What is the correct way to orgasm

Truly was called the sex fun by physical relations underdone is sambhoganand female-male to get both on a par with male ejaculation. full of fun and sex affiliate is the Mans ejaculation is ejaculation course in one minute may then ten minutes too. IE male is therefore, poornanand of mainly female meet Pay attention to the fun side is required. If not then it’s the pleasure of the female sex should not be considered.

This reality the person completely unaware, he makes his way to the joy of sex relationships on a more feminine does not mind it should only sirphabhog only got it without the reality of sex. difficult to know to the person after marriage sex would place the indulgence that doesn’t mean that he is unaware of the side that did not complete the feminine sex joy sex term. Have to know the significance, not equally feminine bhogen. fun give it correctly, that is sexual intercourse.

Youth-young woman when marriage will be only one in understanding the purpose of marriage-so they are aware that this thing must fill out their love will be the end of sexual intercourse each Cine action-educated young man-young woman know that sexual intercourse is essential part of marriage if a friend asks that thou from such need hospitalisation is going to marry, but also knows how to orgasm occurs? They will either not answer or will say that need to know about it? Does the male orgasm. so how should it need to know that sexual intercourse.

Questions answers on youth hansakar, who also is a matter of asking someone who does not know intercourse IE. let everyone know.

Rati-action starting position-

That is exactly what a variety of work-play ready for sexual intercourse and the woman from her vagina and the male penis into the vagina secretion in mund Downer penis and sex should start. but the emphasis should always be on it after putting the penis in the vagina that work should not close-kridaon, That has been prepared for the feminine orgasm. it’s okay that there are certain postures of samagan which does not have much more room for love kridaon But there are very few asanas. after logging into the vagina penis as long as possible should continue these actions. If a woman stay in postures is not possible to take the kiss breasts sahlate should stay and maslate. If breasts is not even possible to press up or Chafe — it should only touch the chuchkon. This means that anyone who love-worm possibleIt should continue to enhance its work is impulse. entertainment and there is an increase in woman’s enthusiasm.

Love sports major mandatory subjects

People who start working as soon as love sex play off, they are different from the sex-Pranav sports believe their belief that sex work started as soon as the need ends love actions. this belief is absolutely wrong. these two things cannot be separated from each other. in this case and love-kridaon close it perfectly breaks the tradition in which the woman had been taking an interest.

This always must remember that there are two objectives of work-play-get the action by a fun and both partners-especially-i.e. the last task of the love-action female orgasm aims to give attention to both these things. it will be clear that if sexual intercourse on creating unnecessary barriers in accessing love-sports has the sports are just so close with the bride in mind causing annoyance Be the more obvious to imagine this scene.

Male female sore arms to kiss her breasts is circulated, as well as that they are maslata and chuchukon also takes periodic touch. naturally, this woman’s enthusiasm and there is an increase in the momentum of his hands to my breasts and takes hold. This means that he wants the issue of them male and, Because it makes it more fun as the signal to another male. and understands that the woman has full kamonmad on the impulse to climb. just the breasts in women’s vagina Chafe — close to insert your penis is woman to prepare large frustrating. male casts in her vagina penis, There is no objection it, but he didn’t want to close it the breasts Chafe — then those of mardan (maslane) was received joyfully, The series broke in the middle. He therefore did not want it is necessary to continue the action begin mating time and while neither his love-play only a terminated or not come smoothly.

It’s all people know that both men and women in sexual intercourse action equally are partners But a lot of people have the idea that male and female active participant’s role will only bear that is just accepted this idea or bhrantipurn. the reproductive organs of women are turned into passive type of living that they can’t orgasm. European countries, young women of the Kumari acknowledged that the first time a male grabbed his urojon to chuchukon to sahlana Began in their vagina kind of phadak-c experience and it will go to a link object has been waking to the friction.

Some wives are such who deliberately want to disable role they think when husband his kiss, kuchmardan (sahlana, Chafe — breasts) etc if she should man the impression they would fear them not getting joy. If they will realize the joy of husband will understand that they have to take the joy of sexual intercourse before marriage. Thus the views of their Must remove from the mind.

Orgasm while this thing must remember that intercourse is the most fun to receive the impulse is required, it is possible to get only when the penis in the vagina are constant with regard to dynamic is the speed at the penis stiff and erect and vagina walls soft layers and comes in contact of gaddiyon. Consequently stresses the fibers of the penis comes in more that Termination occurs with semen ejaculation.

When sexual intercourse is many men fear that his penis enter the vagina, they are intimidated by the same fears and erring he vagina. penis takes quick action by entering and thus they are erring too soon. the receipt of real joy of sex requires that after entering the penis fully female male, both stable and kisses it while mardan etc. After the start when the speed then began to suspect ejaculation, then again after waiting for a kiss go, tending etc. It will receive two more fun. in this case the bride that when men made it to the speed the more the vagina will be compressed, the men will take to the action and fun of. doing so will men and women both fun.

After waiting for the freeze-like motion in case of full figure woman reaches stimulus. that time his desire that heterosexual by their quick pace you may both erring women. the male should need quick speed, the bride also should complete their part in collaboration. most women find it holds true that speed is the same thing of only men.

When some long female-male sex organs to each other on the action used to ambush-rebuff from getting to the brain which until now was fun growing-growing grow so much that the brain cannot afford more fun this time women have access to extreme range of male sexual fun that medical science is called climax in the language of the brain itself such circumstances orgasm action. to eliminate Seems to indicate there is male and female are erring. male penis does semen from the woman’s vagina is like water and diluted detergent.

After ejaculation,

After sexual intercourse when cum gets so take most men understand erring now finished work and remaining work than go to sleep is no longer forget their huge.. with sex ejaculation is finished. semen ejaculation means only so that the top of the mountain that you wanted to reachThere, you have to reach down from the top is also now off.. descend too is an art.

The male semen after erring falls asleep or preparing to sleep, he transmits his deep sense of shock is the sangean. could this idea in her mind that her partner only gives your physical satisfaction importance doesn’t care, his spirit is the woman’s male spare. mind create a sense in failing to give.

Female in order to provide the satisfaction and joy should the male intercourse after taking various organs of female embraces and kisses of prempurvak these things take some time courtship will experience this woman that men it considers not only the fulfillment of kamvasna toy, indeed she does love him.

Also after intercourse men’s impulse is the speed at which cool woman does not cool as fast impulse. it takes a long time. therefore it is necessary that woman your love kridaon male gradually brought into normal condition when it is convinced that the woman is totally cool kamonmad even if it should not pherkar her mouth from her own chest gold imposed to keep. Should he not be sleeping. should the gold after her gold.

Vibhaktikran of the mating game

Penis and vagina size according to the classification of distinction have been similar the mating game momentum also rati-sports distinctions are defined in the face of the two persons. are found, like the two individuals interested and in cracks in the physical and mental levels vary inThe eroticism and sex of two male type veer towards women is enough to sanvegon some male nariyan inter such that does not tolerate sexual prachand sports. pragadh & hard hug, Kiss, Fingernail-sports & dantakshat pleasing them. There have been told to veer towards women male mriduvegi. gentle nature lightened them due to sexual intercourse itself is more ruchikari.

Those who veer towards women sex-male-consciousness is mediocre or moderate them madhyavegiya not so highly erotic says. and nor is their sexual sachetna Dim. These are sexual intercourse even art beloved well versed but are not suffering work. adopt akramak attitudes in Pakistan don’t play. is generally satisfied with their sex life and anandapurn. These are good and ideal householder.

Chand is kamukatta of prachand vegi male veer towards women. These are luxuriant and prurient. Desirous sexual actions frequently are the only chance to be able to have intercourse. manages most upsetting are based on reductions in the intensity or women. men who have been the type classification-


1-mandavegi hero’s connections with the three mandavegi.

2-madhyavegi with a velocity of madhyavegi the three Heroes

3-chandavegi with a couple of chandavegi the three Heroes


1-mandanegi male with a little contact madhyavgi three

2-mandavegi with a Raman chandanegi of the three Heroes

3-madhyavegi with mandavegi the three male dress

4-madhyavegi men’s relationships with the three chandavegi.

5-chandavegi hero’s sexual intercourse with female mandavegi.

6-madhyavegi a chandavegi hero with the same three encounters


Many men in long sex is not have the ability to enter the penis into the vagina a few such men. saikaind are erring only after some men’s erectile dysfunction is moderate power. There are short men who long to be able to play that rati-male cannot find more long they cannot satisfy the woman. their married life is kalhapurn striyan something similar soon. Are content-some are just kinda warping striyan gharshanon satisfy and some striyan about 10-15 minutes continuous Friction is satisfied after satisfaction period so sexual. also has a classification.

1-quick combination of the erring men are satisfied with the female as soon

2-medium term male sex relationship since madhyakalik ramni (female) with.

3-long term male intercourse long after you are satisfied after friction with Raman beloved woman with.

Manosharirik composition of female-male all classifications above and are based on the most upsetting are the intensity.

What are the successful sports & rati-best female-male both in moments of climax can forget everything become a body lives. but this is only possible while the men are all about sex and power in men who have erectile dysfunction, including substantial longer sex. ability to those on striyan are dead-mitti.

For many men this is the illusion that they are also similar to striyan erring. this assumption is baseless and misleading, like men, women also have fun in. in case of the climax is not any sort of ejaculation.

Woman full vaginal satisfaction requires that the rati-play full of woman to engage in artistic cooking play set that he made so kamottejit by sex are not vying for relationship building and a few gharshanon after go to the reach the peak of pleasure.

Woman to stimulate only hug, Kiss and not enough breast mardan. Yun is the entire body of the female aphrodisiacs, but some sensitive places in her body are waging it, or point to then started caressing and organ-pratyang seems to be streaming in sexual arousal. woman in the body are sensitive to sexual arousal to the following location-

Shishnika bhagoshthaah (most sensitive), external and internal, jonghyun, navel area, breast (chuchak highly sensitive), neck, lips and tongue, the tailpiece of the bottom of the ears where the ornaments are holding, armpits, knees, spine, of the soft part, nitamb penland and soles.

These organs then started caressing female hands komlatapurvak spent and soon men seems to be liptane by the hands and fingers to stimulate these organs as well if they kiss is also woman’s cuming fast flare self-defence and rati … There is an increase in the joy of akalpit it is required that all organs to be andolit it from the lip or jivha lover and beloved of reciprocal understanding and interest on Depending on what time of love-play places hoth and tongue use. the aim is that each only rati-sports in male and female achievement is equally exciting should be fun.

Not a female equivalent of chittavritti eternally. someday if he mentally physically to be rati-reluctance to play an angry, of course, it should not be any arbitrary. in normal circumstances, even when you’re only after fully kamoddipt Priya sex-play should engage in.

The tendency or desire for sexual intercourse-

Female regardless of sex will prompt value, but it is not required that he take this action as soon as possible to make up my mind. understanding men’s hard little point. not much fun at the feminine perhaps sex as sex-work-before sports, alingan, Kiss and love comes in a dazzling things. unless both husband and wife sex-addled for long sex should not be uthen. prior to intercourse And while embracing, kissing, etc. must.
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