Unexpected Sex With Best Friend

Hi friends, my name is Aditya Shah. Anyone want a casual friendship or sex, can email me at [email protected] Let me describe myself first. I’m 20 years old and I live in Mumbai. I’m a good looking guy but on the plump side, however I’m cute and wheatish. My penis is 6″ long. The second character of my story is Ayesha, my best friend. I have known Ayesha for 5 years now and she is my best friend. We have known each other very well and share a very special bond. But who knew we would share something even more special than it already is. After this incident me and Ayesha have come even more closer, physically.

The incident took place a year ago. It was a regular day in college. Me and Ayesha met in college. She had worn a skin tight T-shirt and jeans. She looks pretty, as usual. Ayesha is very fair and she is very slim too. She must have a figure of 32-28-32. To tell you the truth, many guys from our college are behind her, since she’s the hot sex goddess type of personality. However, she doesn’t show interest in most of them. That day we decided to go for a movie, since we were very bored in college. So we went to the theater and bought the tickets. Before that day, I never had any intentions, sexually towards her. However, that day it was different. We sat in theater and were watching the movie, when suddenly due to some scary scene Ayesha held my hand. My hand was rubbing against her boob. I could literally feel her entire boob. It was arousing me in to different levels. However I controlled my emotions for sometime. It was becoming irresistible now. My dick was getting hard, and I was getting an erection. All types of thoughts were coming in to my mind, and I knew I needed to have her badly.

In the next half an hour, I had no more resistance. I just leaned towards her and planted a kiss on her cheeks. She didn’t seem to respond. She was just staring at me. I stared back at her. I was more tempted after looking in to her eyes and then I kissed her on her lips. She kissed me back. It was my first kiss. And I loved her to the moon and back. We were kissing each other wildly. Our tongues are playing with each other’s, biting each other’s lips. It was wild and very arousing. She took her hand and kept it on my penis, which was erect in my pants. She started rubbing it from over my pants. I was losing all control, I wanted her, very badly. I started feeling her boobs from over her t-shirt. She kept moaning in ecstasy, but kept kissing. She was constantly rubbing my dick, and after few minutes she opened my pant zip, lowered my underwear and removed my dick from my pants. She started playing with it and giving me a handjob. I was on cloud nine. Since it was the first time someone else was playing with it, I could not control anymore. I took the cue and put my hand inside her t-shirt. First I tickled her navel a little. Then I went upwards towards her boobs. I pressed her boobs from over her bra, and then lowered her bra a little. I could feel her bare breast on my palm. I started pressing those cute boobs and pinched her nipples. She kept on moaning in her kiss. This went on for a while. After around half an hour, we both got up from our seats and walked towards the exit.

What happened next is even more shocking. We entered the men’s washroom and locked the door behind us so that no one could enter. We started exploring each others bodies with our hands and kept kissing at the same time. I started undressing her. I laid her on the ground and removed her jeans and panties. I licked her vagina, and saw that she was already too wet. I kept on licking her vagina, kissing and playing with it. She had lost all control till then. She was moaning ever so loudly, and was on the verge of having a climax. After a while she got an orgasm. It was her turn now, after removing my boxers she started giving me a blowjob, while my hands played with her boobs. She sucked My cock really well, being a first timer. I held back her hair while she was giving me the blowjob.I held the back of her head and was thrusting my entire cock inside herouth, I knew she was loving it. Soon, I ejaculated inside her mouth, and I think she gulped my entire cum down.

After a while I removed the rest of her clothes, and we both knew what was next. Since we both were virgins, we were both scared and excited at the same time. Luckily, I always carry a condom in my wallet so I put the condom on my dick, and tried entering her pussy. It was very difficult at first since she has a very tight pussy. But after lubrication and a few strokes, I was able to penetrate. It was the best feeling ever! She was moaning and moaning and moaning. She wanted me to fuck her wildly and I could see it in her eyes. I increased the stroke speed and kept on and on and on. She kept begging for more and more. She got an orgasm twice but still she didn’t seem to get enough. I was fucking her, playing with her boobs and biting her nipples. Every thing was very wild. Her moans were making me go crazy. After a while I was about to cum, so I made her sit on her knees and came all over her boobs. My cum was all over her boobs, and she just licked it all down. It was the best day of our lives.

Me and Ayesha are still best friends, and enjoy casual sex on a regular basis. I wish everyone had a best friend like her. Also, after this incident I became more bold and I’ve had sex with other women too. I hope you liked my story 😉 Send me your feedbacks at – [email protected]

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