Sister Fucker Boss And Compromising Girlfriend

Hi Myself Sanjay. This is my third story here in this website. Thanks for reading and liking my stories and if you want to contact me. My email is [email protected]
now coming to the story. This story is all about my horny bastard Boss Mukesh and my lovely sexy girlfriend Ridhima. This happened few months back. I have been working hard as an assistant accountant in a MNC for more than a year but didn’t get any promotion rather my juniors who were not good at all were getting promotions very quickly. This was very frustrating for me. I was trying all my best to make my boss happy but for no result. It was enough for me, so I decided to talk to my boss.

I went to him and asked
me – why my juniors are getting promotions so quickly and not me.
Mukesh – Dear you can also get promotion only if you are ready to do what they did.
Me – Yes I can do everything better than those idiots.
Mukesh- Are you sure you can do?
Me – Yes
Mukesh- Do you have any sister.
Me – yes 1.
Mukesh- And how old she is?
Me- 21 but why are you asking such silly questions???
Mukesh – Ok now come to the point dear, if you want to be chief accountant in our company then you have to send your sis to me for one night.
Me – Oh fuck I shout.
Mukesh- Calm down calm down, I am not going to pressurize you if you don’t like my offer just forget it and enjoy your job.

But I wanted the promotion very badly. But don’t know what went to me I accepted the offer without realizing its consequences. Then I went to home and tried to talk to my sister but not get the courage to do so. Each day was passing and my boss was waiting for piece of my sis. He will ask me indirectly about the deal daily. Like he will say I have send your recommendation to board of directors, or your work is liked by Board but if you will not finish your work. You may not get your promotion. All this was really frustrating for me so I decided to share my problem with my lovely girlfriend Ridhima. Let me tell you about her. She is my girlfriend since school and she has same sexy looks like 34c 28 36. She like to expose her assets to public very much. And I don’t have any problem with it. We had sex 100 of times in last 6 years. So she was the only person whom I can share what a mess I have created.

When I told her everything she replied I will help you. I will try to convince your sister for this. But my heart was not ready to share my sis to that horny beast. So I asked Ridhima to find some other way.
After two days passed Ridhima met me
Rids – I have an idea. But first tell me did your boss know your sis. I mean had he seen your sis ever.
Me- no.
Rids- of then half job done. Now find someone who will be your sister for that night.
I can’t tell how much I was happy to know about her plan. She has nearly solved my problem. Now we have to find a high profile call girl who can act like my sis for the night. We find a sexy beautiful girl who was willing to act like my sis. She charged 20000. We said ok. We gave her little training things like family background etc.

Date and time was decided. Time to meet my boss was 9 PM. Me and Ridhima reached near my boss house and started waiting for her. My boss was calling me again and again. I said him we are just going to reach. It was 9.30 and my phone rang. It was the call girl. She told me that she has got her old client who is going to pay 30000. So she will not come and in the meantime my boss saw me with Ridhima and took Ridhima as my sister. She was wearing black silk lace dress. Just seeing her any dumb cock can be stand erect. And it was my horny bastard boss, he was taken aback by the beauty of my gf. And take her inside without saying anything and wave his hands to me and said pick her up in the morning. Ridhima wanted to say something but remained kept quiet for my sake. It happened so quickly that until I gathered my senses Ridhima was locked with my boss in his house and I was standing outside. I don’t know what make me stay quiet. But I didn’t protest and handed over my sexy gf to that bastard who was going to fuck her brains out that night and I went back to my home.

After that what happened I came to know through Ridhima. My boss take her inside and made sit her on a couch. Ridhima was little nervous although she had sex with me unlimited times but still she has some fear of stranger. Mukesh made drinks of red wine. Definitely he had mixed some sex pills which she understood later. They took drinks. Then after little conversation my boss started to caress Ridhima s thighs. Because the drink and pills were doing their work. Ridhima also started to enjoy this. She was getting aroused by that. Then he started to come closer and smell Ridhima’s face and suddenly placed a kiss in Ridhima’s lips. Aroused Ridhima couldn’t resist that and started to follow him. They exchanged their saliva with their tongues and started biting each other’s lips. Both were fully aroused. Then after 5 min my boss break the kiss and started smooching Ridhima’s face neck chin. Then he grabbed Ridhima’s boobs along her silk dress. He caressed both the tits so hard. Ridhima was also unstoppable. She was kissing each every part of him without seeing him at all. Then Mukesh just tore her silk dress and removed red bra also. He wanted to suck her boobs like hell and he did rightly so. At that time a monster was rising inside his pant like a huge tent. He removed his pants and underwear to free his beast. Ridhima was natural cock sucker. She just could not resist a huge fat cock. She took the cock in her hand started to taste the tip of cock. It really made him surprise. He never thought that his employee’s sis would suck his dick like that. She then inserted the whole cock inside her mouth and started to move her head up and down. My boss couldn’t hold much and his cock started to twitch. Ridhima removed it from mouth and in no time a huge splash of cum strike to Ridhima’s face. Now it’s Ridhima’s turn. Her pussy was aching dripping wet. She was desperate to be touched licked penetrated there. Boss started to caress her pussy lips. Juices were already flowing from her pussy. Ridhima thought he will also lick and eat her pussy like I do. But he didn’t do that. He was rubbing his fingers on her clit. Ridhima loved that also. After sometime when he gain his erection, he penetrated Ridhima with his huge fat cock. A cry of aah aah came out of Ridhima’s mouth. His cock was much much fatter than me. Not a long cock but a fat cock. He started fucking Ridhima in missionary position. Ridhima was at cloud 9 at that time because she never felt that much full there before. She wanted more and more and couldn’t resist much and came in no time. But he didn’t stop and kept fucking her. She was getting back to back orgasms. Then they changed the position. Ridhima was on top and he was lying on couch. After that he fucked her doggy position. Now he was about to cum. He was thrusting very hard and deep at the end. Ridhima understood that he is going to cum again. She doesn’t wanted to be pregnant again, so she removed his dick. In no time a load of cum again shot on her sexy body. Ridhima still wanted more but Mukesh hasn’t any energy left in him. So he hugged and kissed her slept. Ridhima also slept there.

Next morning Mukesh took her to shopping and presented her many expensive gifts. When Ridhima met me after that night, I was not able to meet eyes with her.
Me – I am extremely sorry rids. It’s only due to me that bastard fucked you. I love you. Please forgive me.
Rids- its fine dear. I love you too. But if you don’t mind I would like to tell you that actually I enjoyed the night.

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