tightly in his arms he would shower kisses on my lips.He keeps me in this posture for quite some time then turn to my back to keep me standing on his front.In this position only he would practically lift my body to carry on to the big sofa.He puts my head on his lap and made me sleep on my left shoulder stretching the legs with knees bent to suitably accommodate the length of sofa. His right hand remained busy in passionately rubbing my back and chest in tandem.In between he would take opportunity to pinch the nipples or squeeze the butt chicks.Sometimes his middle finger would make rounds of the anal ring.Day by day I find uncle joyful and rejuvenated with all that vigor and strength.
Next day when I reached his door, after usual hug and kiss he took me to the computer.He was much more free with me now a days.The laptop was placed on the center table.We sat on the double sofa in front.From the internet he ran a video.It was gay sex video.A nude big black man undressed a white boy,applied some jelly deep in his ass hole .The boy in turn sucked the huge 9 inch big erect black penis in mouth for quite some time,then slept in the bed with butts on top.The big man was on him and pushed in the huge 9 inch dick slowly into the boy’s inviting ass hole.Both of them were thoroughly enjoying the entire process till the big man tightly held the boy in his arms and pumped in loads of semen in his ass hole.I was shy of seeing the video with uncle but he was keen to show me all those.He sensually looked at me and in a jerk made me sit on his lap.My butts were right on his pubic region,uncle took hold of my thighs in both hands and motioned my butts front and back rhythmically.My body frame being slim he was able to keep me seated in his lap comfortably for quite longer period.Of course he was never nude nor undressed me so far. As more days passed uncle waits for me madly.
One day I was late because of some per-occupation.Uncle telephoned me ,hey Kallu where you are,When are you coming,don’t keep me waiting.Because of my slim features and cute face aunty used to call me Kallu…so also uncle.I started walking to his house.It was winter season, the atmosphere very cold,cloud in the sky and rained heavily.By the time I reached his house I was fully drenched,wet cloths clinched to body,I was shivering viciously.Uncle came almost running and took me in.He opened my shirt,pant and under garments and wiped off water with a dry Turkish towel. I was fully naked standing before him and shivering heavily.He too was disturbed to see my condition,took me to his bed room,found a woolen red night gown of aunty from the ward robe.I desperately put on the nightie and slept on the double bed under the cover of blanket.Uncle gave me a paracetamol tablet and hot milk.After some time I was relaxed and in deep sleep probably for an hour.When awake I found uncle on my side in the same blanket,the nightie was pulled up to chest,his feet was rubbing mine one after the other,his hand caressing my naked thighs..pubic area…lower belly…naval…nipples in rotation.I pretend sleeping deeply.I was feeling his penis on my butts.It was not erect but he was trying to push the head into my virgin anus with his finger. He probably applied little cream on the penis head and desperately tried with his finger to push into the anus.Not being erect he could not penetrate but after some time a small quantity of semen discharged and dropped on my butts.
Uncle was breathing heavily and limped on my side.I was really sorry for him…the man wants sex but unable to execute.I slipped out of bed ,cleaned the sticky thing,put on dresses. I was sure that uncle has erectile dysfunction for which his penis was not hard and erect.I remembered that while he carries me on his lap and rub my butts on the pubic area I have never felt hardness of his penis. One day when I reached his place, he came to receive me,hugged and kissed but his movements were abnormally slow.His face looked sad and he was unmindful.He carried me in his arms as usual and we sat closely.I saw tears in his eyes and looked very emotional.I was anxious and inquired what really gone wrong.He said sadly…do you know Kallu, day after is my marriage anniversary.Last year aunty was with me to celebrate but this year I am alone. Even though she was ailing, she used to be in bridal get up and both of us remember the day we were first united on fourth night as husband and wife.We repeat recap of every moment of that auspicious day and sleep the whole night in tight embarrass.I consoled uncle…we are unfortunate…her sole from heaven will certainly be on earth to give company…the anniversary have to be celebrated as usual.I do not know ,how my version was interpreted by uncle.His mood changed and looked delightfully happy.He took my face close to chest supported by left arm and showered kisses on forehead..chicks…lips and said you are gem of a person Kallu…God’s gift for me…the anniversary will be celebrated as usual…you will be in disguise of aunty.. we will have recap of that fourth night of marriage…he kissed me again and again.I was amazed and stunned but could not say a negative word assuming he will be terribly hurt. Uncle was highly excited and thrilled.He said that night I will have to be with him and explained in detail what I have to wear,my actions ,response,submissions and supportive movements to be in disguise of aunty.I simply nodded in affirmation.
On the anniversary day I reached his house.Uncle was at door…took me in his arms and kissed on lips … told me to take a shower…leave my dresses in the bath room…go to the bed room…wear the dresses I have selected…be on the bed and wait for me.Don’t forget to do things in the exact way I explained you yesterday. After a hot shower, I came out of the bath room fully naked…opened the bed room.To my surprise it was decorated with flowers in every corner…rose petals spread on the bed…fragrances of jasmine throughout..lighted by two blue night lamps.I thought let him translate his thoughts to reality to live a pleasurable joyful life.Any way the atmosphere was more than romantic and as promised by me I have to oblige whatever way he desires.I reached for the dress neatly wrapped in a packet…oh it was a nightie of color of lotus petals and a matching panty.The dress fitted me as if stitched to my shape…I looked myself in the mirror and shyly covered my face. I remembered what I was told to do…sat on the middle of the big cot…dragged my forelegs close to the chest so as to place the chin on the knees and waited like a newly wed bride.After few minutes the door slowly opened and uncle entered in.
He wore a white kurta and pyjama…his face glowing…movements revitalized and rejuvenated.A cold shudder ran all over my body…my virgin anus shivered…thought of fucking by uncle ran a unusual thrill all over the body.I was back from my thoughts…I have to do the way told to me. I came down shyly to his front and on my knees to touch my head to his feet.He leaned forward and took me in his arms.I moved closer as close it could be to rest my head on his shoulders …took my arms to his back for a tight embarrass.He slowly lifted my face in both his palms…bent his face down…I was also on my toes to reach his lips…we were locked in passionate kisses for few minutes.I released myself to bring the glass of milk and gave him to drink.Uncle picked a blue pill from his pocket and swallowed with milk. I was in his arms and carried to the bed and slept face to face with lips in touch.My right hand caressing his back…his left hand softly rubbing my back.I was pinching his left nipple and kissing the right one in lips.I pushed-in the right hand through his kurta to get his bare nipple in my tip and pressed hard.This aroused him a lot…he turned me on my back and rode over me…kissed my forehead,chicks and lips…caught hold of the nipple and squeezed hard…I shouted out ohh…wow it hurts…ahh ahh…leave me it pains.He was not ready to hear anything but turned me to get the butts on top and pumped both sides viciously…fully undressed me and threw away his dresses to the corner. For the first time I saw his dick fully erect…standing 7 inch tall…big round too.From under the pillow he collected the bottle of cream … applied sufficiently on my anus deep into the ass hole with middle finger…lubricated his big dick over the skin …opened the fore skin to apply on the pink head.His erect lubricated penis looked shinning and still bigger with the big round pink head jumping up & down. He made me to lie on my back.He seemed almost ready for the act.He was sitting on his knees, I lifted both legs with my hands and pressed the knees to chest and waited anxiously for the first time experience of anal intercourse…he came still closer…a shiver ran throughout my body when the head of his dick touched the anus…for a while he moved the tip on anus & anal ring…it was of great thrill while the penis head slowly pushed in…several times he pushed in and pulled out the penis head in the anus…he was much more excited & crazy to avail the scope for the sexual intercourse after a gap of seven long years…placing my foreleg on his shoulders he came closer…his hands on the back of my thighs…in a sudden jerk the entire length of penis penetrated into the ass hole….wowwwwwwwwww wooooooo.
I cried out please pull that out…..with a naughty smile uncle said hey Kallu you are deflowered,wait a bit the pain will subside…he kept pressing the dick without any movement…..he leaned over to kiss me on forehead,eyes,chicks ,lips and neck…pulled the lower lip with his teeth…gave strong bite on both the nipples…the pain really subsided after a while…he started giving strokes in and out in rhythm…initially the motion remained slow but it enhanced gradually…..he was breathing heavily but stroking with high momentum with surprising speed and strength…..he started moaning oh Kalluuuuuuuuuuuuuuu luuuuuuuuuuu…ah…ahhh guuu luuuuuuuuuu hold me tightly….Kalluuuuuuu lu you are the savior….ohhhhh Kalluuuuuuu luuuuuu you are god’s angel…his grip on my shoulder hardened…he was tightly pushing & fixing the penis on the anal hole….wowwwwww wooowwwww wow gu…lu… and ejaculated deep in the ass hole.He continued sleeping over me…the grip loosened…the hard erect penis became soft to come out of the anus.He slipped to the side from over me and went into deep sleep within seconds. With the cream and semen my anus was sticky.I moved to the wash room for a clean up.There were reddish patches and finger impressions on butts ,shoulders and thighs,nipples had deep teeth marks.The anus was sore and pained while urinating.I washed up and returned to bed again. Looked at uncle’s face.His face glowing with utter sexual satisfaction & bliss and lips carrying a smile in sleep.I kissed his smiling lips.Slept again by his side close to the body with butts touching his penis..his arm wrapped my chest.
Thoughts came…every old man have inherent sexual urge…they want sexual intercourse…his old wife frigid for sex…because of social restraint cannot express or approach or find a consenting man to satisfy the urge…ultimately suppress his desire…live in stress…longevity reduced due to continuous mental distress. I was proud of myself for giving sexual pleasure to uncle.Physically or biologically I have lost nothing…so far the matter remains secret and confidential society has nothing to say. Mercifully consenting man should volunteer to sexually satisfy at least one old man for once.

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