What Women Think When They Do Oral

What Women Think When They Do Oral

What crosses your mind while blow someone? The question appeared on Ask Reddit, the section of the site where users can ask questions and give their personal interpretation. Nearly 7000 women responded and below are some of the most representative thoughts.Based on a work at oltreuomo.com

– Is he enjoying it?

– Hope my jaw doesn’t hurt after this.

– Why sex lasts such a short time while here we never go to the end?

– I should breath through the nose.

– I just hope I do not hit him with my teeth.

– Do not choke, not stifle, not suffocate. [almost puking] Shit!

– OMG, how long it takes?

– Yuck, I’m blowing his hair too.

– My hair is in the way.

– That stinks.

– I touched it with my teeth.

– Do not put a finger in the ass. No, no, do not.

– Income shots. It usually takes between 150-175 shots to make him come. I try to set new records.

– Honestly, I love to do blowjob. When it happens I just think what he’s having my man. I try to make it last as long as possible, I think is better slow and well-made rather than a blowjob done in a hurry. I savour the moment.

– I hope that after he comes, he’ll do it to me.

– If you blow into the scrotum does it enlarge?

– In the meanwhile I can think on the shopping list.

– The skin of his penis is so smooth and delicate. Who knows how often he masturbated to make it so.

– Umm, salty.

– I have a pain in my arm.

– Do you prefer to swallow or come to my face?

– One, two, one, two, one, two…

– Eehehe, he makes funny faces.

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